No “Secrets” to Weight Loss: How Victoria Wagar Lost 164 Pounds

by Mackenzie L. Havey
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No “Secrets” to Weight Loss: How Victoria Wagar Lost 164 Pounds

For 32-year-old administrative assistant Victoria Wagar, a trip to Disney World 10 years ago unexpectedly changed her life. During that trip, she had been ordered off a roller coaster at the famed theme park when the safety bar wouldn’t close. She was simply too big. But, when she recently planned another visit to the amusement park, this time with her 4-year-old daughter, there was no way she wanted that to happen again.

With that trip to Disney World on the calendar, she decided it was finally time to make a change. For someone who had been overweight for as long as she could remember, shrinking her 350-pound frame wasn’t a simple proposition.

“There wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t think about the fact that I was overweight,” she remembers. “I always compare it to any addiction: I couldn’t stop eating and always made the choice to eat the wrong things, even though I knew it was wrong.”

Despite the odds, Wagar has managed to lose a whopping 164 pounds in a little less than a year and a half. This wasn’t the result of a trendy diet, an expensive gym membership or even surgery. Wagar’s key to weight-loss success was a direct result of educating herself about healthy habits and tracking every food she ate and step she took. Here’s how she did it:

1. Create a Snowball Effect of Good Decisions

After signing up for MyFitnessPal in March 2014, Wagar dove headfirst into learning how to lead a healthier life. “I used the site, read the blogs and took tips from those,” she says. “I gradually added more fresh fruits and vegetables, but it didn’t happen overnight. I found that one good decision leads to another.”

With a better understanding of the types of foods that would help her lose weight and achieve greater health, she also cooked recipes featured on the site. What’s more, as she honed in on the healthier foods that she liked the most, she also started creating her own recipes. By entering them into the recipe nutrition calculator, she was able to determine overall calorie intake and serving sizes. “I know too much to ever go back now,” she adds.

2. Initiate a Logging Streak

Previously, Wagar never had any idea of how much and what kinds of foods she should be eating, much less a daily calorie goal. Over time, she was able to determine what made sense for her as an individual. In order to make sure she was hitting her goals, she found that logging her meals was imperative.

“I’ve logged in for more than 500 days in a row now,” she says. “When I started losing weight, I felt so good, so that was a major incentive.”

Even in those early days before she made any big changes to her diet, she said that logging came in handy. “The first couple of times I put food in the log, I couldn’t believe the calories,” she explains. “Even if you’re not going to change anything, get in there and log what you’re eating and it’ll really make you think. Sometimes I even use it as a research tool by putting something in to see how many calories it has before I eat it.”

Wagar discovered that logging exercise was equally motivating. While she could initially walk around her neighborhood only one block at a time, she has progressively been able to add time to her walks as the weight came off.

“Holding yourself accountable no matter what is key,” she says. “I really recommend tracking your steps so you can see how much you’ve moved. Now my day isn’t the same if I don’t work out.”

3. Prioritize Caring for Yourself

Along with increased motivation came self-control for Wagar. “I had to tell myself that if I can get up every day and brush my teeth, I can do this: I’m worth it. I’m going to choose to take care of myself,” she says.

She found greater self-control by planning ahead. She now goes to the supermarket with a list for the week’s groceries so she’s not caught in a moment of hunger without healthy options. On Sunday nights, she has fruits and vegetables cut and ready to eat, dinner in the Crock-Pot and lunches packed for the week.

To be sure, her newfound healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that she never eats the foods that she once loved. “I will have a burger at a cookout, for instance, but I will also bring a caprese salad and load up my plate with that,” she says. “Even if you do have a bad day, you still have to hold yourself accountable; log it, and move on.”

As someone who has waged a lifelong battle with weight issues, Wagar hopes that her story can serve as inspiration to others. “People always ask, ‘What’s your secret?’ But it’s not a secret. It’s diet, exercise and MyFitnessPal,” she says. “It has really changed everything—every relationship, my job. I’m just so happy.”

Victoria shared her amazing success story on the Today show. Check it out!


  • goldwheels


    • Yasmin

      Great job ma’am.congratulations

  • Karen Mangano Reynolds

    Smart girl!! You are an inspiration!! xo Karen

  • Nakia

    Great to hear. After dealing with kidney cancer at age 39 and weight issues, i found inspiration on myfitnesspal and a bunch of other apps. I’ve lost abt 40 lbs since diagnosed not due to treatments but making lifestyle changes. I have 40 more to go. The blogs and community on this app has been a part of my inspiration. Mahalo and thank you. Great job Victoria and thank you Mackenzie and all the other writers for the motivation.

  • CSG

    Her story sounds just like mine. Accountability is king in the journey. Everyone still thinks I’m nuts but I’m on day 225 and have logged every single day, whether good or bad. And it won’t work without exercise. Though I had nowhere near the amount of weight to lose as her, I’m proud to say with HARD WORK, logging and some small sacrifice I’ll have lost 45 lbs (my initial goal) in 9 months while gaining loads of muscle. Im stronger, faster and happier than I thought I could be. I’m still a work in progress I’m amazed daily at what I’ve achieved. My daily mantra has been ‘time is going to pass anyway’ so make today count towards tomorrow and soon you’ll be months and years down the road–hopefully achieving all your goals!

  • Ken Peacock

    Congratulations. I am on day 742 without missing and have lost over 150 pounds. Success is partly due to the accountability built in to MyFitnessPal and other apps used prior to this one as well as a lot of other support. My journey has been 3 years and 3 months so far. Good luck and stay with it.

    • Riley Hurst

      What other apps did you use?

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  • Sheila

    I am over 120 days in a row of logging in and I have lost 42lbs since April of this year so far. Still have about 45-50 to go to get to my goal weight, but I couldn’t have done it without being held accountable by using the MyFitnessPal app! Logging everything that goes into your mouth really sheds light on your eating habits! WTG everyone!

  • Betty Van

    So chuffed and encouraged by all your comments. I am just a beginner but am excited to be losing weight slowly for the first time in my life and this is just because of the huge help fitnesspal has turned out to be. Thank you.

  • Docmarr

    Congratulations to Victoria. I agree that there’s no ‘trick’ to it, just an accumulation of good choices that then become reinforced habits. And mindfulness of what one is eating is key to being aware of what you are putting in your mouth. My logging streak is 1358 days. I’ve logged every bit of food I’ve eaten for almost 4 years now and it’s helped me to keep my weight balanced to within two pounds – something I’d never managed before in my adult life. I used to be a diet/binge person and swing in weight by 5 stones (70lbs). MFP is a great tool to help you reach and maintain your goals.

    • Yvonne Jacobson

      That is awesome, somebody said to me I do not need to keep logging in, but for me I feel it is a better thing to do.

  • TaraO

    Her story is so familiar to mine! Before using My fitness pal, I had absolutely no will power, or an idea of the amount of calories in the foods I chose to eat. Now I can plan ahead by checking out the calories in the food I am thinking of eating. Especially when we go out to eat. I can see what choices are good for me! I love this app, I don’t think I could have lost all the weight without it! (110 and still going! )

    • SinceritySpeaks

      *crying* That’s awesome! Congratulations! I hope I can stay on track and be able to report back one year from now. Thanks for sharing!

      • Doc Holiday

        Hell yes you can!! Besides motivation, this article has two excellent pieces of advice (advice that I also got from my nutritionist):

        1. Log everything – Knowing that you will have to write it down/log it really makes you think twice before eating something. I know I would enjoy that candy bar, but I don’t want to have it staring back at me from my journal/log.

        2. Be prepared. Have good food on hand so when you’re starving you won’t be tempted to hit the drive through window, knowing you have a healthy meal (that you actually like) waiting for you at home.

        Don’t give up, don’t beat yourself up & keep telling yourself that you’re moving in the right direction. It won’t happen over night but it will happen. Stay strong!! You have more people rooting for you than you could possibly imagine.

      • Healthybehr

        Keep going! There is a whole new life waiting for you! I also have lost nearly 100 pounds and have many food addictions, but if I can do it so can you. Nothing tastes as good as this feels.

      • Texas rose of Laredo

        You can, I am doing it I have lost 53 pounds. Going slow and need 30 more to get to my goal. If I can you can, we all can for a better us and health! Sending support for you!

  • Jasmine

    175 days streak, have been with Fitnesspal since October. Started my weight loss & health journey in July 2014. Have lost 15 kg since and achieved my original goal. Thanks for all the inspiration here! Couldn’t have done it without. Want to loose another 5 but most of all get fit!

  • Jody O’Grady

    MyFitnessPal has changed my life, for the good. I didn’t start until January of this year. My goal was to lose 57 pounds before my 60th birthday next January. I lost 11 pounds before I weighed and listed in my food diary. I was 207 and now I am 164 so only 14 pounds to go. This is without exercise, my feet and ankles are so painful. But now I think getting the weight off and made a bit easier to walk, so I have a treadmill and an exercise bike, Gazelle, and a exercise ball, I plan to ease into now and when I get in the 150’s I’m going to step it up. I’m so excited!! Thank God this site was suggested to me by my cousin Kelly’s daughter Stephanie. I love you!!

    • intheloop54

      I’m so excited for you, Jody! I’m feeling motivated by your success!

      • Jody O’Grady

        Thanks intheloop54 . It’s been a tough battle, and it’s been going on since January. I have some roadblocks and plateaus, that get depressing. But the longer I go the easier and better it gets. I need motivating too, but I’m happy to have motivate you, good luck!

    • Beth Prichard Robison

      Jody, I have a lot of feet and ankle pain too. What do you attribute it to? I’m 51 and don’t feel like I ought to have this much pain on a daily basis. Maybe arthritis? Whatever it is, it sucks. I hope weight loss will help.

  • Amanda Spears

    I’ve logged straight for 37 days I just started… and I’ve lost over 19 pounds so far.

    • intheloop54

      Wow! That’s 2 pounds a day, Amanda!

      • anu

        wow thats 1 pound for two days

  • Teresa Jarvis

    I’m so proud of you! I have been using MFP off and on for about 3 years. Just recently I have decided to get serious about making myself healthier before any major issues kick in. I have about 135 lbs to lose and this is day 2 of my log ins. Reading your story is an inspiration for me to let me know I’m not alone and this can be done! I have my first grandbaby to chase around and two of my daughters are getting married next year so I have plenty of motivation. I want to feel so much better. I hate how I feel right now!

  • Beth Prichard Robison

    I love it – this has given me the kick in the butt I so desperately need. I guess I have a hard time kicking myself, so to see that someone else held themselves so accountable, it means there’s no excuse for me! I’ve got 70 pounds to lose. Whoa. But I can do it. And it starts today.

    • intheloop54

      You definitely can and WILL do it! I can, too. But not until Monday because I’m going to a wedding tomorrow. Sign me: Queen of Excuses!

      • Beth Prichard Robison

        No excuses now – just log whatever you eat at the wedding. Even if it’s not ideal, you’re logging, and that’s keeps you accountable and raises your awareness! If I can do it, you can too. I’m even logging the Twinkies I ate yesterday. Probably worse than wedding cake. C’mon, I’ll be your accountability buddy.

        • intheloop54

          Oh, man. You are so right, Beth! I’m Jan, by the way. Ohhhh-kayyy, I can start this morning, then. So far (I’m at work) I’ve eaten 4 Ritz crackers because I didn’t have time for breakfast (I’m a procrastinator, in addition to being an excuse-maker….ha!). I packed an apple and a bagel and cream cheese with green pepper slices that I’ll have at my morning break. So guess I’ll log in to MFP and start recording my food. My doctor is going to love you, Beth. Hee-hee! He lost 30 lbs. in 5 months on MFP. I’m scheduled to see him on 9/11 and he wants to see lower than 297.8. No time like the present!

          So tomorrow at the wedding, I’ll eat what I want BUT will record it. I can do this! I have you as my accountabilibuddy! I look forward to being able to climb steps without having to hoist myself up with a handrail, and to simply walking with my friends without having to stop at a bench every 5 minutes.

          • Beth Prichard Robison

            You go, girl! We can do this, and we’ll cheer each other on and keep each other honest. I just updated my profile (I hadn’t updated it from 4 years ago, and I’ve gained about 20 lbs since then) and logged ALL of yesterday’s food, which wasn’t fun but it’s necessary. The little message that told me if I kept eating like that day that I would gain 10 more lbs in 5 weeks was sobering. I know that the longer I continuously log, the more successful I will be even if I slip up sometimes in my food choices. SO, today is a new day and I will be accountable, even though I’m going out for drinks with friends this evening.

          • intheloop54

            We can definitely do this together, Beth! My friends here in town will be singing your praises because they haven’t been able to get me motivated. My friend in Ohio has a FitBit. She says it motivates her to get walking. She’s already thin, but she still walks to make sure she stays thin. When I look at the monumentous amount of weight I need to lose (from 297.8 currently to 135) it’s overwhelming and sounds hopeless. Guess I’ll take it one week at a time. Until my 30s, I never weighed more than 115 and never wore bigger than a size 5. I’m 60 now, double the age and way more than double the weight. I’ll settle for 135 by age 62. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

          • Beth Prichard Robison

            I understand how you feel. I’m 51 and weigh 220 right now. In 2006 I lost about 30 lbs. and got down to about 160; my goal was 150 but somehow I never seem to make it to the goal. I want to feel better, live longer, and do more! I’ve had a rough couple of years with many major changes in my life, but now it’s time to move forward and take charge of my life if I want to feel better. So Jan, let’s partner up to keep each other honest, stay true to ourselves, and live the lives we want. I’m setting a goal of 1 lb a week, since that’s about what I put on last year.

          • Lori

            I just read all of your comments and it really hit home. I have been struggling with weight all my life and now at 53 i think it’s time to do something for myself! I have so much to lose (about 100 lbs) that I’ve always thought it was impossible to do but after reading all your comments I’m ready to start. After all what do I have to lose. Thank you so much for inspiring me!!

  • Devon White

    I want to know how can I lose 237lbs cause it has been hard for me to lose the weight. Also I have tried everything and nothing has worked for me.

    • Momzowrkin

      If you have tried “everything” you would be losing weight. I don’t want to sound mean, but can you get up and walk down your street a few houses and then come back? Tomorrow add one house. If you need to wait every other day to add a house, do that. Within a few weeks you will be walking up and down your street. Losing 237 pounds is really going to be tough, but it is NOT impossible, you just need to take small steps. First step, sign up for My Fitness Pal. 2nd step, go outside and walk a little bit. If you can’t go outside, stand up and walk in place. Try it for 60 seconds. Step 3-log every bite you put in your mouth. Even the bite of this and bite of that-it all adds up, and looking at the number is very sobering. Step 4-find someone to be accountable to. On here, on Spark People, on weight watchers-just find someone to hold your feet to the fire. Step 5-love yourself a little more today for reaching out. ((((hug))))


    ok, well I will start logging today!

  • Mary Wyse

    You all are amazing! Your discussions have led me to start logging in food starting right now. I had 100 lbs to loose and lost 10. Reading your comments has helped me understand the need to track all I’m eating and doing. Thank you.

  • ItsPrecious Mzpreciousme

    True inspiration! I love this story sounds like my life except I did not go to Disney. Each day I find myself lacking motivation or I may start my week off really well but by mid to end week I am so off track. How do you all stay on track meal wise and motivation wise?

  • adoreable101

    That’s why your name is Victoria short for Victory. You have conquered and took control of your weight loss. I am very inspired by your story and it gives me the motivation to continue this weight loss journey without surgery. Thank you very much.

  • This story is inspirational! As someone who is over 400 lbs. I have only recently stopped talking about taking my health seriously and started acting on it. I started logging 18 days in a row now, and can truly say it has helped me realize what I am giving to myself, and it’s an eye opener. Thanks for sharing this and helping motivate me all the more.

    • Ava Dean

      You CAN do this! I’ve loss and kept most off. I’m still going

  • Shorty54321

    Nice job Victoria! My cousin and I have had success on MFP also. We have decided we are on it till death do us part as it is so easy to put the pounds back on. It also keeps the 2000 miles between us seem like around the corner!

  • Christina Moore

    Congrats! I’m on my way there as well. Day 155 without missing and down 98lbs. After having two babies back to back and being heavy to begin with Its been a struggle. I’ve also found myfitness pal a strong supporter of my healthy lifestyle journey. Cheers.

  • Donna

    Congratulations–that is impressive weight loss! My latest “trick” is to enter my food plan in the morning for the entire day–then I start “adjusting/deleting” because one or more of the categories is always “over the limit”–it is easy to do and I don’t end the day with any surprises!

    • Carol D.

      I also enter my exercises plan the night before. I also add it to my calendar on the iPhone and iPad .

  • Jen Bridwell

    I’m on day 899 of logging on MFP, and I count it as one of the most important tools in achieving and maintaining my 180 pound weight loss. It took me about 15 months to lose the weight, and I have maintained it for about a year and a half. Yes, I exercise quite a bit, and eat healthfully a majority of the time, but even when I indulge, MFP keeps me accountable and I log EVERYTHING to keep on track. So great to see so many with similar stories and to be able to provide support to those who are just starting their fitness journeys. To them, I say ” You ARE worth your own effort!”

  • WP Fay

    Amen! Eat less and move around more 😉 funny how the simplest things tend to be the best. Well done and very encouraging.

  • mrstoniwTEXAS

    This is such a big help for me! I just started my journey and MyFitnessPal really is helping me. I log in everything I eat and drink and so far I have been able to stay within my allotted calories. I have logged in for 30-days now!

  • Desiree

    So inspriing!! I am actually doing what you did now, meaning I’m tracking and wearing my vivofit. Although I have a ways to go, reading your story helps me realize that there is hope for me too!

  • bill

    Best advice ever-log in EVERYTHING you consume. Make THAT your goal-see how long you can keep the streak going. Every day you will know what you’re doing right and wrong. Over time your mindset will change dramatically as to what, and how much you eat. Portion seem to small? EAT SLOWER!

  • Emm

    do you mean 64lbs? She doesn’t look like she weighed 164lbs more than she does now?

    • amuse

      agreed! I had the same thought.

      • Sara

        I was thinking the same thing. Maybe 104? Unless she is super tall!!

        • Carol D.

          Me too!

    • sara

      why be mean??

  • Frank W. Galloway

    Great testimony! I’ve been on a 5 month lifestyle change which has totally transformed my life. March the 2nd I went to my yearly check up and weighed 263 lbs with high BMI as well as borderline hypertension . I changed my mind at that moment on how I look at food and myself. 5 months later I’m down 59 lbs. Stay encouraged everyone! Frank G.

  • Cathy Yutko

    I tried MFP and found it extremely tedious. I hated logging in what I ate every day. I started running a year ago and haven’t lost any weight. I run 2-3 times a week, 2-3 miles each time I run. I ran 4 miles the other day. No difference in my weight. I wish I could do what these ladies have done.

    • Donna Stolarski

      Cathy, you CAN do it. I, too, thought the logging in seemed tedious but if is so important. It is what holds us accountable for what foods we eat not only in calories but nutrition, too. The task of logging in your food will eventually become second nature and will pay off. You have the exercise part in place so hang in there with the logging and you will see results.

    • Cathy, look at is as a challenge to educate yourself about food. You’ll be so surprised at the calories your eating and even more surprised when the weight falls off. It’s sounds like you maybe working against your efforts. Running but eating the wrong items is probably like not running at all. Give it a try and we are cheering for you!

    • David C.

      It’s hard at first, but once you develop the habit and build up a list of recents it becomes easy. It’s like exercising… sucks at first for most people, but people who run regularly will complain when they can’t run!

    • Carol D.

      You need to add weight training. That’s an important part of the equation in losing weight.

    • Erik Schelling

      Are you eating enough? Sometimes exercise coupled with too large a kcal deficit can cause your body to “hold on” to weight. My wife increased her caloric intake by 500 kcal so a day and has lost 12 lbs in 4 weeks after two mos at 1350’kcals a day. She was working out 60 mins per day too. Actually gained weight. Now she works out 30 mins per day. Bodies are weird machines!!!

      • Cathy Yutko

        Believe me, I’m eating plenty, too much. I also was going to the gym 2-3 times a week for 5 years and doing cardio, yoga, and lifting weights. No weight loss and didn’t lose inches. I know what foods I need to eat, count calories and eat smaller portions. But all that does is make me hungry and my stomach is growling. How do you reduce your food intake and not be hungry?

        • Tandrian Riddering

          Eat more of things that have less calories and fill your stomach with foods that don’t add much calories. I will accompany my low calorie sandwich (turkey, cheese, light mayo, lettuce on 100 Wheat Thin) with celery sticks and cucumber (lots of them) and I get full. Then, a couple of hours later, I have an apple. I actually have 2 a day, one for each “between meal” snacks. When I start feeling hungry, I eat something with low calories and good for me and don’t let myself get starving! Also, when you feel hungry, drink a lot of water. Often, we mistake thirst for hunger. You can do this!!! I have lost 40lbs since May 1… use the barcode scanner and use MFP to plan. It really helps.

        • Tandrian Riddering

          Also, eat more lean protein… it will keep you full longer and give you more strength. That is why logging your meals really helps. If you are working out that much, you really need a lot of protein.

    • Yvonne

      Discipline, to do what you need to do for yourself, to help yourself watch those calories.

    • Aa2000

      I know how it feels. I don’t like logging in my foods that I eat because I don’t like watching how many calories I intake every day. I also work out every day, yet I can’t lose any weight. I need to lose 40 pounds and all I did was keep my weight steady

  • Jim H.

    Day 120 at 47 pounds lost. About 250 pounds to go. Logging on MFP really helps, in addition to a visit to a dietitican.

    • SinceritySpeaks

      Thank you for sharing this. I have to lose the same amount of weight. I actually loss 25 lbs then fell back into old habits and gained it all back plus some :*( I’ve started logging again and lost 5 lbs since July 22nd. Knowing there’s someone with the same weight loss goals who is actually winning this battle gives me a lot of hope. Thanks again and God bless!

  • Melanie DiBenedetto

    I have lost 169 as of today. It has taken me a year and 1/2 and I used My fitness pal most of the time. Kept me accountable.

  • Amy Lou Thompson

    Congratulations! Being a single Mom at age 49, weighing over 250, I am overwhelmed as to where to start to find time for me. Does anyone have any tips/suggestions on what step I should take first?

    • Doc Holiday

      It’s easy for me to say, but MAKE time. You eat everyday, right? Of course you do, because you would die if you didn’t. Look at your workouts the same way. Make your daily workout a priority. Even if it’s just a short walk to start with. You’re not going to get there in a day, but concentrate on the fact that you’re moving in the right direction.

      Logging your food has been a HUGE help for me. (Closing in on 50 lbs. since March) But most important is having good food on hand. 95% of my bad eating took place when I was on my way home, starving & having no clue what I was going to eat. You don’t have to deny yourself completely (the answer can’t/shouldn’t ALWAYS be: NO) but your default mode should be to eat healthy. Salads taste good, fill you up & are good for you. You can do this!

    • disqus_7wti39Ei7N

      Get a treadmill! I was a single mom with a very demanding job. My daughter, to this day, says that I was obsessed with chicken breasts, and I have to agree. We pretty much had chicken breasts and salad or broccoli every night. In my defense, she was a very picky eater, at that age. To relieve my stress, I would walk on the treadmill every night, while she played computer games, in the same room. I would watch TV, and make myself walk for the entire show, whether it be Seinfeld or ER. I averaged about 6 miles per night. In nice weather, I would go on a walk with my daughter, about 3 miles, on trails by our house. It was a great bonding time, I found out a lot of the stuff that was going on with her in school. Obviously, that was a while ago, but it really helped with both of us keeping fit, relieving stress, and staying close. We still have a very close relationship and talk a lot about fitness. I am overweight now, but talking to her helps me stay in that mindset of fitness. She is a gorgeous, fit young woman, and I feel like our walks have made her more aware of the need to stay healthy. Even as I have not been able to keep up that level of activity, I am in my 50’s and have arthritis in my hips, I think it made an impression on her. Good luck with your fitness goals!

    • Molly

      Involve your kids! I grew up heavy because my family had a habit of eating out, not working out and eating junk. I learned those behaviors from my folks.
      Take your kids out for evening walks or get a Zumba dance video. (You can find tons of stuff on Youtube.)
      Start out doing little changes or you’ll get discouraged. Include an afternoon snack of veggies. Do calf raises when you’re brushing your teeth. Switch to skim milk and wheat bread.
      And remember: It’s a lifestyle change, not a diet. (: Good luck!

    • Linda Rabon

      Amy .. I’m just like you! Single, same age and about the same weight!
      I have 3 grown children, so I suppose I can also say single parent! I also feel very overwhelmed 🙁

    • Colette Judge

      I just started MFP last week and just started reading the articles and posts. Wow, did I go get my phone and log my food!!! Thanks for the motivation, I needed it and this site provided it.

  • Andy Murry

    I started this journey on april 13 so far i have lost 67 lbs it started with no bread no pototes no pasta

    • Doc Holiday

      AND you’re a Mets fan – Life is good!!

      • Andy Murry

        Thats for sure

  • Ciara A

    I have about 160lbs to lose. Lost 30 already and I’ve been tracking what i eat, for about 2 months now. Sunday i went to Wendys. I usually (before i became wise) would have gotten the asiago chicken sandwich. I pulled out my phone, checked MFP and it was 1000+ calories. I ordered a small chili and a double stack, which is 630. Myfitnesspal is life 🙂 sorry to ramble. Im just excited for this journey.

    • Cathy

      This article is so encouraging! I have been using MFP for over 6 months and have lost 30 lbs. my goal is one pound per week and I am right on track! I don’t feel like I am sacrificing at all…just making good choices as much as possible and planning ahead for treats and special occasions! I love that my FitBit interfaces with MFP. The combination is helping me to be successful on this journey!

      • Anita C

        Cathy, Can you tell me how the Fitbit interfaces with MFP? I am not too electronically savvy, but I need to learn how to do these things to stick to goals.

  • Viola

    I think it’s great that you lost so much. But I’m so jealous that you’ve been able to do in 1 1/2 years what I haven’t been able to do in 15 years. I don’t know how so many people can be so successful and I can’t. b

    • afreemom1

      you can. It all depends on you and the true amount of effort you’re willing to put in.
      you can’t let one bad day, bad choice, or bad moment dictate your effort. Even if you made wrong choices, do the next right thing.

      • Elle

        I like that… do the next right thing.

    • Doc Holiday

      Don’t be jealous, be inspired – you’re next! Log your food – It will help keep you on the straight & narrow knowing that your bad choice will be staring back at you. – Log your workouts too. I refuse to let myself miss a workout because I know the blank spot on the calendar will be staring back at me all month.

  • Marybeth Thomas

    I have been using Fitness Pal now for about 4 weeks and slowly losing my belly fat. A couple of suggestions for some of you having a hard time: I have been doing a combination of hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy to help me understand how I got to 250 and why I can’t seem to stay on track with an eating plan. I know what I need to do but can’t seem to do it. Getting to the bottom of my issues regarding eating has helped me immensely. My therapist also helped me to set a realistic weight goal. I was trying to shoot for 160 but he helped me to see that I didn’t think I could get there. He says you have to really believe you can meet that goal. So, I set my goal for 190 right now. I know I can reach that weight and I think he is right. You have to believe you can get there. Once I reach 190, I can reset my goal to 160. As I get closer to 190, I now believe I can get to 160. I think sometimes we set too high a goal for ourselves. Try to bite off more than we can chew…pun intended. I just know setting the goal a little higher for now has helped me. Also, I find that logging my food helps me to see what the nutrients are in what I eat. I love that I can eat what I want as long as I log in and it fits in my calorie allotment. It helps me to stay on track with everything. Good luck everyone. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational stories.

  • Sharon Tarantino

    Great job. I too have lost a lot of weight. 180 pounds. I have 25 left to go. I will never go back to the old me again

    • Yvonne Jacobson

      I had a weight of 180, I am down to 118-120, have been staying around there since November-December. I realize I can never go back to eating the way I use to.

      • Ruby

        Hi Yvonne – you were where I and are now where I want to be….any more you can share about your journey?

    • neldabg

      I feel exactly as everyone does. In losing weight the healthy way, I cannot imagine a future where I’ll ever be obese again. After such a hard, yet rewarding trip, I cannot go back.

  • SinceritySpeaks

    Absolutely amazing! I’m literally in tears reading everyone’s comments! This journey has been soooo hard for me :*( I know I have to keep going and all of your words have been really encouraging. I have a lot of weight to drop (too embarrassed to say the number *crying*)… I hope I can report back one year from now with results like all of you! Please pray for me! I REALLY need it! :*(

    • Gp65

      My prayers are with you. I had to lose 88 pounds. I lost 28 but then regained 40 making my goal that much more difficult at 100 pounds. Anyway this time around I have lost 65 pounds over 2 years and 3 months. The trick is instead of trying to change it all at once, make one change at a time but make it so that is a lifestyle choice. Plateaus are okay as long as you do not slide back.

      This has also greatly helped my health.

      All the best. Slow and steady wins the race.

      • Nancy

        Way to go Victoria!! Preparation and hard work is key to maintaining a healthy weight. It is amazing how unhealthy all the processed foods are that liine the grocery shelves. I learned to shop the perimeter and stick with fresh or frozen veggies and healty proteins. Diagnosed with osteopenia, I hired a personal trainer 4x a week. I found having a standing appointment motivates me to stop by the gym and do my workout. Before that I would always find an excuse to drive right by!! It is a lifestyle change but aren’t we all worth it?

  • Anniegramm

    *God help us!

  • SinceritySpeaks

    Thanks so much! Praying for you too!

  • sheriji

    164 lbs? Looks more like she lost 50. I want to be encouraged and helped by My Fitness Pal, but I end up feeling like I’m just being manipulated.

    • Crystal

      This was absolutely encouraging and what an amazing story. Victoria is an inspiration and MFP’s highlight story was an encouragement to many…. If you read the article in its entirety than you may have clicked on the provided Today Show link if you wanted a better pic to give this girl the credibility you are looking for. :/

    • NourishPS-139

      Dear Sheriji,
      I’ll try to post the before/after photo here but if it doesn’t work…
      Go through the comment up to Eric Shelling to see Victoria’s actual before photo.
      I hope you are encouraged by the photo but also by all the comments on this thread.
      I am amazed by the fortitude of so many.
      I need to lose approximately 50lbs to help with pain from severe arthritis, fibromyalgia and general health to live an active lifestyle, again.
      I’ve been lazy and having a pity party for far too long because I want to eat like its a party everyday and I’m depressed so I get in the mind frame that who gives a darn, I’m going to do as I please which is very self-destructive, rebellious and prideful.
      So I am sharing on this thread that I will commit to logging my food and exercise daily on MFP.

      Thanks for all these encouraging posts! Today is a new day;
      Day 1!

  • Erik Schelling

    I’m not an expert, but would like to see a photo of her at 350 lbs for the true impact of her loss to be communicated. As someone who has lost 148 lbs using MFP and exercise and diet, I know what 350 lbs looks like, and this before photo just doesn’t suggest that. Not discounting the amazing accomplishment, but would love folks to see how dramatic a 164 lb loss looks like, expecially on a gal. I am 6’3″ and went from 360 to 212 lbs, and I assure you my before photo was much more overweight than Victoria’s. What she has accomplished is truly amazing and to say it was hard work would be an understatement. Congrats Victoria!!!

    • Crystal

      Check out the today show link…

      • Erik Schelling

        Please share

    • Doc Holiday

      From 360 to 212? You ARE an expert & don’t let anyone tell you different. Well done sir!

      • Erik Schelling

        Thank you! My story isn’t much different from hers. It’s about crawling to walking, walking to jogging, jogging to running, and running to “flying”!

    • Erik Schelling

      Here’s the REAL story. Well done Victoria!!!

      • cfraun

        OK, now I believe it! 🙂 I had been thinking the same thing as Eric. Thanks for posting these. I was also thinking… maybe you didn’t have any before pictures of when you were at your heaviest, because I know I sure try not to get in any photos because I am embarrassed about my weight. Congratulations on your success, Victoria, and thank you for sharing how you accomplished it! You give me hope.

      • Charlotte

        Thank you for sharing the “real” pictures… the pictures before made me believe this was just a scam like so many other things. … after seeing all the comments and how much folks have lost…. and… knowing someone at work who is using a “myfitnesspal” I will definitely get one for myself. Great job all… and God Bless

        • Terra Rowland

          yes Great Job in the weight loss — it’s hearing the personal stores that make me feel uplifted and to lose my 91 goal is possible.

      • Luci Slauterbeck

        I agree with Eric. Nicely done, Victoria! The before and after are amazing. Good job!

      • Saundra Lane

        I was wondering the same thing. Huge difference

      • Jon

        Wow amazing I new it was true but the pic

    • Gp65

      Omg I was thinking the same thing.

    • Sofeelya

      Thank you for showing the true photo’s below… because the pictures featured above and the amount of weight lost 167lbs; just didn’t add up. Thank you again for sharing the REAL Story. Congratulations Victoria

    • DLX1988

      I’d said the same EXACT thing. I’m 6’1 at started at 393. I as well know what 350+ looks like. I was like… hmm…. she definitely doesn’t look over 300 lbs. in the “Before” photo, but Congrats to her. I was still excited to read her story, and then BOOM @erikschelling:disqus with the photos of her at 300+ pounds at it made more of an impact. This isn’t easy, but once you get the ball rolling down hill, it’s hard to stop…. I know I haven’t been doing this long, but I started at 393 and I’m down to 371, with much more to go. Thanks for the story, and thanks again to @Erik for the more in depth “Before” photo.

      • Victoria Wagar


        • DLX1988

          WOW! Very inspirational! Thanks for Sharing!

        • Healthybehr


        • Amber Smith

          Thanks for sharing! I’ve been using MFP for a couple of weeks now and have reached a plateau. It gets discouraging. But then you share your amazing story, and again I have faith that I will reach my goal! Congratulations on your success!

    • Marta Pacheco

      Totally agree!!! I’m not saying she didn’t lose it but that pic doesn’t show 350 lbs at all!!

      • Erik Schelling

        Did you see that I posted the actual before photo?

    • Tiffany St John

      I was thinking the same thing, she is about my size in the pic above and I am not near that weight, but below makes more sense for sure.

    • Jon

      I have to agree with this.

    • Kathie

      All of us carry our weight differently. You may think she should have spread outward more but I believe her picture was taken when she first started her journey. I say this because at 5’6″ up til last year I did shrink some. Now 5’4″ back in November people would not have believed I was 174. Now after using PayPal I am done to 138 with 8 more pounds to go. I cannot tell u how many people could guess my weight because it mostly rested in my stomach. Being a food aholic since I was 5 or 6 by the time I was in 6th grade I weighed 160. I could eat a large pizza by myself as a meal. So I responding to your post only to let u know my experience and to this day my friends still can’t believe in Nov and Dec I was wearing size 18-20 pants. Now I’m in a 12

      • Kathie Abare

        Sorry not PayPal – Myfitnesspal
        They could NOT guess my weight and I am proud to say I’m down 41 lbs.

  • Ruth

    Just started last week, after being introduced to my fitness pal by a friend. 4.8 lb in the first week. Been fighting fat my whole life. Something clicked when I started using this app. I hope and pray I can post a success story in the future. 50 lbs seems like a long way off. I do feel like finally this will be my answer! Will update!

    • Molly

      i lost 60 in about a year. Be patient, accept mistakes, and enjoy the ride! It’ll come off quicker than you think. Good luck!

  • Dianne Hall

    In the before and after pic there is a difference in the before she does not appear that large to have lost 164 pounds, i look like the before pic and if i lost 164 pounds i would weigh 15 pounds!!! Hmm

  • Akiko Katsuragi

    Great story Victoria. I’m at the 200 day mark since I started in February and I have fallen short of my monthly goal – I’ve lost 11.1 kg in total – but the logging shows me why that is, because I never cheat and log everything I eat even when I know it’s going to see my calories sky-rocket for the day or throw my balance out.

    What I love about MyFitnessPal too is trying to keep nutrition in balance; it’s a fun problem solving task to play around with entering food choices to get the ratios right : 50% carbs, 29% fat and 21% protein. Doing this has really helped me maintain a truly balanced diet for the first time in 41 years. This is especially challenging because I’ve been vegetarian since I was 14.

    Really loved reading this. It gives me more motivation. Keep up the great work Victoria. You’re an inspiration to us all.

  • Alicia

    This is EXACTLY how I feel about how I use MyFitness Pal. It helps me make healthier decisions and helps me balance or budget when I make not so healthy decisions. All in all I have lost 31 pounds since I started using the app in June and have logged 72 days in a row!

  • Ms.Jay

    I just started a few days ago; I have 100lbs to get rid of. Its been hard with the daily life of stress, work, and a toddler but I know that I am going to have to do it if I want to be around to finish raising my child. My doctor started me on this app because I am having to take blood pressure meds now. My current weight is 350lbs. normally I would be ashamed to say that but I plan on coming on here and keeping a log of my weight loss. 🙂

  • Denise Danforth Hill

    Congratulations! There is no secret you’re right. Proper eating, exercise and commitment toward a healthier you is the key. I too have struggled with my weight all my life. I was always told, “you wear it well, you’re tall. Now I’m 55 years old and this old stomach is about to hit the floor (it appears), the arms and inner thighs are flabby and I’m so disgusted. Two weeks ago I decided to get on track to being a healthier, determined me. Thanks for sharing your story. Wish me success. Prayers and Blessings

  • Mary Ellen Brady

    I have been logging in for 168 days. I have lost 64 pounds. I love MyFitnessPal! Best app. Easy to use!

  • Lee Ann

    I’ve been using MyFitnessPal for about 3.5 years now and have lost 150lbs with about 50 more to go. It’s been a great app and I always encourage other people to use it. It’s such a helpful tool. And as others have said, if you have a bad day and don’t log or cheat, don’t dwell on it and get back into it the next day. It’s hard for sure but it is so worth it!!

  • Pamela Martel Bernstein

    congrats! I have 40-50 pounds to lose and just started a few days ago. I must say that logging everything in makes me think before I eat something. We’ll see how week one goes… I have to do this for my health too! Doctors orders!

  • Suzan miller

    I wish her story was mine . How do I get started Help

  • Janet

    I’m so happy for you, as one who still struggles I appreciated your story and am going to give your ideas a try. Janet

  • Marie

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your story with the world. You have motivated me to push myself to lose the weight that I have been aiming for. I recently joined Myfitnesspal and your story proves that I can do it for myself as well. Once again, thank you!

  • Sally LadyYahingo Yahingo


  • Shirley Walker

    Congrats Victoria,… 🙂 I started Eating healthy, working out, and walking January 2015. I’ve lost 37 lbs thus far. I feel empowered and I have confidence, I would feel guilty if I miss a work out.

  • Victoria Wagar


  • Laura Ciavola

    This is a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing. I will be logging everyday now for sure!

  • Mariellen

    I have lost over 60 lbs. in the last 10 months. And i stay with myfitnesspal.

  • George Q

    You’re a great inspiration. I will follow your lead.

  • Vilma

    What an inspiration. I lost 70 pounds on Quick Weight Loss but after major surgeries and plenty of down time I fell back into the bad eating habit and am up 50 pounds I must loose again. I did realize that logging your food does make you more accountable and exercise is a must. I just find myself in a slump. I know I have to start and once seeing progress I get more motivated and feel great. This time around it’s the starting I’m having a ha d time with.

    Congrats you look amazing

  • Denny

    Thanks to MFP I’ve dropped from 55 kg to 52 at 1.73cm (123.5-114.5lbs, 5’8), but the journey has been rough. The obsession over counting calories and not going over left me with days of 900 kcal. That’s why I stopped logging at one point and just ate conscientiously – I gained back a little, but I’ve kept slowly losing weight after that. There’s still a lot of fat in my thighs that I have to burn, but I’m positive that in time, I’ll lose that, too.

  • Wendy Kilpatrick Laubach

    Pre-logging everything I eat is the key for me. You’re much less likely to eat four pieces of pizza or cheesecake if you have to write it down first and stare at the calorie total.

  • Dana Morgan

    Hello,. A big congrats,. I yo did not realize just how many calories I was consuming in a day. I have been on the app now scince April 22,. 2015. I have lost73.4 pounds. Still have 50 to lose. Being able to chart everything I eat helps. And it is true. I don’t cheat because I am only cheating myself. Good luck to all who r out there trying. Hang in there . Be strong..

  • grateful4whatihave

    So thankful for MFP! Over the last two years I’ve used this tool (along with portion control, cutting back on carb intake, and exercising daily) to help me lose 120lbs. Such a great support system!!
    Congrats to all those with similar success stories and best wishes to those just beginning their journey to a healthier lifestyle. For those struggling, never give up!!

  • Anne

    I’ve logged for 5months now and have lost 59lb I have 41lb to go. It’s an inspirational story. I just thought the task was too great. The thought of asking for an extension belt. I’ve ignored my weight for along time. I also have a four year old and I’m 46 so I would like to see her hit 40! I think my fitness pal app. Has made a huge difference. I have joined a no frills university gym – the staff are friendly – I don’t have an exercise plan but have a good friend who is fit who helps me strive to be fitter – not easy aching from exercise but I’d rather that than being too tired to get off the sofa. I’ve lost 10 inches from my hips. I’m on holiday at the moment with my husband and little girl and I decided to up my calorie intake to 1800 a day while I’m away. I don’t want to stop living but the app make me aware of what I’m doing. I cannot imagine not using it.
    Well done on your healthy eating folks and keep going!

  • Healthybehr

    Congrats! I too am on this great liberating and empowering journey! I am 3 pounds away from my 100 lb weight loss goal. Tracking everything I eat through myfitnesspal and every step I make through fitbit, has helped me to become accountable and healthy! Nothing tastes as good as this feels! Keep going. A year later you’ll be so thrilled with your new life and all the opportunity it now holds. Count me as one grateful loser!

  • Mel Potts

    Congratulations!!! I am over 780 days into my ‘health kick’ and reached my goal weight end of the first 9 months and my hit my second goal a few months later. In total dropped down from a size 22 to a comfortable size 14.
    I am still using MyfitnessPal to help me stick with my new healthy lifestyle just to keep my good habits going strong and to keep my ‘treats’ in check. I’m loving this more than I ever thought I would. I love exercising, love how being healthy makes me feel ( and not just about how I look) I feel … Well just great all round.
    I hope everyone on their own journeys get to where they’re going , have fun and enjoy it along the way.

  • Peggy McCoy

    Congratulations! You are an inspiration to all of us. MyFitnessPal has changed everything for me also. 135 days and 24 pounds lost. I was never able to lose weight and keep it off and I probably never could have done it without MyFitnessPal and my activity tracker. I’ve made a commitment to myself to track for a year but I see myself tracking way beyond. It is a part of my day now and a valuable tool.

  • Curtis Coleman

    Logging in regularly and honestly takes away the stealth ability of weight. It can’t sneak up on you if you see it coming. Logging in is painful and tedious at times but so effective.

  • lisa

    I Seem to think ,everything is about weight is not true ,some people are paid to lie and its hard for me to believe that someone lost this must weight you never see the person while they are losing and where all the extra fat goes ,,

  • Lauren

    Congrats!! My weight loss goal is 130 lbs and I’m down over 31 down so far since Jan 1 2016. And it’s all because of Myfitnesspal and my FitBit. I also use it to research something before I eat it, and it often deters me and makes me think to eat something else. It really works. My hope is to loss it all by my wedding in Sept 2017. I don’t think I could ever go back to my lifestyle after what this system has taught me, truly has changed me life

  • Lmfao

    This gal didn’t lose 164lbs. Maybe 6-12, forget to photoshop the pics ?

  • Helen Hines

    That is great that she had lost all that weight but her “before photo” does not justify the 164 lbs loss, she didn’t look big enough to lose that much weight. She looks more like she had lost about 75 lbs which is still great but not close to 200 lbs!

  • Terilyn

    Great work, Victoria. You are an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  • Faith

    Awesome stories. My fitbit and MFP has changed my life. I have lost 57 pounds and love to run now.

  • Pastor Tremont Allen Sr


  • Rbeers

    This is one of those success stories where you stand up and cheer! Several weight loss stories that I have come across have not really pertained to me…mom, wife, full time job, past losing the “baby fat” of two pregnancies, and struggling with no time, and taller than 5’5″. Although those people worked super hard as well, I found it hard to follow or relate to their programs and struggles. Do you have a blog? I am so inspired by your story! Also, how tall are you?