Weight Loss 101: What’s Actually Happening Inside You? [Infographic]

Megan Meyer, PhD
by Megan Meyer, PhD
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Weight Loss 101: What’s Actually Happening Inside You? [Infographic]

You know the math when it comes to losing weight: Eat smarter and exercise. What you don’t need is fad diets or get-thin-quick schemes. It’s all about data — and if you’re logging in MyFitnessPal, a little scientific knowledge helps you understand what’s going on inside you. That’s what we’re here to provide: a comprehensive look at what happens in your body when you’re looking to lose weight.

It all starts with calories, the basic unit in foods and beverages that provides your body with energy. All calories are the same: 150 calories from a cookie or Greek yogurt is still 150 units the body converts to energy. But how many you can handle is unique to your body: Your calorie budget depends on a variety of factors, including your physical-activity levels, muscle density and genetics. Now to the science …

About the Author

Megan Meyer, PhD
Megan Meyer, PhD

Megan is a lover of all things science, food, and fitness. A scientist by training (go Tar Heels!), Dr. Meyer has found that being able to communicate the science is just as important as understanding the science. Dr. Meyer has a BS in Biology from Loyola University Maryland as well as a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a regular contributor to sites like US News & World Report and The Huffington Post. In her spare time, she enjoys whipping up fun recipes in the kitchen, exploring new trails, and spending quality time with loved ones. You can follow her on Twitter.


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