The 30-Day Walking Challenge

Leslie Sansone
by Leslie Sansone
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The 30-Day Walking Challenge

What is it about fitness walking that makes it more “successful” than other exercise? Part of it is the simplicity. By putting one foot in front of the other, you can not only walk off weight, but also dramatically reduce your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, depression, osteoporosis, diabetes, high cholesterol, and help clear artery-clogging plaque … Are you walking yet? You don’t need trendy classes, expensive gyms and crazy fitness gadgets. What you need is a simple routine that you can build on, week by week, to make you stronger and fitter at a pace that you can manage.

I’ve got the plan for you—no matter what fitness level you are at right now, you can zap calories, up your energy, and start to view fitness walking as a joyful habit! Join me on a 30-day walk challenge to reach 10,000 steps by the end of the month. Day by day during the first week, you’ll start to feel stronger. Over the next couple of weeks, the walks will begin to seem easier. By the end of a month, you’ll not only notice shifts in the way your body feels, but also a difference in your mindset.

Along with the triumph of meeting the challenge, you’ll have established a daily habit of fitness, which is no doubt the most important result. And exercise will become something that you don’t want to go without. It’s life-changing!

beginner walk plan

If you like to let the music move you, try the first five minutes of my “Just Walk: Walk to the Hits: Party Songs” DVD and just keep adding minutes as you progress!

intermediate training plan

If you decide to break up your steps into several 10-minute walks throughout the day, my “Just Walk: Mix & Match Walk Blasters” DVDs gives you 10 different mini-walk options.

advanced training plan

A 5-mile fitness walk is 10,000 steps. You can do it all at once or break it up throughout the day … how about two 30-minute walks? Or four 15-minute walks? These can easily fit into your schedule. My newest DVD, “Just Walk: Walk Off Fat Fast” lets you choose the 20-, 30- and even 40-minute walk to fit into your day.

walking challenge steps metrics sidebar

strength training challenge

Taking the challenge and want some support from other MyFitnessPal members who have vowed to be able to walk 10,000 steps by day 30? Join our group forum to talk about your experiences, ask your questions, or show a fellow MFPer some love!

Infographics designed by Tierra Wilson.

About the Author

Leslie Sansone
Leslie Sansone

Leslie Sansone is America’s number-one walk expert and creator of the Walk at Home program. She believes that our bodies were made to move, and we can walk our way to health and wellness. She contributes her time, expertise and financial support to health organizations including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Diabetic Association and Muscular Dystrophy Association. She was inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame in 2014.


320 responses to “The 30-Day Walking Challenge”

  1. Avatar Gina says:

    Love walking!

  2. Avatar owesomegirl says:

    I am in

  3. Avatar 702ST says:

    My Fitbit and I are in!

  4. Avatar Becky says:

    Will do my best!! 🙂

  5. Avatar Heather Nugent says:

    I am in, is there a way to sign up, or is this on your own ?

  6. Avatar Shantel says:

    I’m down for the challenge!!

  7. Avatar Ingrid Correa says:

    I’m in

  8. Avatar WalkCrazy says:

    I have several of the Walk DVD’s and they say they are all 1 mile / ten minute mile. Now this article is saying ten minutes is only 1000 steps and 2000 steps is a mile. Don’t add up.

    • Avatar CaramelKurly says:

      I wear my pedometer when I do walking videos that way I know exactly what I am getting and Leslie’s videos are right on.

      • Avatar Dana Nation says:

        Your pedometer will not be fully accurate with Walk at home workouts. This is because Leslie incorporates other moves with the walking that don’t register on the pedometer. There is more information on her website regarding the use of pedometers with her workouts.

    • Avatar Miss G says:

      I have several of her DVDs and for most of them the pace is about an average of 4 miles per hour or a 15 minute mile. A mile is generally considered to be 2000 steps, so that would be about 1000 steps every 7 1/2 minutes. Some of the advanced DVDs are 12 minute miles.

  9. Avatar Frances Troesch says:

    i’m in it!!!

  10. Avatar CaramelKurly says:

    I love Leslie Sandstone’s Walk at home dvd’s. Helps me break up my routine and it’s great when I don’t have time for a full hour workout.

  11. Avatar Linda Taylor says:

    I am so in! When should we do the strength workout? Daily or three times a week?

  12. Avatar Raymon Bessix says:

    I’m in! Starting with the ‘off the couch’!

  13. Avatar Joyce says:

    I’m In

  14. Avatar Rany says:

    I am in it !!

  15. Avatar nicolla says:

    Im in definately git my fitbit monitoring me already x

  16. Avatar Kalyn Sherman Thomas says:

    I’m in!!

  17. Avatar Linda says:

    I am in

  18. Avatar Mary Ann Lowry says:

    Count me in!

  19. Avatar Joan O'Donnell says:

    I am so in

  20. Avatar Tiana Smith says:

    I am in! I love walk away the pounds!

  21. Avatar gperry says:

    Me, my feet and my fitbit are in! Good luck to all!

  22. Avatar Teressa M. Stratton McKenzie says:

    Me and My Garmin Bit are ready to walk. I love Leslie Sansone’s Walk a Way tapes

  23. Avatar Lisa Rowlis says:

    What a great easy way to get started with a new habit! I just had to share this on my Facebook page.

  24. Avatar Claire says:

    Count me and my steps in

  25. Avatar pam says:

    Count me in I have done 10000 so far

  26. Avatar Monica Mclaughlin says:

    I’m in.

  27. Avatar ambz says:


  28. Avatar Donna Domanich says:

    I’m in too….going to be a day behind so I’ll try to make it up during the month!!

  29. Avatar Asmira Basic says:

    Count me in with 10,000 or more steps a day.

  30. Avatar Annie says:

    Count me in for 10,000 steps

  31. Avatar Shauny says:

    I currently have been doing Leslie’s 3 mile walk videos from YouTube. Unfortunately my phone doesn’t count my steps :(. Saving up for a FitBit.

    • Avatar Sarsh says:

      Shauny, if u walk 4for 5 min then that’s abt 500 steps. Just walk for 20 minutes and u reached the beginner goal. Just use a cheap kitchen timer. Set it for the amt of time u can do and start walking.

    • Avatar Oldladyhick1970 says:

      Try Accupedo on your phone. I use it as my pedometer. Accupedo syncs with MyFitnessPal, counts steps, tells you how fast you are walking or running, how many calories burned, and how many miles walked or run per day.

  32. Avatar dee says:

    i’m in

  33. Avatar Mary says:

    I have been walking for 7mos I hit my goal do I take it up from 10,000 Steps a day I hit a 300 mile milestone today.

  34. Avatar naydiop1 says:

    I’m in too let’s do it 🙂

  35. Avatar teamkjay says:

    I will start tomorrow and make the day up. I just saw this after I logged my zumba time

  36. Avatar Amber Nicole Martinez says:

    Let’s get it!

  37. Avatar niecey says:

    So ready!!! Im in.

  38. Avatar Tiffany Adams says:

    Perfect! Just what I need after Bariatric surgery to get my but in gear!

  39. Avatar Dorina says:

    I am in

  40. Avatar Nova Houghton Hodges says:

    I’m in!

  41. Avatar Mizz Teeba says:

    I am in so ready? Started today

  42. Avatar Donna M says:

    new to fitness been with trainer for a month went today for 3 hours broke up the day will be incentive to do I’m in !!!

  43. Avatar Jennifer Lee Tipton says:

    Is there a group to join on myfitnesspal?

  44. Avatar SarahCB1208 says:

    I’m in. I won’t be doing the strength stuff, because I’m doing 30 Day Beginner Shred by Jillian. I also won’t really be doing the breaks for the 10k a day either, because that screws with my averages on FitBit, LOL

    • Avatar BernieK says:

      I’ll give it a shot. The weather here is not great to walk outdoors very much yet but I can do something inside. I’m doing my own workout routine which already incorporates these exercises at these levels or higher.

      • Avatar DianeE says:

        For your weather concerns–I’ve found using the local mall for walking is beneficial. It gives you an extended flat surface, an air conditioned environment, and bathroom stops!

  45. Avatar Tammy says:

    I’m in

  46. Avatar debulaclark says:

    I’m in and done for the day!

  47. Avatar Rude_gurlJ says:

    Let’s get to walking & moving!

  48. Avatar nette says:

    I’m in I will start tomorrow.

  49. Avatar Katie Claffey-Dziedzic says:

    Is this automatic on my fitness pal or do I need to sign up? I’m already doing 10,000 steps a day plus with my Vivofit.

  50. Avatar Susher71 says:

    I’m in! I need this challenge. Every since my best friend past I’ve given up on getting healthy.

  51. Avatar Mable Waldrop says:

    Count me in. Ready for the challenge.

  52. Avatar clj810 says:

    I’m in!

  53. Avatar Astrid Conway Quander says:

    On board

  54. Avatar Ehsan Davoodi says:

    Yes, me too, but it is too hard

  55. Avatar Libby says:

    I am in!! Won’t be able to do planks or squats as recovering from knee surgery but able to walk so I am definitely in!!

  56. Avatar Yoopermom says:

    I am in.. I LOVE Leslie Sansone walk videos…. I have a few!!!

  57. Avatar gale says:

    Im in 🙂

  58. Avatar debbyoz says:

    I’m in

  59. Avatar MatthewLfunk says:

    I’m in

  60. Avatar Brenda Edick says:

    im in

  61. Avatar Wise Penguin says:

    Looks Good

  62. Avatar Midwestgal says:

    Looks like fun!

  63. Avatar Forevery says:

    I’m in – have been struggling to meet my Fitbit goal of 8000 steps per day. This will spur me on

  64. Avatar Costello521 says:

    I am in but is this a group that we can see how we are all doing?

    • Avatar Pegjens says:

      Tag me if you get a reply to this please. I would also like to have the motivation of other teammates.

  65. Avatar mmb33 says:

    I will give it a go.

  66. Avatar MIMI says:

    I’m in , even though I am a day late!!!

  67. Avatar Beca says:

    Count me in! Already do close to 10,000 steps a day due to my weight loss program, but will def add the other stuff! Yay! Let’s get fit and loose the weight!

  68. Avatar Jennifer D Williams-Hall says:

    I’m in!! I love walking

  69. Avatar April Jones says:

    I am in!

  70. Avatar Rebecca Bollinger says:

    Just bought one of her DVDs. I’m in!

  71. Avatar CJ says:

    Im in. Anyone want to do Fitbit Friends Challenge also?

  72. Avatar Gayemarie says:

    I’m in ~ will start tomorrow.

  73. Avatar Carol Randall says:

    I never do excerise, but the weight is getting out of control, I’m an asthmatic stupidly over weight, 5ft 1in 45 years old, I’m going to do this, any tips would be really great thanks x

    • Avatar Linz says:

      Hi Carol, kind of similar to you but not asthmatic. I’m 5’3 and 47, not done any exercise in years and also piled on the weight. I started using my fitness pal together with run keeper about a month ago and I’ve been finding they really help to stay motivated. Also if you can find someone to walk with you. I always walk more when I’m with a friend. Most important, don’t give in! You can do it! Good luck x

    • Avatar Suzq says:

      Same as you in height, age and asthma. I think this would be a great program to start.

    • Avatar GGG says:

      Look up “Hungry Girl”. She has tons of free recipes and tips online. She also advocates “Housewalking”. Simply put, you walk around your house for exercise. It’s a great place to start. Good Luck!! 🙂

  74. Avatar Carole says:

    I’m in! I love her 5 Mega Mile video!! Perfect for winter in Chicago!! And incorporates strength, toning and abs!

  75. Avatar Pegjens says:

    I’m in! If I can figure out this blog thing!?

  76. Avatar Vickie says:

    I’ve just completed 30 day challenge last month. Love it so much I started it again this week.

  77. Avatar 2penny2 says:

    I’m in as well, I need all the motivation I can get…

  78. Avatar Mac says:

    I’m in and I hope my FitBit tracks correctly! I need the motivation:)

  79. Avatar Bev says:

    I will do it. Motivation!

  80. Avatar Laurie says:

    I haven’t missed a day of working since Jan. 1, and I always average 10,000 steps a day now. Absolutely LOVE my pedometer, and it was only 8 bucks (Omron brand). I also cut out refined sugar and flour, and have lost 26 lbs. in 13 weeks. It works!

  81. Avatar Patti Alloway says:

    O yelI’m willing to try this

  82. Avatar Carol Randall says:

    Just walked 1834 steps, instead of getting on the bus at my usual stop, I walked passed 7 bus stops (and it’s drizzling with rain), so gonna get off the bus tonight and walk 7 stops before my usual stop 🙂

  83. Avatar Donna Clifton says:

    I just got my fitbit and started walking about two weeks ago. I am in. I would love to be fitbit friends.

  84. Avatar mountainbikegirl says:

    Can anyone tell me how many miles 10,000 steps is? Thanks!

  85. Avatar Grannyjeanne says:

    Starting the 30 Day Walking Challenge today…at intermediate level……

  86. Avatar Kimberly Hennessy says:

    I absolutely LOVE her!! She has great dvd’s. They are do-able for people with arthritis and get the job done. She is fun and gives cues so you can follow along. I have lost almost 30 pounds in my living room with her. 😉

  87. Avatar Clare G says:

    Do you count all the steps you take in a day? For example, walking back and forth in your kitchen when preparing meals or walking to and from the copier at work or to your car in the office parking lot? Does the speed matter?

    • Avatar sharon says:

      Clare G _Every step counts always keep your phone in your pocket .I normally do between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day.Lol I don’t have a car so I have no option but to walk.

  88. Avatar Mary O Driscoll says:

    I will give it a shot too evening brighter now so I will have more time

  89. Avatar Amira says:

    i have app on my phone that’s called and in one day you can do 10000 steps i do it everyday

    • Avatar avid hiker says:

      just so long as those 10,000 steps are above and beyond your normal daily activities……

      • Avatar disqus_eslqC70Xbi says:

        I’m just trying to get more walking in, period. I sit at a desk all day except for breaks and my meal break. I just turned 60 and have also just started working from home. Now I have more time to walk my big dog.

        My question would be why would the 10,000 steps have to be out of my normal daily activities?

  90. Avatar Amira says:

    Well i do work in a restaurant and I’m on my feet for 11 hours i started a month ago i don’t see that i lost much weight?

    • Avatar nitemare2 says:

      No no no Amira your work steps don’t count just ask the experts. And if you say anything they will tell you it’s just an excuse

      • Avatar DarkRose says:

        Dear nitemare2, thats a lie if I ever heard one, I layed around home , was a major couch potato, I worked in the yard 3 or 4 times a weeks. Then I went to work and liturally worked my butt off. I went from 232 pounds to 150 pounds and did not excersise outside of working. Surprisingly enough my job was a cashier. I also helped stock the shelves, which was walking and some weight lifting as well, 50+ pound boxes of soda. So it does work, I have yet to start to excersize outside of my work. Oh yeah, big news I have kept this weight off for two years! So far so good, but I have 20 more pounds to go, to reach my goal. I decided to try something extra! Wish me luck!!!!

    • Avatar melanie says:

      your step count does count while working but it also depends on how many calories you are eating a day, you will be surprised how quickly they add up, before I started using noom app and myfitnesspal I was consuming around 2500 calories a day and even though I was working 9/11 hrs a day most of the time on my feet (I was a cleaner at a holiday resort) so burning a lot of calories but with the amount I was eating what I burned I gained back again, then I started off with noom and within 6 months I was down from 14 stone to 12 stone which was great but I then came down with a rotten cold/cough so lost motivation and was eating comfort food that I have now gained back what I lost, im now even more determined to lose it again and this time keep it off, just have a look at your daily calorie intake and make a few simple changes believe me it works I have always suffered from being over weight ever since I was a teenager and then when I had my kids( I had 3 within 3 yrs) I never got a chance to lose the excess baby weight so was always a struggle for me until I found the apps I now use

    • Avatar Andrea says:

      Diet is a big factor. Its good to be active but without a healthier diet weight loss doesn’t really occur.

  91. Avatar Pam says:

    Count me in, I’m hoping that with help from others, I can get on a better fitness plan. I do have a fitbit and I do try to walk my 10000 steps daily.

  92. Avatar Jeanne says:

    I want to do it but I don’t know what I’m supposed to do to join.

  93. Avatar Helen624 says:

    Hi Everyone. I have been overweight and a yoyo dieter all my life but since May last year, when I joined Weight Watchers, I have lost 72lbs and feel so much better. Hopefully this is the last time I am ever going to have to lose it!!!! I got my Fitbit in February and regularly walk 10,000 steps a day. Am taking part in a 100km (62 miles) walking event from London to Southend (I’m in the UK!) for the British Heart Foundation starting at 8am on 11th July and finishing by 2pm on 12th July so walking through the night. Did a 33 miles training walk last weekend and doing a 25 miler today. Would love to be Fitbit friends with anyone who would like to add me. My email is

  94. Avatar M Alvi says:

    I am averageing 12000 steps a day. I feel great and energetic. I believe in if there is a will there is a way. I believe when it comes to my health I have to be selfish.

  95. Avatar nitemare2 says:

    I want to know when you work 10 hrs and travel time is 2.5 hrs a day you need 8 hrs sleep and time to spend with the kids, fix meals, take care of daily bills, mail etc where do you fit in the time to walk 5 miles? That is my wifes day. Mine for over 30 years as a over the road truck driver I was driving 12-14 hours loading or unloading another 2 hrs, eat a meal, shower, daily paper work, sleep for 6 hrs and start all over again. They make it sound like everyone does a 9-5 and lives 10 mins from work with an hour for lunch. How about some real life figures on where you find the time to walk 5 miles a day.

    • Avatar kat says:

      It’s hard. Walk with the kids to the park? Walk in your break. Only way I can manage it is to get up 30 mins earlier then walk rather than take the car, park at the wrong end of the car park, run up and down stairs a few times etc.

      • Avatar nitemare2 says:

        Walking with the kids is fine on weekends. But walking 55 miles to work isn’t. Our closest store is 7 miles away we live in the country not the city. Truck drivers usually use breaks for potty stops and fuel not for walking. Again all the “experts” don’t live in reality or work a job that does not allow the freedom to just up and walk or long lunches or even breaks that you can just go for a walk. And I think a good nights sleep is also important. So cutting my 6 hrs is not gonna happen

        • Avatar rymarwil says:

          You’re sure making a lot of excuses.

          • Avatar nitemare2 says:

            I’m looking for realistic answers and explaining how my day and my wife’s day are. Not a oh you can do it 5 minutes at a time joke walking from my truck to the potty takes 5 mins and about 100 steps. I don’t stop 100 times a day. What kind of job do you work how many free hrs do you have.

          • Avatar melanie says:

            how about when you stop to go to the potty(as you put it) park a few stops further away from the toilets so you have to walk that little bit further, I know truck drivers are on a tight schedule and parking closer to the toilets is easier but its simple things that can make a big difference, when having lunch if you have sandwiches then walk around your truck while eating them, take a walk around your truck after coming back from the toilets before you jump back in, just a few ideas you can do

          • Avatar nitemare2 says:

            Thanks and most of what you suggest is already being done and most truckstops you grab the first open parking spot you can because they are sometimes congested. Or if it’s at a rest area they are always the farthist away anyway. Lunches are usually eaten while driving because of the tight schedules you mentioned. Good luck in your challenge

          • Avatar ginger says:

            I’m sure you’re trying to be helpful, but it comes across as rather judgmental, rather than supportive. Can you think of any alternatives for a trucker? I’m sure there is are other choices.

        • Avatar Lorie says:

          If you are still a truck driver, I’d be more concerned with exercises that help maintain a healthy back. You might see the biggest difference if you can cut out processed foods. I work nights and I did start going to the gym to walk, and my weight hasn’t changed much these past 4 months and I’m doing it all right. Good Luck with whatever you find that works for you.

  96. Avatar Shelly says:

    I have enrolled to complete a 15 kilometre challenge for charity and want to know how I can increase my walk to a jog with limited impact on my knees? Any ideas??

  97. Avatar awesome walking says:

    Just in case anyone doesn’t think walking will work when added to eating right. Since August, 2014, I have walked almost 500 miles and lost over 50 pounds. On the days I walk – 4 to 6 days a week, I average 11,000 paces. Go for it; you’ll be glad you did!

  98. Avatar Dorothy Bonner says:

    Nitemare2 i am with you every doctor and wheightloss person is telling me im not exercising unless im at a gym. I have alot to do in a day and it includes alot of exercise, i take 8 trips up and down 20 steps cleaning 4-6 times a day grocery shopping cooking and taking care of my sister mom 3 children and husband. My steps are 10000 and higher a day but since it is not at a gym they dont count my daily activitys folding laundry sweeping mopping dishes preparing and vooking food and so i have decided that they will not help me in any way till i ho to a gym dont have time for that i am 291 waring a size 18-20 and they want me to lose 100pounds

    • Avatar rymarwil says:

      Nobody says you’re not exercising if you’re not at a gym. And if they are, you shouldn’t be following their advice at all. You can easily burn calories equivalent to a gym workout at home on your own. Weight loss is as simple as burning more calories than you take in. It matters not at all where you burn those calories. Take the advice of this column and spend more time walking and you’re guaranteed to lose weight (assuming your caloric intake doesn’t increase).

      • Avatar Joni says:

        I agree. Also, knowledge is key. 1) Track your food intake. This will simplify making good food choices. 2) Get moving! Positive movement is always better than no movement. * I started exactly 3 months ago. I’ve lost 25 lbs! Walking Tip: Ear buds and a playlist with fast-paced music to set your pace can take you from sedentary to sexy in no time!

    • Avatar melanie says:

      that’s not right what there telling you, you can lose weight by doing workouts at home it doesn’t have to be in the gym, housework can class as exercise I use the noom app aswell as myfitnesspal and noom actually has housework as an exercise so depending on how physical it is it will tell you how many calories you have burned, you also need to eat correctly try to stick to 1400 calories a day and the weight will soon fall off, good luck in your journey

    • Avatar Susan says:

      I’m diabetic, and exercise is important in controlling blood sugar. I’ve never had a doctor tell me to join a gym. In fact, they have all told me walking is the best exercise. And any ailment I have, including diabetes – they always say, “get some exercise!”

    • Avatar Melissa says:

      The difficult part is watching what you eat and controlling portions. It is easy to blame the issues on others for their lack of understanding, but we have to own the fact that we put too many calories into our bodies and don’t burn enough calories. No amount of exercise/housework or even time at the gym is going to help if the caloric intake is not controlled.

  99. Avatar Sandy Thomson says:

    It would be great if some of the exercise plans could be adapted for the 10% of the population (that’s quite a lot of people!) who have some sort of impairment and are excluded from most of the mainstream exercise regimes. It’s very dispiriting for those of us who can’t walk easily but wish to maintain or improve our levels of fitness.

    • Avatar meg says:

      There are more ways to get fit than just walking, and they are just as effective, or more effective. Counting steps is just a single way to increase fitness, but may not be right for everyone.

      If you have limited mobility, look for seated exercise programs/videos. There are lots on Youtube. You can do strength exercises for upper and lower body with weights or resistance bands.

      Don’t let the emphasis on walking or counting steps discourage you.

    • Avatar Stair Diva says:

      Hi Robin , I agree with you about the difficulty of some of the exercises . A good physical therapist is the person who can identify what exercises would be appropriate for you. You can see a therapist without a prescription from a doctor on a cash basis , or depending on your insurance and state . A lot of folks don’t exercise if they don’t know what to do, or how to do it- a great PT ( physical therapist ) is an excellent choice for that knowledge . See a doctor about your impairments and hopefully you’ll get the best recommendations .

  100. Avatar Kimber says:

    I’m lazy. But I need to do this!

  101. Avatar Gail Caraher says:

    Do I need to buy a thing that counts the steps?

    • Avatar Laura says:

      Most of the smart phone snow have a step counter. I know on my iPhone it’s called “Health” and it is a white box with a pink heart. My boyfriend said his android does the same thing but I’m not sure how. Also, myfitnesspal (an awesome free app) will count your steps for you.

      • Avatar Guest says:

        A good Android app for steps is called UP by Jawbone. I used it before I bought their actual fitness tracker bracelet, UP24.

      • Avatar Joni says:

        A good Android app for steps is called UP by Jawbone. Just carry your phone with you. I used it before I bought their actual fitness tracker bracelet, UP24.

      • Avatar Gail Caraher says:

        how do you get myfitness pal to track your steps?

      • Avatar Erik says:

        The Android version on my Samsung S4 is called S – health. I have fitbit now buti used the other prior and it worked pretty good.

      • Avatar Ced says:

        There’s an app called Google fit for Android. Just make sure to turn on the activity tracker.

  102. Avatar Kathy says:

    I’ve been walking on treadmill, as it’s still a little cold out. How many miles per day would this equal to? I usually do between 2-3 miles at a time.

  103. Avatar Hol says:

    I’m down 30 lbs since Dec. 27, 2014. I stick to 1200 Cals daily, wake up an hour early to take my dog on a 30 minute walk, then play my favorite music via Pandora on my Iphone and dance around the house at night for 30-45 minutes. My kids think I’m weird, but hey, it’s working. (48 year old female). I need to lose 20 more pounds to get to my goal weight, but would be thrilled with 10-15.
    I’m not hungry because I eat high bulk foods like a huge homemade smoothy for breakfast (mostly veggies and water, but a banana, protein powder, chia seeds, gingerroot and frozen berries for flavor), homemade stew/soup for lunch and a ginormous salad for dinner with 1/2 a table spoon of olive oil and some lemon juice for dressing and a low fat protein source for dinner. Yes, it’s boring, but I’m not hungry, the weight is coming off (1-2lbs weekly) and dancing is fun!

  104. Avatar Christin Seegers says:

    I can do an easy 13,000 a day via my work, but it’s not a vigorous walk, so I only burn a minimum of 1,000 calories if that. What helps for me is the added 30 minutes after work on the treadmill. However I have equines deformity in both my feet which gives me plantar fasciitis, something I will never be rid of, forcing me to keep my treadmill at a 0 incline. Which keeps me from burning extra calories. So with the added 30 minutes after work, then a drilling 6 mile walk on 3.7-4.0 speed on my two off days, stretching, planks and using my Perfect Situp. I lose weight. However along with my protein meals and protein drinks, my fat loss is replaced with muscle. I’m not a skinny 31-year-old woman and wear a size 14 at 160 pounds standing 5’7″.

    • Avatar Hope says:

      I get planter fasciitis too however I do not have a deformity that causes it. I have found that if I do deep runner stretches (while barefoot) that stretch my calf muscles (holding for a very long count) gets rid of my pain in just a couple of days and keeps the pain at bay as long as I continue to stretch on a daily basis. When I have active pain I do these Stretches three times a day minimum. I hope this helps you.

      • Avatar Christin Seegers says:

        Oh yeah. When I was given the stretch exercises I was already familiar with the stretches because they are runner stretches. I told that to the nurse and she seemed surprised they were one in the same. So what I had done was incorporated those stretches into my yoga stretches and leg and arm stretches. By doing that, along with my compression sleeve , keeping my skechers which support the arch of my feet, and plantar fasciitis heel inserts in all my shoes I rarely feel pain.
        Thanks for the post, it’s nice to know other people work out still with something like plantar fasciitis.

  105. Avatar Lisa Miller says:

    How do I join this, or do we just to it ourselves?

  106. Avatar Robin says:

    I’m new is there an app for my fitness pal to keep track of your steps, etc?

    • Avatar Stair Diva says:

      Hi Robin. I use map my hike or map my fitness to record my workouts . I also wear Garmin’s Vivofit to track my daily steps and miles . I decided on Vivofit over Fitbit and others because Vivofit has a changeable battery ( like a watch – good for a year …) instead of having to charge it like a phone . Mine has been going for 10 months and I wear it everyday .
      The map my hike / fitness apps record on to my phone , and the Garmin Vivofit has a “connect app” that syncs to my phone and computer . Makes it really easy, consistent and fun .

  107. Avatar Josephine Douglas-Paige says:

    Thanks I’ll start today!

  108. Avatar Larry says:

    It’s great to walk I been walking for ladt 12 months and lost 82 lbs. full speed ahead !!

  109. Avatar Signchrist says:

    Ever since I got my vivosmart, I can’t stop walking. It is such a motivation to keep moving.

  110. Avatar Regina Harmon says:

    I work in a nursing home everyday so I am busy walking the time that I get there until the time I leave. When I get home, I then walk on the treadmill for about 30 minutes more.

  111. Avatar Priscilla Powell says:

    I’m in. I’m 250 lbs and I enjoy walking and have a desire to run however my ankles seem to be weak. What can I do ease the pain so I can walk faster & longer? That’s a lot of weight on my poor ankles so I do understand they are not happy with all the pressure they have to deal on a daily basis …lol
    Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks 🙂

    • Avatar Ally says:

      Hey Priscilla! Try stretching really well before heading out for a walk. This is a great start to any type of workout. You should stretch your spine upwards by reaching as high as you can, arms up, tip toes….then leaning back a touch, side to side and forward bend. To focus on your legs and ankles, stretch thighs, calves and ankles really well before heading out and be sure that you have the proper shoes and supports for your feet. Using the Dr. Scholls foot mapping machine found in some pharmacies is an excellent way to find out what kind of orthotics are best for your feet and really helped me with my flat feet! Just google Dr. Scholls footmapping machine….you’ll find one!

      • Avatar Priscilla Powell says:

        Thanks for your reply Ally. The stretching Im aware of, however checking out those shoes is a great idea. The arch in my feet are very high so I believe that would really help out a lot. Thanks so much!

    • Avatar Alie says:

      Hi Priscilla! I started at 263 and am down 20lb so far. I find it’s really important to have good shoes. My feet are wide, so I go with New Balance because they’re available in extra wide widths. Not cheap, but worth every penny!

      • Avatar Priscilla Powell says:

        Wide feet is something I have as well. Thanks for letting me know. And Congratulations on your accomplishments Alie! Great Job & Keep It Up! My email address is in the top post please feel free to keep in touch. I would love to connect with like-minded individuals on this journey with me.

    • Avatar Kendra says:

      Hey Priscilla, I’m about 275. I found a running shoe store in my city. They watch how you walk and recommend a shoe for you. Shoes were pricey, I think $150, but I did notice a decrease in ankle and knee pain after breaking them in. Def worth the investment! I haven’t started the walk challenge yet. I’m hesitant as doctors don’t want me walking unless I’m in water. Not something I can do on a regular basis. I have artifical hips and need both knees replaced. So walking is difficult and painful.
      Good luck with the Challenge!

  112. Avatar Jack Windham says:

    This is neat, but how about a version you can actually print out and not have to revert to the online copy every time?

  113. Avatar Levityball says:

    Hi, I have over 7,000 steps yesterday, but my mileage only says 1.98 miles. Any idea what’s going on here? Does anyone know if I don’t have something calibrated right? It says on the article 2,000 steps is approx. 1 mile, so shouldn’t mine say 3-plus miles?

    • Avatar Cindy says:

      The average person’s stride length is approximately 2.5 feet long. That means it takes just over 2,000 steps to walk one mile, and 10,000 steps is close to 5 miles. It really depends on your stride. For me about 2600 steps is a mile.

      • Avatar Levityball says:

        Wow, that seems like a lot! But I just looked it up and you’re right–I found 2.5 avg for men, 2.2 for women. And also discovered I have been measuring my steps wrong. Duh! Thank you! I will remeasure using a few methods to try for the most accurate setting.

  114. Avatar Tnsmith says:

    I’m in, started yesterday. I have a lot of weight to lose and I have a serious medical condition but I’m gonna give it my best shot. If I succeed this I would love to try the jog challenges well. Wish me luck.

  115. Avatar Katt Vani says:

    This looks fun, why not? If walking this much (plus good food habits) can help me loose weight I’ll give it a go. (because being 200lbs at 14 years is not fun)

    Wish me luck!

  116. Avatar Melika says:

    I’m having difficulty walking more than 10-min due to pain in left knee. Any suggestions on what to do to help this. Walking multiple times a day is not always an option.

    • Avatar Sally says:

      Walk in a pool. In water, a person weighs about 10 lbs. The rest of the weight floats. So exercise in a pool is easier on joints. If you see a physical therapist, you can learn knee strengthening exercises so you can walk again easily.

    • Avatar Stair diva says:

      Pain in the knee should be evaluated by an orthopedic
      MD – knowledge is power . Sally below is partly correct – first, you need a diagnosis which the MD specializing in bones: joints can determine . The physical therapist is the second component for correct exercises .

    • Avatar Candy says:

      I have bad hips, so I’m using a stationary bike instead – I biked 5 miles every day last week, this week I’ve started with 10 miles a day, week after 15 miles a day and last week of the month 20 miles a day at a moderate pace. The bike stops the majority of the pain (which I have had evaluated by my doctor). I say doctor’s office first to get the diagnosis and while you’re there, ask what you can do without exacerbating the injury!

  117. Avatar Rebecca Richards says:

    OK, starting today! Trying to make goal with WW and hit a plateau! Have about 5 pounds to go!

  118. Avatar Ann says:

    I am taking the challenge.

  119. Avatar Pat says:

    I’m joining the walk challenge today.
    Wish me luck.

    • Avatar Linda says:

      I st­arted fr­eel­anci­ng f­rom ho­me, by worki­ng various bas­ic jobs that only requir­ed a compu­ter an­d int­ernet acc­ess a­nd it’s been a life sa­ver for m­e… Af­ter six mon­ths o­n th­is jo­b a­nd i ha­d pr­ofit so fa­r in tot­al $­36,00­0… Ba­sic­ly i ea­rn 80 doll­ars eve­ry h­our an­d w­ork f­or 3 to 4 h dai­ly.An­d awe­some thin­g abou­t t­his jo­b is tha­t you ca­n deci­de whe­n to work your­self an­d for h­ow lon­g an­d you ge­t pai­d weekly

    • Avatar kim says:

      How do we join the challenge? I have several people on Facebook who are interested. I have no idea what to tell them lol.

  120. Avatar Ang13 says:

    I will do my best to defeat the inner lazy bitch in me

  121. Avatar hanalei says:

    I have never joined a discussion group before but the support and helpful advice I see hear has led me to join this one. I am 67 years old with bad knees and, since my husband’s death, I have allowed myself to become very obese. I am determined to change that this year. I have a “Fitbit” and am very excited about joining this challenge. I wish everyone here good luck on their journey.

  122. Avatar Maria Almeida says:

    I have gone from 239 to 244 what am I doing wrong

    • Avatar Joe Wade says:

      I’ve been there and it’s frustrating. (Why am I putting out all this effort if I’m gaining weight?) But you can’t always go by the numbers on the scale. If you’re doing much more walking, assuming you’re not increasing your calories too much, then you could be increasing / toning muscle mass. Muscle weighs more than fat. At times like this, look to your clothes. Do they fit you better? Looser?

    • Avatar Evie says:

      70% of your success in dieting is what you eat. Sometimes when we exercise we think we can eat more. Carefully choose what you eat and continue to exercise. You will succeed!

    • Avatar Geoff says:

      Don’t let the slight uptick in weight bother you. There are a lot of things that can affect weight. You could be adding muscle, retaining water, or something else that does not reflect negatively on other factors. You may gain some weight, but you are getting healthier at the same time. The net result is that you are better off than when you started your program.
      Look at your weight change over a period of weeks, and see how your weight changes.

  123. Avatar SuzyQ says:

    I would like to join in but am very disappointed with the way the Fitbit counts steps. I have a office based job and with a pedometer I don’t normally do more than 1000 step a day. With the Fitbit I can do anything between 4500 and 7500. I can even do 100 before getting out of bed! The Fitbit is a real let down!

    • Avatar Letta says:

      SuzyQ, I use the Fitbit Zip and what it is measuring mostly is activity. I wear it while doing house work in addition to the little walking I do as part of my job. The more activity, the higher the “steps” and of course, it counts the steps we take. I love mine. It’s sort of like a boost for me to move more, no matter how I’m doing it. ☺

    • Avatar hanalei says:

      I love mine and it is very accurate. Before I started using it, I walked on the treadmill to determine how far I could walk in 30 minutes. Then I measured the length of my stride and used that to determine how many steps that 30 minutes and the equivalent distance represented. When I set my “Fitbit” for my stride length, I then walked 30 minutes to compare the results to the treadmill and they were very close.

  124. Avatar Kimberlee says:

    Am I missing something in that the MFP app doesn’t seem to have a way to accept this challenge and really track it. There is a section for recording steps, but only if you use one of those listed products which I don’t have. I use the Moves app as it doesn’t turn off. MFP doesn’t seem to let you manually enter steps from a previous day. Am I missing how to connect these dots here? Thanks.

  125. Avatar Teresa Martinez says:

    I’m in getting my walk on this beautiful day

  126. Avatar Maria Almeida says:

    This is My Challenge

  127. Avatar Letta says:

    I am in!. I am in two other challenges as well and still have not begun (pathetic). I’m hoping this will get me going. I need to move! Wish me luck. Ang13 I hear ya ☺.

  128. Avatar Stephanie Sanders says:

    My husband and I are taking the walking challenge 🙂

  129. Avatar Margaret Cameron says:

    I’m joining today for walking and strength training challenges.

  130. Avatar Savanna says:

    I’ll be starting this tomorrow

  131. Avatar Caryl says:

    I am in

  132. Avatar Belinda Connor says:

    I will do the beginner challenge 🙂 gotta start some place right?

  133. Avatar TJ56 says:

    It took me 75 minutes to get 5000 steps. I went at a good clip too. I gauged with a Fit Bit. Anyone else take forever???

    • Avatar hanalei says:

      I have found that, with my stride, I walk 100 steps per minute on average. So, it takes me 50 minutes to get 5000 steps. I am walking fairly slowly at the moment and I hope to get that average up over time., Maybe re-measure and input your stride length?

  134. Avatar Dawn says:

    I’m doing the 10’000 a day 🙂

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  136. […] goal.  (see challenge below) For a beginner or advanced level chart visit my fitness pal’s blog.  (She is a great leader in walking videos – if you’re interested in walking at home […]

  137. Avatar Kathy Ruck says:

    I need this. I am acceping the challenge!!!

  138. Avatar Ami says:

    I am in, Unfortunately I have let myself go over winter, But I am starting over again, Hopefully this challenge will make me feel more accountable for my laziness

  139. Avatar Maria Almeida says:

    Power to Us all no more laziness

  140. Avatar SuzanneC654 says:

    I accept the challenge, I’ve been walking about four days a week for the past few weeks and have been able to walk up to 30 minutes. Yesterday I did walk 1600 steps in about 40 minutes. My goal today is 2000. I am challenged by health issues, asthma, arthritis and some others, but if I can do 1600 I know I can do 2000.

  141. Avatar Mag says:

    have you heard if there are any mp3 files to load on a ipod or player? this would be to have the beat to walk outside.

  142. Avatar Laurie says:

    I haven’t missed a day of walking since Jan. 1, and have been averaging 10,000 steps a day for a month now. Absolutely LOVE my pedometer, and it was only 8 bucks (Omron brand). I also cut out refined sugar and flour, and have lost 27 lbs. in 14 weeks. Since I had a lot of weight to lose, I can eat 2K calories a day and still lose, because of the exercise (I also do a little yoga daily, just 5 min. or so). It doesn’t do to let yourself get too hungry, because then you’ll eat just about anything! If I keep my blood sugar stable by NOT eating junk, then I don’t crave it, either. I love Leslie’s Walking Off Weight videos for days when I can’t get outdoors.

  143. Avatar VirGinia-white Noahradatz says:


  144. Avatar VirGinia-white Noahradatz says:

    I’ve been using your DVDs and once I was using to

  145. Avatar VirGinia-white Noahradatz says:

    hi LeslieI my name is Virginia i love your DVDs my sister in law Debbie and I have used them through the years but the last time I used them was a while ago in 3 weeks I lost 35 pounds but my knees hurt so bad I couldn’t even walk so I had to quit I cried cuz I wanted to keep going of course when you stop moving then your weight comes back but your programs really do work and I might give it a try again I see that you have so many different remix music dvds i just need to pray that my knees stay strong god bless you and thank you for motivating all of us i was recently diagnosed as a diabetic in November I’m 52 and soon to be 53 the diabetic instructor told everyone in the class that we all need to keep moving so i might try your dvds again because they really work thank you:)

  146. Avatar Lorna says:

    I have been a couch potato most my life and my body shows it. I am ready to get off the couch and take the challenge.

    • Avatar D. Clark says:

      How r u doing? I’m just now reading about the walking 30 day challenge. I’m willing to start my 30 day challenge this late evening; because it’s noontime and I know that walking in the high sunrise isn’t healthy. I pray ur doing well. I’ve been adding healthy habits to my lifestyle over the pass few months. I’m getting results slowly. Good luck

      • Avatar Mary3265 says:

        If you need extra money on the side averaging $50 to $300 daily for freelancing from comfort of your home for few h every day then try this…

  147. […] found this 30 day walking challenge on the Myfitnesspal blog. I have started to follow it, I chose to start with the beginners training plan because honestly […]

  148. Avatar Robin M. Wayman says:

    I guess this isn’t for me…I walk 10,000+ steps a day…. :-/

  149. Avatar Maria Almeida says:

    anyone have any idea to break the coke habit

    • Avatar Dani says:

      Some say drink flavored seltzer water or a natural fruit juice.

    • Avatar Tiffany Wilkinson says:

      Coke was my biggest vice, and I had tried to quit drinking it many times previously. I found that I had to just quit cold turkey. I haven’t had one now in almost 5 months.

  150. […] 2 of The  30 Day Walking Challenge is almost […]

  151. Avatar Au Naturel Mel says:

    Whoa…I have to say, Photoshop notwithstanding, Leslie looks AMAZING. When I grow up I want to be Leslie Sansone. 😉 Mel at mothersheeporganics

  152. Avatar Ellen Bentley says:

    Any recommendations for a good pedometer? I’ve tried two Omron, but neither are really functional, nor are they returnable if bought through Amazon. I walked 1.75 miles today but don’t know how to calculate the steps.

  153. […] are you doing with our 30-day walking challenge? No doubt there will be days when you might not want to move, but stick with it and you will be so […]

  154. […] The 30-Day Walking Challenge ‹ Hello Healthy […]

  155. Avatar LadyBertha Brooks says:

    I can do this!

  156. Avatar Jrosto says:

    I completed the challenge today. I met the daily steps goal on all but two of the days and I’ve proven to myself that I can walk 20k steps/day.

    Not bad for a guy who had a double lung transplant on January 1st 🙂

  157. Avatar imo king says:

    At 76 with poor balance I seldom walk far wondering if walking with a walker would be as beneficial even if if had to sit for breaks more often

    • Avatar Lisa Porter says:

      Imo- all walking is beneficial and taking breaks is fine. When I became a great walker I decided to speed it up. So I would walk 4 minutes and 50 seconds and then I would run for 10. Eventually I ran 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Not that I wanted to be a runner, but I did want to mix it up and my legs became stronger faster.
      Usually a person can do more than they think they can (Biggest Loser with very obese people running the first week!), so don’t be shy, but don’t be foolish, either!
      Try to do something at regular intervals– the first 10 minutes of every hour… Or whatever you feel comfortable with. When you’re sitting, do isometrics- tighten your legs, butt and stomach as hard as you can for 10 seconds and release. Do 10 of these, relax and repeat 2 more times. Also, spend just a few bucks to buy a resistance band (TJMaxx often has them for good prices. Big 5…) You can use these to strengthen your arms but also to help your legs be more flexible- take the band and move your legs out and back in…. good luck!

  158. Avatar imo king says:

    I also not sure my fitbit is set for my stride. As you can I’m st my age and with arthritis my steps are smaller than normal 5′ 5″ woman. Some yikes o actually step on my own toe. Help

  159. Avatar Rachel says:

    My Fitbit flex is no longer working. Suggestions for a good device to count steps?

    • Avatar Rose Bradley says:

      Have you tried calling fitbit, they are usually very helpfull, I have encountered. Probles with. Mine before abd had it replaced by the company. All there’s. An app pedometer I believe its called.

  160. Avatar alley says:

    I did 3,500 steps day one

  161. Avatar Kendra says:

    I have a fit bit that counts my daily steps. Are these steps supposed to be in addition to my everyday walking (walking around house, errands, etc)? Or is it supposed to be just straight “fitness” walking?

  162. Avatar Jeanne Shirley says:

    Let’s go !

  163. Avatar Charese Haynes says:

    hi I am lovely 2013.. I am starting the 30 day fitness challenge today..

  164. Avatar Joanne says:

    Hi, I started the walking challenge yesterday. Wish me luck.

  165. Avatar Ashley Gardner says:

    Going to try to start this today. It’s supposed to rain off and on All week, but I have to do something!

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  167. […] for 10,000 steps a day. Start small with a walk during your lunch hour or after dinner. For extra motivation, find a […]

  168. […] Here’s the link to the workout: #WalkThisWay […]

  169. Avatar melanie says:

    I am taking the challenge

  170. Avatar kikomazumi says:

    Me and my aunt walk everyday, reaching 10k steps with our fitbits, sometimes more step. But we ARE DOING the strength trainning for a month, with the breaks of course, starting tomorrow, on the first!

  171. Avatar Edina Wright says:

    I’m starting tomorrow. I struggle with depression so I’m hoping I don’t give up before I even start.

  172. Avatar Melissa Jenkins says:

    I did 1342 steps on stepper in 25 min in one day does that count towards it?
    Or does it have to be walking? I think I can do this

  173. Avatar Joyce says:

    Hi today will be my first day of walking fitness

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  175. Avatar Maureen VanScoy says:

    I am in. I already walk 10.000 steps a day so I am going 500 more.

  176. Avatar Niina Kallio says:

    Im so doing this, both walking from 5000 to 10000 and strength one but can someone tell me what moves with kettlebell should I replace those upper body moves?

  177. Avatar Edina Wright says:

    Completed my first day today. Took my dogs with my which made it a little hard to count! So I did a little extra just to make certain!

  178. Avatar Sabella Williams says:

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  179. Avatar Lisa says:

    Walking 10,000 steps sounds crazy to a lazy person like me but I’m up for the challenge. I already did 2836 steps today and the day isn’t even over yet. 🙂 Day 1 done. 29 more to go!

  180. […] The foundation for a fit body has been studied and proven. Aim for five 30-minute exercise sessions each week. It will give you a strong basis for low risk of disease and high human performance. […]

  181. Avatar Lisa says:

    I have a question about this 30 day walking challenge.
    I started the challenge and I’m on day 3 so it’s easy right now but I know later on I’ll have a lot more steps to take.
    The question is are we supposed to count all our steps we take throughout the day (meaning daily activities and exercise or are we just suppose to count the steps we take during exercise?)
    I’m just curious because right not I’m just counting the steps I take during workouts and not so much regular activities, not sure if regular steps you take during everyday activities counts towards your step challenge. And I just wanted someone to confirm to me whether they count or not.

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  183. Avatar BELA says:

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  184. Avatar chidinma says:

    morning everyone

  185. I have the program Just walk 30 Days walk off. I must say the best thing to have when you are really serious about your weight loss and musle toning. Love Love Love

  186. Avatar Carla Morey Clephane says:

    I have two of Leslie’s dvd’s to walk with and absolutely love them. I have a bad back but after starting out being only able to do pay of one… I can do the whole thing.

    • Avatar Linda Taylor says:

      Fantastic Carla, when I started my journey I could not walk to the end of the street without a struggle. So I understand fully. I am glad that you are finding a workout that you can do without more pain.

  187. Avatar Maxine Quitiquit says:

    How do you count steps?

    • Avatar Linda Taylor says:

      Maxine when I started I used a pedometer, now I use a fitness tracker on my phone. So you can find pedometers anywhere or if it is easier to use an app on your phone then I would suggest map my walk and use the step counter, or Endomondo and before you walk set it up to walk and count steps. I hope this helps. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.

  188. Avatar Pamela Driggers says:

    Start my challenge today

  189. Avatar Elaine Whitmanbonner says:

    Lisa, I think I have good news for you. You mentioned that it is easy now; however you sound worried that it won’t be that easy as you increase you walks. While this is my second week and I’ve walked off and on, I’m doing about 8,000 steps daily. I realized that today, I was walking at a little higher pace than last week when I started. I surprised myself, that I actually ‘rested’ yesterday. I can get pretty compulsive and competitive with myself; however I did not walk yesterday. I am 69 yrs. of age and have some issues with my heels due to arthritis. My left heel is almost crumbling due to the arthritis. Last week I was pretty slow and today, I could tell I could tell that there was a bit more “spice” in my steps. I know you can do this and I hope you have as much fun as I have.

  190. Avatar Jesse Hanley says:

    This is a great workout. If we can do this in parks where clean air is present it would also help us appreciate nature’s beauty and breathe fresh air. It can help you burn more calories, and stay heart-healthy. Thanks for these challenge.

  191. Avatar Garth Delikan says:

    Love this challenge as unlike others, it’s not intimidating in anyway and most ordinary will be able to do it easily!

  192. Avatar Bonnie Hellings Helsley says:

    Because of arthritis and knee that will need knee surgery, will an exercise bike work well with this challenge.

  193. Avatar Xeen Evans says:

    My inner and outer Fatty says YES let’s do this challenge

  194. Avatar Janice Reist says:

    Is your 30 day walking challenge for an indoor walk in place or just any walking?

  195. Avatar amanda jacobs says:

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  196. Avatar Jackie says:

    Gotta but an expensive gadget to track your steps?

  197. Avatar Jackie says:

    * buy

  198. Avatar Delia Imsointome says:

    if I count 500 steps in place while watching TV is it the same as talking a walk?

  199. This looks really interesting. Running is one the best thing to do in the morning. There are many health benefits of running. I prefer running regularly that too empty stomach. Thanks!

    • Avatar disqus_eslqC70Xbi says:

      If you don’t have bad knees it is! I loved running (actually jogging) but both knees have been injured and it hurts my knees to run. I had to stop running.

  200. Avatar PsychoChick966 says:

    This is meant for all fitness levels, but I can’t walk for 5 minutes. Does anyone know what kinds of exercises or how to exercise for a body with health issues? Fibromyalgia, chronic pain and fatigue, and as yet, an undiagnosed medical condition with profound abdominal distension and resting heart rate at 110 bpm. If I walk to the bathroom my pulse is 145 bpm and I’m gasping for air.

    • Avatar Ammy says:

      I’m not a doctor – in fact, I’d ask your doctor for advice on this – but as someone in a similar situation, I used to gently walk in place until I felt winded. sometimes it was for only 2-3 minutes, sometimes a little longer. your body will hopefully get used to it in time an dthen allow you to do it for longer periods. But really, ask your doctor for exercise advice. You may be able to get physical therapy to help you, depending on the severity of your issues.

  201. Avatar John050 says:

    Is this supposed to be 10,000 steps per day or in addition to the steps throughout the day?

  202. Avatar KiraD2007 says:

    I think I may start this tomorrow<3 I want to do the exercises too lol<3 It looks like I'll work cause I'm 5'2 and weight 210lbs. I want to be 120lbs so hopefully this works along with getting me more toned and everything and a bit stronger<3

  203. Avatar Lynda Richard says:


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