Daniel’s Weight-Loss Secret? 2 Pounds Per Week

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Daniel’s Weight-Loss Secret? 2 Pounds Per Week

Weight loss is hard, and it can be daunting — but if you boil it down to a series of attainable, short-term goals, you’ll give yourself a much better fighting chance. That was the approach Daniel Felvus took. A 27-year-old editor in Swansea, Wales, he decided he had enough of eating junk food and weighing more than 200 pounds. He tried a gimmick diet but found it wasn’t arming him with strategies to make lasting changes to his habits.

So last fall, he tried MyFitnessPal and simplified his strategy down to a simple credo: Track food, log exercise and aim for two pounds lost per week. How did it go? Felvus has dropped 52 pounds in less than six months. “I now feel great, and I’m looking forward to a bright and healthy future,” he reports.

Here’s Daniel in his own words:

I’ve battled with my weight all my life. I was overweight as a teenager growing up, weighing 200 pounds when I was only 13 years of age. As I got older, the weight started to drop off, even though my eating habits didn’t change. I thought I had it perfect: I was thin and still eating nothing but junk food, and I wasn’t gaining anything. Eventually, this changed and I gradually began gaining the weight back to the point where I ended up weighing the most I ever had at 219 pounds. I realized I had to do something about this. I’d been introduced to MyFitnessPal by a friend a few years back when the weight had started to increase.

However, I didn’t dedicate myself to it as I was impatient and I didn’t want to lose weight the healthy way — I wanted to lose it quickly. Evidently, this attitude only made things worse and I continued to gain. Eventually, I decided enough was enough and I promised myself I was going to stick with MyFitnessPal for at least one week to see if I lost any weight. To my surprise and delight, I lost two pounds, and that’s what the app said I was going to lose! So I continued to stick at it — each week, I’d lose exactly what the app said I was going to! It is now five and a half months later and I have lost 52 pounds and reached my goal weight. I can’t say enough good things about this app and it’s now helping friends of mine in a similar situation.

Check out the video he made to learn more about his journey:


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  • Andrea S

    Daniel, that is awesome!!! Keep up the good work!! Maintenance isn’t hard if you keep tracking and commit to moving…20 mins of exercise everday!! I know you worked hard. I did too!! Thinner feels better, doesn’t it?? 🙂

  • Cathy Morgan

    Well done Daniel, I’ve been using the app “properly” this time around too and have clocked up a 1 stone 4 pound weight loss since November, got around another 7 pounds to go before my goal weight and it feels do-able, your video is inspirational and I hope it shows other users that if you stick with it, you will get there

  • June

    Well done Daniel. I have done exactly the same as you and have gone from 14st 6 to 8 st 8 and now at my target weight. Again about 2lb a week weight loss between end Feb 2016 and mid Jan 2017.

    Still using the app to maintain weight.

    I was a size 18/20 and now wearing 10 and 12 and feeling great. Thank you MyfitnessPal.

  • I dunno, I’ve been tracking my weight for 3 months and been on or under my calorie target every day with one or two exceptions (which should still be under my calorie limit) exercised at least three times a week, I’ve lost 3kilos and gained 1 kilo back recently. Very demoralizing..my body refuses to dump the weight but I do have some muscle mass to show for it at least.

    • Lyn

      Hmm… have you seen your doctor? There could be some other issue that is stalling your weight loss (e.g. Thyroid, hormone or something like that) if you have been recording accurately. It is best to do things like weigh food to make sure it is recorded accurately. All the best on your journey 🙂

      • Yeah I am too wondering if there is an underlying cause. I suspect I may have inflammation of the digestive system as I have suffered from IBS for a very long time, mostly stress related. Planning on seeing the doctor for a full round of tests..again soon.

    • potato

      Depending on your training, it is possible to build around the same weight of muscle you loose in fat if you are new. If you want to loose fat no matter what you can go up to -700 Cal deficit. Although your strenght will decrease a bit

    • Disqusthrow

      You are eating more than you think. Your body cannot break the fundamental rule of thermodynamics– calories in vs calories out.

      Invest in a digital food scale, and weigh out everything you are putting into your body. I guarantee you are eating more than you really think. Also, colas and other soft drinks have calories.

      • I don’t drink soft drink. I do occasionally have alcohol but it’s always tracked and added to my calorie count, every, last drink. I’d be foolish to say that I can be 100% accurate with every meal I eat but my ballpark should be losing and I measure what I can. I’m wondering if I have been holding water weight as this week I’ve suddenly lost a kilo and kept it off, this is with smaller amounts of exercise than my normal routine.

    • Beyond…it looks like you’re nailing it! dropping three and gaining one while adding muscle means you’re dialed in. Ask anyone (well, many people) what they want and it’s to get lean while adding muscle. If you want to speed up fat loss, you need to cut back something, or work out more. But, you run the risk of not adding muscle mass. Or, (I didn’t see how much you were eating) you may have “run out of room” and have nothing left to cut. If that’s the case, you may need to back off for a week, try the cheat day method, or look into something to get your metabolism back where it should be. And, as disqus says below, you may be overestimating how hard you’re working and underestimating how much you’re eating.

      But, in all honesty, I’d keep working with what you’re doing. Many people would envy those numbers.

    • Steve

      Hey Beyond. Have you tried changing your macros?
      I was doing really well with weight loss for the first three months when I started using this app. Then I could not pass a certain weight.
      I am pretty certain it was because for the initial weight loss, all I needed was to be UNDER my calorie goal for the day/week. However, I literally ate ANYTHING I wanted.
      After losing some weight, my body seemed to adapt to that routine, so I no longer needed excessive amount of carbs.
      I changed my macros to Protein 40%, Fat 35%, Carbs 25% and before I knew it. I dropped 10 more pounds at the 2 lbs per week goal.
      If you haven’t tried that, I suggest reworking your macros.
      Good luck!

      • I dumped a kilo almost overnight, didn’t change anything but have been jogging a day or two a week to mix up my routine. I’ve also started eating more carbs, I think was going too heavy on the protein. But I am going through a separation from my wife so there is plenty of cortisol in my system to stuff things up at the moment… On a positive note the family have noticed that I look slimmer, even through the scales haven’t budged much. 🙂

  • Lyn

    Fantastic work Daniel! You look amazing and I bet you feel amazing too! I have been recording everything and have lost 9 kg over 3 months. Another 20kg to get to my goal. Great to see success like your to help motivate me along my way! MFP is an awesome app

    • Akis


      • Lyn

        What are you lol- ing at?

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  • Matt

    Great job, Daniel. I’ve lost weight before but have done it all in ways for quick results, not really learning about healthy eating. This time I’m back to do it the right way.

  • Matt Hinkle
    • Lex Boykin

      Congratulations Matt!!! Thats an AWESOME transformation!

    • Colleen Maletta Thompson

      Awesome Job. You should be smiling in both pictures 🙂

    • Mr. Jingles

      Nice work!

    • Matt Newton

      how specifically. because the more i diet and excercise the worse i feel and the scale never goes down, if anything it goes up and i need to lose at least 95 pounds in 2 years or less.

      • Matt Hinkle

        Pretty much all diet. Didn’t really start working out until the end. Now I’m working out 5 days a week. Matt, have you considered talking to a doctor? Are you continuing to do the same exercise routine over and over? Are you eating the same stuff over and over? I remember when I hit a plateau. I kept walking more and actually started gaining weight. I was frustrated (just like I can tell you are), and I decided to stop walking. Within two days I broke through the plateau. My body didn’t like the walking. I think the key is mixing up what you’re doing.

      • Matt Hinkle

        Matt, my email is hinkle.matthew@gmail.com. Shoot me an email. Maybe we can talk more about it.

    • Ragen Harding Farkh


  • Scott Kight

    Way to go Matt! Just keep it that way. It has taken me a bit longer. I’m sitting at about 16 months to get down 110#’s. Still have about 25 to go. What I learned is, it will come back on very easily if you lose focus on what it is that got you to that point.

    • Mr. Jingles

      Nice work!

      and yeah, it’s amazing how just a couple days of bad eating can totally ruin a couple weeks worth of work. it definitely has to be a lifestyle change, that’s for sure!

  • Mark Kearns

    Way to go Daniel….I almost felt like I was reading my own story. I’m 62 years old and have had a lifetime of poor eating habits (virtually everything & anything). I went in for a heart catherization on Aug. 19 but instead had 3 stents inserted to clear several blocked arteries. My weight that day was 260 lbs. On the morning of my discharge, my nurse mentioned that she knew of several people that had utilized My FitnessPal with success and suggested I check it out. I downloaded the app that day and have been logging in my food, exercise and weight every day. I changed my eating habits to a much healthier diet (no fast foods, no fried foods, cut back on fatty foods, eliminated virtually all sodas, etc.) and do cardio-specific exercises at least 3 times a week. Yesterday was my 6-month anniversary and I have lost exactly 55 pounds. My LDL cholesterol level has dropped from 110 to 55 and I feel better than I have in years! My story is almost exactly like yours Daniel with steady progress and a few pounds each week. I don’t believe I would have achieved this without the assistance of the MyFitnessPal app.

    • Mr. Jingles

      Nice job! Keep up the good work!

    • Daniel Felvus

      Thank you 🙂 good job!

    • Jeannette C Thompkins

      Great job!

  • Nathaniel Gamble

    Awesome! I changed my lifestyle on Sept. 12 of 2016 and lost 55 lbs. by X-mas. I went from 243 to 188. I monitor my weight regularly and I now fluctuate between 187 and 189. I have never felt better! I love reading about other success stories like this! Stick with it brother!

    • Mr. Jingles

      Nice work!

  • TS

    I am 48 and have tried many diet things. I need to lose 150 lbs I walk 8 miles a day on an average. I don’t know all the ropes to eating like I should. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • TS

    Congrats to you all on the weight lose

  • Kevin

    I have lost 78 pounds since mid aug 2016 using my fitness app it really has helped me out

    • Mr. Jingles

      nice work! keep it up!

  • Mr. Jingles

    I lost 100 in my first 6 months…and another 60 in the following 14 months.

    I’ve used MFP every day since I started (609 days and counting!) and I am 100% convinced I wouldn’t not have been able to do it without MFP!

    I’m 42, a month shy of 43, weight less than I did my sophomore year of high school, and I’m wearing clothes (sizes) that I haven’t worn since probably 8th grade! I’m also no longer pre-diabetic, and I’ve been off the blood pressure medicine (for a year now) that I’d been on since my early 20’s. I’m not even borderline high blood pressure anymore, which I was already in 8th grade!

    Roughly 15 more pounds to go and I’ll be at my goal, for a whopping 175 pounds of total loss!. My plan is to hit that by the 2 year anniversary of when I changed my lifestyle to get healthy, but that’s mid June, so realistically, I hope to hit it much sooner than that!

    If you’re just starting out, stick to it, don’t cheat on logging what you eat, and remember to exercise (as you’re able – “even” walking helps), too. If I can do it, you can do it!

    • MsJay52

      I’m so proud of you. Great job

  • Mick

    When weight loss is too dramatic, be sure you’re not losing muscle too. Though it weighs more than fat, you’ll need muscle to not only stay strong and healthy, but to make your body a more efficient fat burning machine in general, even at rest.

    • Mick

      23 lbs loss in 13 months for me. About 1/2 lb per week.

  • Theveens

    But you have dark circles around your eyes. Are you healthy?

    • Daniel Felvus

      Haha I believe I am

  • Vicki Kechekian

    Daniel Felvus, congratulations! It might seem simple, but I do know it’s not. Smart guy, for taking this on so young in life.

  • Daniel Felvus

    Thanks for all the great comments 🙂 it means a lot! This is such a great community! hope everyone’s had a chance to check out the vid too 🙂 it’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever done and I really appreciate anyone giving their time to check out my story 🙂

    • Angelica

      Much better ‘before’

      • Daniel Felvus

        Fair enough 🙂 but not to me, nor my doctors, nor my overall health so I was told, but to each their own 🙂 everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as it’s my body and health, my opinion has to be the one I follow 🙂

        • Phil Bowman

          Very well said

        • Rumproof

          you look great. I am down 55 pounds in 7 months with MFP, and i agree it works. My cholesterol is also down 70 points! So, i am with you 100%.

      • Amy

        How can you say that when you don’t know what his health was like? Really?!

        • Angelica

          Amy, in my opinion Daniel doesn’t look great after losing all that weight and I am not the only one to say that! I am happy he is feeling better now but he looks ill!

      • April666

        I agree with Angelica
        May have lost too much weight ?? Very thin

    • Karen

      Can you tell what kind of scale you used?

      • Karen

        I mean to weigh your food.

  • Sandra Frederick-Harrelson

    Sorry but that pic is sad.. Took a nice well built man and turned him into a chicken little. STOP IT!!! We don’t all have to weight a buck 50! Geez…. I use to model now I have a few extra lbs. I get more respect now.. Sorry ladies. Truth is the truth. I do not want any man I can snap in half! Oh and I am talking about the pic I got in email…

    • Daniel Felvus

      I appreciate your honesty but I think the picture may be misleading about my build. I’ve never had any real muscle mass, if that pic makes me look like I did, it’d sadly be wrong 🙁 the truth is my doctors diagnosed me as clinically obese and in danger of heart disease among other things. Plus when my top was off, it was not muscle and I didn’t feel comfortable in myself. Now I honestly feel much better and I’m in less danger of health issues in the future, and that’s the most important thing 🙂 gaining muscle is now my next task, but I now know I can do this and feel healthy whilst I do 🙂 here’s another picture that may highlight my body before and after from a different angle 🙂


  • Elizabeth St. Laurent Monge

    How often did you worked out?

  • Judith Bernal

    Thank you for sharing your story this is just what I needed to see. I was beating my self up for only losing 2.5 lbs in the last week but seeing this made me realize that seemingly “slow” progress is still progress. Your story made me realize I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. Congrats, your hard work and dedication is paying off keep up the good work!

    • Elizabeth Hohenstein-Knight

      2.5 lbs a week is huge! I’m 22 lbs down in 2 months which is 2-3 lbs a week but I’m losing 100+ lbs and my target is 2 lbs a week and anything more than 1 makes me happy. You’re doing great! Keep up the good work!

      • Judith Bernal

        Thank you! You know I would prefer not to focus on “weight loss” itself mainly because I hate the scale and I think losing body fat [percentage] should really be the goal. But since I am on a new regimen I’m required to weigh myself each week. Thank you for sharing your weight loss journey so far you’re definitely on the right track, and now I know so am I yay!

  • Ragen Harding Farkh

    That is awesome! Just read your story this morning. I have been on and off my fitness pal-never truly sticking with it. You are an inspiration! I’m working on 50+ pounds. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fitness pal is such a great tool, and FREE! I hope that this time I can be more committed and get real results.

  • JofJLTNCB6

    Damn, Daniel!

  • Brian McNail

    Problem with this I have is it tells me to lose the weight I need to consume 2400 calories a day and I just flat out dont want to eat that much food.

  • Kelly Bryan

    Lost 88 lbs in 7 months. 20 lbs to go! I feel so much better.