Quiz: Should You Join a Gym?

by MyFitnessPal
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Quiz: Should You Join a Gym?

A new year breeds a new batch of New Year’s resolutions, and one of the inevitable questions for many of us is whether or not to join a gym. Any gym-goer will tell you anecdotally that the gym in January is a madhouse but that after two weeks, everything returns to normal. Many gym owners bank on this.

So, do you join the crowd and hit the gym? Or are you better off finding a less traditional way to stay, or get, in shape? Before you hand over your credit card, take this fun quiz to figure out what you should do.

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5 responses to “Quiz: Should You Join a Gym?”

  1. Avatar Adéla says:

    Gym is not for me. I hate controlled environment, I love freedom, running and exercise when I want, at the comfort of my home or outside.

  2. Avatar Pattie says:

    I am a very self conscious person which is very uncomfortable with people looking at my being overweight and talking about me being fat—I have had some bad experiences being called a hippo at a gym and I never went back. I need to go very slow but I need to exercise a very low impact at first.

    • Avatar Vito365 says:

      You are probably a bit shy too. I wish you would have given the rude jackasses a piece of your mind. Us folks carrying the extra pounds should be applauded for being there, not ridiculed.

      • Avatar Pattie says:

        when it comes to certain things and places I am very shy but usually I am a bold outspoken person that nobody likes because I always tell the truth—but at that moment I was totally embarassed–that is a whole different colored horse so to speak…
        thank you for helping me out there..

        • Avatar Jen Rose says:

          That is awful and unforgivable. I am sorry you had that experience. I finally braved a gym for the first time last week and I was heartened by the variety of ages and body shapes. I was a little self-conscious but everyone was pretty much focused on themselves. Maybe you could try a different (better!) gym!

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