Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

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Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

mfp ROD button finalCookies for breakfast? Why yes! These Chia Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies from Eating Bird Food are packed with hearty and healthy ingredients that will keep you feeling full all morning. They’re also made without any added sugar, dairy or eggs.


EBF---Brittany-MullinsBrittany Mullins is a health coach, certified NASM personal trainer and author of the blog, Eating Bird Food. Check out her blog or follow her on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram for delicious recipes, workouts and tips for living a balanced, healthy life.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Mullins. Original recipe published on Eating Bird Food.


  • Jessie01

    When you say “old fashioned oats” do you mean steel cut oats?

    • Becka

      No, old-fashioned oats are just regular 5-minute rolled oats.

  • mtmomof5

    Old Fashioned Oats are rolled oats. They are thicker than the instant oats. Steel cut oats is the grain all chopped up into bits.

  • karcoco

    Can you substitute the bananas With something? I have a strong aversion to the taste or smell of Bananas

    • RW

      I’m allergic to bananas, so I’d like a dub for them too please!

    • sarah

      what about using applesause in place of bananas?

    • Sunny

      A friend has used cooked winter squash

      • Teri

        Could you use canned pumpkin and how much to make up for bananas

  • Leslie Bennett

    Can I use regular milk and peanut butter???

    • Erica Nicole Vasquez

      Yes to both.

  • alicia

    What is a substitute for dates?

    • Erica Nicole Vasquez

      You can used any dried fruit. Cranberries, cherries, raisins. Whatever you like.

  • Julie

    How about a sub for coconut?

    • Faye

      Yes Please!! Are they included for sweetness, structure or both ?

  • Lavender

    “These Chi Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies from Eating Bird Food are
    packed with hearty and healthy ingredients that will keep you feeling
    full all morning.”

    Serving Size: 1 cookie

  • Sabine Stroehm

    These look great, thanks!

  • Elle

    With only two grams each of protein and fiber, how anyone could say these would keep you feeling full for even an hour is beyond me. This sounds more like something to serve after a meal like a dessert, not as part of a main meal (or even instead of breakfast, as the intro implies)!

    • Eric

      I think the idea is to eat a few of them as a meal. Eating 5 of these gives you 10g of both Protein and Fiber for under 400 calories.

      • Ada

        But it does say “serving size – 1 cookie” I think I’d need more than 79 cals to keep me going till lunch.

        • Eric

          Then eat more than 1, duh.

          • Ada

            “Duh?” It is possible to comment without being rude Eric, for an example, see my comment.
            Alternatively the recipe could say serving size = 5 cookies, lets face it MFP users can get pretty hardcore about their ‘diet’ and I could see some eating 1 due to the serving size recommendation.

          • Eric

            I found ur comment condescending, as if I can’t read that it says “serving size 1 cookie”. I clearly saw that, just like you should have clearly saw “Cookie(S) for Breakfast”. Maybe u weren’t being condescending, but if u were or were not, its does not justify me being rude, so I apologize to you.

          • Ada

            I was not being condescending and appreciate your apology. Peace.

        • Shiva

          It also says “cookies for breakfast,” not “cookie for breakfast.”

      • JofJLTNCB6

        Five of these “cookies” as a meal?!?


        That sounds horrifying.

        • Eric


          • JofJLTNCB6

            Because the thought of eating 5 of these things as a meal sounds horrifying *to me*, that’s why.

    • clubbingabroad

      Just add a few scoops of protein powder, thats what I did.

      • Kzred

        What kind of protein powder do you use?

        • clubbingabroad

          I just used two scoops of whey protein (UK brand called myprotein)

  • April T

    I’m going to make these tomorrow and sub the dates for cranberries or raisins ….we’ll see I’m hoping I love them 🙂

  • Rabbit

    Is there anything I can use to sub for bananas? I’m allergic 🙁

    • Josh

      apple sauce

  • Alex John

    As much as the food looks yammy I feel it will help if the ingredients required are easily found in shops like ‘creamy almond butter’ where the hell can I get that from?it would help if you suggest alternatives that as is. And really does bed all those ingredients to have a healthy Oats cookies?

    • SBW

      I see Almond butter everywhere. I am sure you could use peanut butter though.

    • Jon

      Jiff makes almond butter, right beside the peanut butter.

    • Ams

      Any grocery store sells almond butter next to the peanut butter.

  • RubiWax

    Eat several of them. What is it with you fitness pal people that you must trash every article on here? Jesus, one serving size is obviously not a meal so eat as many as you think you need… Use your freaking brain for yourselves instead of arting your worthless two cents all over the web? Just a thought. Or add something with the cookie. Eat a banana or yogurt or have a small smoothie with it. Listen to your body and use your critical thinking skills… Or do you need an article to tell you how to do that for you to nitpick at first?

    Again, good article, great idea… Gotta pick up chia seeds but otherwise I’m ready to make these! 🙂

    • JofJLTNCB6

      You sound angry.

      Are you hungry?

      Here…have a chia oatmeal banana squished round thing. It’s only 79 calories and soooooo filling.

    • Dr. Whom

      Don’t be a jackass. You can disagree or comment without sounding like you were born in a sewer.

  • Cheryl

    I can’t wait to try these! They have everything I love packed into a sweet package. Love the chia seeds – I wouldn’t have thought to do that. Brilliant!

  • Whaea_Deni

    What is a substitute for the almond milk – not an ingredient that I keep in my pantry ?? maybe coconut milk??

    • Josh

      cows milk.

  • SeasideGal

    Great recipe! What’s the best way to store these cookies? Outside or inside the fridge? Thanks again for sharing this great cookie!!


    Eat 4 , 5, 6, or how many of these cookies that you like for breakfast. My biggest objection is that you used the name of God’s Son, Jesus in a manner that is not praiseworthy to Him. We will all be accountable to God someday for the words we have spoken! Please think before you speak! It will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mac

      Your god ma’am

  • Lois Masse

    I haven’t tried these cookies, they may be filling, they may not be. They might be worth a try.
    What I do object to is using the name of God’s Son, Jesus, in a way that is not praise worthy to Him!
    The comment below has a lot of good points in it, one being, listen to your body! Our bodies do tell us a lot , if we choose to listen.

  • Terri Barnum

    These sound delicious, but I’ve never used Chia seeds. I’ve got everything else the recipe calls for. Do I NEED to use the Chia seeds for this recipe to turn out?

    • RP

      I haven’t made this recipe, but Chia seeds make an egg white consistency when left to sit in liquid, so they take the place of eggs.

      • Terri Barnum

        Ok. Thanks RP. That’s helpful. Guess I’ll be getting some chia seeds.

  • gril lucas

    Really cool going to try them!

  • mom6mn

    Is there a way on MFP that I can favorite recipes, exercises, or blog entries for easy access later?? I see I am given the option to print, but would rather go paperless.

    • Ams

      You can copy and paste url into recipe builder and you can save it OR there is a button that says log it – click on it.

  • ScarletFire

    These sound amazing. Can’t wait to try them. Never head of Chia before though – hope I can find some in my local shops. Thanks

    • Ams

      They are everywhere these days – Ralph’s, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Whole Foods, 99 cent store.

      • ScarletFire

        I’m in the UK. I saw some in Sainsburys actually but they were really, really expensive!

        • Ams

          Yeah, I saw them at the .99 cent store along with hemp seeds. At our store called Sprouts they sell them in the bulk section and you can get as much or as little as you like. How much is shipping something to UK? I could send some to you! Did you check online?

  • Bobbi

    I have an allergy to coconut what can i use to replace the coconut on recipes?

  • LilBird01

    Hi Brittany, thanks for the recipe!

  • Susan Jensen

    These are absolutely delicious! I just pop one in in-between meals to satisfy a snack craving. They’re so low calorie and healthy. I love ’em. I’ve just made my second batch!! <3