Homemade Banana “Yogurt”

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Homemade Banana “Yogurt”

mfp ROD button finalThis Banana “Yogurt” from Nutrition Stripped is made with deliciously simple whole food ingredients, and it’s dairy-free! Healthy fats from creamy cashews, fiber and protein from ground chia seeds, and the banana all blend together to create a thick, yogurt-like dish that’s creamy, and naturally sweet.

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nutrition-stripped-headshotMcKel is a registered dietitian, wellness coach and blogger of Nutrition Stripped, where she offers her nutrition services and shares nourishing recipes. Nutrition Stripped is a plant-based whole foods blog focusing on making healthy eating deliciously simple. You can also connect with McKel on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Photo courtesy of McKel Hill. Original recipe published on Nutrition Stripped.

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  • Debbie Branch

    I am anxious to try homemade banana yogurt.Anyone tried it yet?Email me personally and let me know results@treeleaves21@gmail.com.Thanks

  • JofJLTNCB6

    Oh, good. Another MFP-sponsored vegetarian blogger. What MFP needs more of are vegetarian recipes in the official MFP blogs.

    • LoupGarouTFTs

      I’m pretty sure you forgot the sarcasm tag?

    • Nutrition Stripped is a whole foods blog, meaning it’s flexible and global but rooted in plant-based living. You can simply add whatever proteins you enjoy, that’s why I don’t label the recipes vegetarian- anyone can enjoy!

    • MmmmmCookies

      Do you eat nuts? Do you eat bananas? I don’t understand why putting those things together makes it bad and scary all of a sudden. I’m not a vegetarian, but I am lactose intolerant, and I sure appreciate MFP showcasing a variety of lifestyles on their blog!

      • JofJLTNCB6

        I have no problem with nuts or bananas. My problem is with the direction MFP has been going lately, which is seemingly to abandon the fundamental basis of their calorie-counting approach to weight management and instead jump onto the fad that is veg*nism. I’ve been here for three years now and the shift is noticeable.

    • kjguindon

      It’s hardly a secret that plant based foods are in general substantially lower in calories and saturated fats than animal based foods, so it makes sense that a weight loss and fitness service would feature plant based foods.
      I’m sure there are lots of dead animal based recipes in here too…

      • JofJLTNCB6

        So calories and saturated fats are bad, huh?

        Also, your bias is showing in the tone of your message.

  • Miss_veigar

    soo you blend a banana + milk … that’s a smoothie in a bowl xD

  • squishycat

    Where’s the yogurt?

    • Great question! In the blog post I state this is a play on “yogurt” it’s all about the texture and consistency of yogurt for a non-dairy lifestyle. Stay tuned for a coconut milk yogurt in the future, which will have probiotics and include fermentation. Thanks for sharing–

      • LoupGarouTFTs

        It’s not yogurt. Repeating the same thing over and over does not make the name any more intellectually honest.

      • BovineLeagueofJustice

        What blog post? On MFP above there’s no such statement about it being a “play on yogurt,” in fact, other than the title, you twice call it yogurt in the paragraph above. If you’re referring to a blog post on your blog site then I looked on the Nutrition Stripped web page and used the search box but could not find the recipe. Saying it’s yogurt is a misnomer, it’s not yogurt!

      • Kim

        Coconut milk yogurt?! That’s exciting!!!!! Can’t wait for that recipe!

  • Zuzu

    Yes, I have a variation of this every morning. It’s delicious. But it’s still not yogurt.

    • Great!

      • LoupGarouTFTs

        She eats it, but she says “But it’s still not yogurt.”

        It’s not yogurt.

  • LoupGarouTFTs

    No yogurt? Chia seeds? Almond milk?


    • Give it a go, it’s really delicious and simple to make. Banana Yogurt is a play on “yogurt” it’s all about the texture and consistency for a non-dairy lifestyle.

      • LoupGarouTFTs

        I would not have clicked on the link if I had thought it to be a “play” on yogurt. It’s not yogurt. It’s almond milk/chia seed glop with banana mixed in, with none of the benefits of yogurt. If you had given it an honest name, such as “Faux Banana Yogurt” or Vegan Banana “Yogurt,” I wouldn’t have an issue with it–heck, I wouldn’t even be here posting.

  • BovineLeagueofJustice

    How can this “dairy-free” soup be yogurt when yogurt is a dairy product? Sounds nuts to me.

    • It’s quite delicious! This is a play on “yogurt” it’s all about the texture and consistency of yogurt for a non-dairy lifestyle. Thanks for sharing–

      • LoupGarouTFTs

        It’s intellectually dishonest to call this concoction “yogurt.” Where are the nutritional benefits that come with yogurt?

  • Melissa

    That sounds delicious! And I’m anxious to see a recipe for coconut milk yogurt!

  • Nancy Este

    This is a great non-dairy alternative to yogurt for those avoiding dairy. As we all know, its not really yogurt – but can be enjoyed in the same ways you would yogurt. I use soaked chia seeds in coconut milk with vanilla and stevia. Soak overnight for a creamier texture. I look forward to adding in the soaked cashews. Thanks for sharing!

  • calwine

    I do not disagree that eating plant based foods is healthy, and that we need to find more ways to include more of them in our diets, but I am an omnivore. I LIKE meat, cheese, eggs, milk and yogurt. I agree with JofJLTNCB6 that a high percentage of the recipes are vegan and the flavor of many posts implies that “healthy eating” is vegan, therefore, not eating vegan is not healthy. Statements such as ……..”a plant-based whole foods blog focusing on making healthy eating deliciously simple”, implies that choosing to eat meat and dairy products is not healthy. I would like to see more of a balance with articles and recipes that include lean meat, eggs and low fat dairy products, so us omnivores can learn how to satisfy our “craving for flesh” in healthy ways and in balance with more plants.

  • Ginny Staton

    Looks delicious and as vegan recovering from a “junk food vegan” diet I appreciate when MFP includes healthy whole food vegan recipes!