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What Are the Healthiest Coffee Creamers?

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If you’re among the millions of Americans who enjoy a creamy texture and hint of flavor in your morning brew, you’re probably constantly looking for the best healthy coffee creamers. But since many options come with high sugar content, enjoying your morning routine without unnecessary calories affecting your health goals can be challenging.

The good news? There are plenty of healthy creamer options to choose from. Today, we’re providing our top picks for the best alternatives to replace traditional coffee creamers and preserve the sanctity of your daily coffee ritual.

For a true enthusiast, the best coffee creamer isn’t just low in fat and sugar; it also has high-quality ingredients and natural flavors that make no concessions on taste.

Although there are many healthy options available, we’ve scoured the shelves and consulted with registered dietitian Katherine Basbaum compile a list of the healthiest coffee creamers in three categories: healthiest powdered coffee creamers, dairy creamers, and plant-based creamers.

What are our top picks for the healthiest powdered coffee creamers?

Four Sigmatic’s non-dairy Think Creamer, vanilla coconut

As far as powdered, non-dairy coffee creamers go, they don’t get much healthier than the Think Creamer from Four Sigmatic. With only 15 calories per serving and no added sugars, consider switching to this healthiest coffee creamer for weight loss. You won’t believe how rich and flavorful your coffee gets with less than a teaspoon!

This unique coffee creamer even has added benefits. The creamy powder is infused with organic lion’s mane, which can positively affect your mental focus, such as enhancing memory function. This organic option also uses tea extract (L-Theanine), and according to Basbaum, “L-Theanine can offer sustained energy and promote mental health.”

Nutritional content per suggested serving (1 tbsp):

  • 50 calories
  • 3 g carbs
  • 4 g fat
  • 1 g sugar
  • 0 mg sodium
  • 0 g protein

Prymal Creamer, cinnamon dolce

Imagine a morning latte that’s just as delicious as your favorite big brand cinnamon dulce but with zero grams of sugar instead of 20? That’s what you get with Prymal. With a wide selection including Salted Caramel, French Vanilla, and Butter Pecan, all of Prymal’s powdered coffee creamers are completely sugar-free with no artificial flavors.

Our pick, Cinnamon Dolce, uses only natural, plant-based ingredients such as monk fruit and stevia for an authentic cinnamon and brown sugar taste. The natural coffee creamer also includes coconut oil, erythritol, and chicory root extract. Basbaum says, “Since there’s no added glucose, it’s a great option for those on keto diets or anyone who wants to reap the benefits of cutting back on sugar.”

Nutritional content per suggested serving (4 tsp):

  • 45 calories
  • 5 g carbs
  • 4 g fat
  • 40 mg sodium
  • 0 g sugar

What is our top pick for the healthiest dairy creamer?

Chobani® dairy coffee creamer, sweet cream

For anyone who wants a low-fat creamer made from real dairy products, the Chobani® line line is perfect for you.

Using only four ingredients — real milk, natural cream, cane sugar, and natural flavors — these creamers contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, emulsifiers, or carrageenans. With nine varieties, Chobani® creamers are ideal for coffee enthusiasts who don’t mind a dash of extra sweetness in their morning brew.

Nutritional content per suggested serving (1 tbsp):

  • 35 calories
  • 5 g carbs
  • 1.5 g fat
  • 5 mg cholesterol
  • 5 g sugar
  • 10 mg sodium

What are our top picks for the best healthy plant-based creamers?

So Delicious dairy-free organic coconut creamer, french vanilla

When it comes to milk alternatives, this organic coconut creamer with 30 calories per serving and only 1 gram of fat stands out.

Vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free, this healthy creamer for coffee from So Delicious uses organic ingredients for a rich, creamy texture with just the right amount of natural sweetness. With no added oils and non-GMO project certification, French Vanilla is one of the healthiest plant-based coffee creamers you can buy.

Nutritional content per suggested serving (1 tbsp):

  • 30 calories
  • 4 g carbs
  • 1 g fat
  • 15 mg sodium
  • 4 g sugar
  • 0 g protein

Elmhurst almond milk, Barista Edition

There’s a reason this almond milk from Elmhurst is called the Barista Edition — the quality is that good. Dairy-free with no oils, gums, fillers, emulsifiers, or preservatives, this special edition almond milk uses the patented HydroRelease™ method to preserve nutritional density and integrity.

The result? A silky smooth milk ideal for steaming and foaming. Basbaum adds, “With the benefits of switching to plant-based milk beginning to pile up, this Kosher, gluten-free option is ideal if you take your coffee without sugar.”

Nutritional content per suggested serving (240 ml):

  • 90 calories
  • 10 g carbs
  • 4.5 g fat
  • 5 g sugar
  • 3 g protein
  • 85 mg sodium
  • 32 mg calcium
  • 584 mg potassium

Is Natural Bliss® creamer healthy?

Yes! Although it didn’t make our list, Nestle’s Natural Bliss® coffee creamer  is another healthy option. Made with natural cream and no artificial flavors, it contains only 35 calories per serving and is a great choice for your morning coffee.

What are some coffee creamers without oil?

Many healthy coffee creamers have no added oils or gums. Three of the brands on our list — Elmhurst, So Delicious, and Chobani® — fall into that category. Two other options include nutpods‘ dairy-free creamer and this pistachio crème oat creamer from Elmhurst.

Is almond creamer healthy?

It can be, but not every brand is. Some almond creamer brands contain additives such as high fructose corn syrup, affecting overall health. So remember to read the ingredient list and check for added sweeteners before switching brands.

Want to learn more nutrition information about your coffee drink of choice and other favorite foods? MyFitnessPal provides straightforward nutritional information, making it easier to make smart food choices and support your health goals.

Whether you’re counting every macro or want to discover other healthy alternatives, download the app and join almost 1 millions users each year who achieve their health goals.

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