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What Personal Trainers Say About Personal Trainers

by MyFitnessPal
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Lacking workout motivation? Don’t know where to start your health and fitness journey? Enlisting the help of a certified personal trainer could be the difference between failing to reach your goal and finally lifting that weight, running that mile or seeing that number on the scale.

But what’s the deal with trainers? After all, they are just people like you and me, right? How do you know if this girl or that guy will be right for you? Do you need someone to be strict with you, or are you more of an easy-crier? Is personal training worth the (sometimes rather large) cost? 

We went right to the source to find out inside information on personal trainers from people who know them best — personal trainers. These experts provide insight into their own profession and even provide a little on-screen motivation for you to use immediately.

What do you want to know about working with a personal trainer? Have you ever hired one before? Do you currently work with one? We want to know about your experience. Share your questions and comments below!

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