MFP Users Reveal the Simple Thing That’s Helped Them Lose Weight

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MFP Users Reveal the Simple Thing That’s Helped Them Lose Weight

We asked MyFitnessPal users to share the most valuable lesson (or lessons) they’ve learned after losing weight successfully. Not surprisingly, counting calories and exercising were common responses because, well, they work. But, the way in which some of our users accomplished this was a bit surprising and completely awesome. Stop going to the gym after 19 years and still lose almost 20 pounds, anyone?

“I started drinking only water and unsweetened iced tea, and I walk for an hour to an hour and a half each night. I have lost 70 pounds in 15 months.”
—LeLani A.

“No bread, pasta, rice or wine. Protein, fruits and veggies. FitBit and MyFitnessPal food diary and of course exercise. Took up Pilates. 55 pounds lost since Feb 23, 2015. Still 30 to go!”
—Jo C.

“More exercise, less food! Couldn’t do it without keeping track.”
—Mark B.

“Getting off my butt and exercising instead of eating chips and feeling sorry for myself. I have lost 72 pounds in 5 months.”
—Teresa C.

“Portion control, using stevia instead of sugar, wearing my FitBit and making sure I get my 10,0000 steps per day.”
—Shannon P.

“Counting calories, not eating past 6p.m. and not buying any junk food.”
—Tabatha B.

Using the food diary. It’s astonishingly easy to rack up calories, and so now, I’m very careful to get more bang for my calorie buck which means nothing out of crinkly wrappers and a lot of fresh produce, lean protein and complex carbs. I have gotten to the point where I can walk past the snack aisle without a second glance.”
—Pat O.

“Cut added sugar. Eating real, whole food and whole fat everything.”
—Katie P.

“Portion control by using a food scale, and I measure in grams. I’ve lost over 75 pounds. I’ve been living a healthy, active lifestyle since 2000. Hallelujah!”
—Julie N.

“I stopped eating back the calories I burned through exercise. The moment I stopped, I started losing weight, whereas before I just stayed the same—even after making healthier choices and exercising!”
—Jordan M.

“Started jogging and cut my total sugar intake to 20 grams per day. I have lost 60 pounds since May.”
—Tony W.

“Stopped going to the gym after 19 years and started walking and doing body-weight exercises at home. I lost almost 20 pounds.”
—Anita R.

“I made the routine attainable 4–5, 1-hour sessions per week, outdoors biking preferably or inside when needed, the five hours I give myself is not too much to ask, it has allowed me to set in place changes to enable 170 pounds lost over 3.5 years.”
—Mark G.

“Don’t drink your calories.”
—Hannah G.

“I cut sugar, white and processed foods, and the weight melted off. I always exercised but until I changed my diet, nothing happened. Cutting sugar was the best thing I could do for myself. I am down 30 pounds and able to maintain my weight and not have sugar cravings tempting me. I am no longer a sugar addict. And that is what worked for me. There’s no magic pills or powder, no powerful exercise routine that will help until the diet changes. So happy I made the change.”
—Lisa M.

“I only do about 5 minutes cardio on the treadmill then I do HIIT workouts with some weights. Doing this, I lost more weight than running on a treadmill for 30 minutes.”
—Mali R.

“Cutting down on the takeaway coffee, reducing the portions of carbs at dinner time and a bigger serve of protein. I was already doing well with exercise and diet but those things have kick started me again after a bit of a plateau.”
—Jane S.

“I am 50 years old. I lost over 50 pounds of excess body fat. NO dieting. NO starving. NO pills. NO drugs. Healthy Weight Loss = Excess Body Fat Loss. Lots of plant-based protein, Meatless Monday, Personalized Meal Plan and 10 minutes of exercise every day.”
—Arleen M.

“Reduced portions by using a small plate & not filling it. No sugar, dairy or wheat (bread). Walking/jogging 5 miles a day/6 days a week. Losing 1 pound per week. Lost 13, goal is 14 more.”
—Wynona H.

“No pop, less snacking, no snacks after 7pm.”
—Sheri M.

“Portion control by using a toddler’s set (bowl and plate), keeping track on MyFitnessPal of the foods using healthier choices, water, no-calorie drinks and excercise. Lost 48 pounds.”
—Karen O.

“I prepare all my foods myself and measure them out for each meal. It has helped me lose 70 pounds in 7 months.”
—Wayne K.

“Nutrition, clean eating, no processed food. Splurging in moderation. Limited sugar, limited bread.”
—Jolene H.

“Drinking 80+ ounces of water a day.”
—Jessica M.

“Lost 32 pounds in 3 months with walking to work.”
—Jen S.

Using this website. It’s as simple as getting below the calorie deficit you have set for yourself (based on pre-calculations of BMR) and then learning how to keep getting it below that. Honestly you can’t not lose weight if you just follow it.”
—Jacob B.

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