Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023

Lauren Joskowitz
by Lauren Joskowitz
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Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2023

If you work at MyFitnessPal, it kind of comes with the territory: You’re likely some kind of foodie. And foodie — of all kinds — I am.

That’s why I’m always disappointed when literally none of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday round-up articles contain any food and beverage brands.

Sure, 99.9% of the year I shop at the grocery store, but if I can save a bunch of money and stock up for the rest of the month (or year)? I’m in.

We decided to solve the problem ourselves this year and create a list of food and beverage brands offering 2023 Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals.

Bookmark this and keep checking back because we’ll be updating it as we discover more deals.

Here’s to finding the joy in eating and nourishing our bodies this holiday season (and beyond!).



Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit: Bobby Doherty, courtesy of Ghia

For the sober, sober curious, and literally everyone else. Ghia makes non-alcoholic spirits (aka, sodas) and aperitifs (fancy drinks) that look as pretty as they taste. Made with botanical extracts and the “purest ingredients”, these mocktails will give you all of the spirit with none of the booze.

Deal: Get up to 50% off Ghia products, including 20% off beverages on Amazon, from 11/13-11/27.


Photo credit: Dalci

Need a guilt-free sweet treat while you sip your aperitif? Try Dalci’s self-proclaimed “gut-healthy” blondies brownies. Gluten free. Grain free. Dairy free. Soy free. Every ingredient is “a whole food that comes from the earth with minimal (and often no) processing.”

Deal: Get 25% discount on Dalci brownies and blondies, including limited edition pumpkin spice from 11/23-11/27.


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit: Thistle

Want a break from the kitchen? I get it. Thistle makes eating nourishing meals easy and good for the planet. They offer a wide selection of nutrient-dense meals made with whole, plant-based ingredients. And they’re offering a winter menu including over 25 new and seasonal immunity-boosting options.

Deal: Get $150 off your first 5 weeks with Thistle during the Black Friday Cyber Monday sale when you sign up between Thursday, 11/23, and Monday, 11/27, with the code BFCM2023.


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023 Hungryroot
Photo credit: Hungryroot

Get help restocking your fridge and pantry in one fell swoop. Take a short quiz on Hungryroot’s site and they’ll fill your digital cart each week with nourishing groceries and simple recipes that match your health needs and goals. (Don’t forget to log these in the MyFitness app, too!.)

Deal: This one’s just for our MyFitnessPal community. Use the custom code MYFITNESSPAL40 for a special offer on Hungryroot’s website. No expiration date.


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo Credit: Yana Sheptovetskaya, courtesy of Get Golden

Bars that claim to be nutritious and delicious. Get Golden was created by a ballet dancer who wanted on-the-go food options that would help boost her energy one bite at a time. Made without refined sugar, the unique blend includes premium nuts, super seeds, and something called golden turmeric coconut butter caramel… which just sounds delicious.

Deal: Get 20% off 12 packs of Get Golden’s bars and their brand new sunspread nut drizzer from 11/20-11/23; enjoy a 30% off sitewide discount from 11/24-11/29.


Photo credit: Rana Duzyol, courtesy of Omsom

Their tagline says it all. “Proud, loud asian flavors.” Yes, please. Omsom is the noodle brand I’ve been dying to try. They cook in four to six minutes and actually offer some nutritional value. For example, the Chili Sesame Saucy Noodles (love the name) contains 240 calories with 32g carbs, 10g fat, 4g total sugars, and 8g protein. Top it with some lean chicken and you’ve got yourself a meal.

Deal: Get 20% off sitewide on all foodie gifts from 11/17 through 11/28 with code GIFTBETTER. Plus, try the new saucy noodles and OG starters and receive a FREE IYKYK Shaker Set with every Try ‘Em All Set purchase.


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit: Ruby Hibiscus 

A zero calorie soda that claims to be packed with antioxidants and vitamin C. This drink is made from two ingredients: water and hibiscus. It’s tart. It’s naturally sweet. And it’s hydrating. Swap your plain water with these refreshing bubbles. (And, yup, you can still log it as water in the MyFitnessPal app! But don’t forget to log it in one of your meals, too. It does contain sugar from organic juice!).

Deal: Amazon Prime members get a 20% discount on all of Ruby’s juicy sparkling hibiscus sodas from 11/20-11/27 on Ruby’s Amazon shop. Keep an eye on Ruby’s Instagram for additional flash deal details, too.


Photo credit: Juan Pablo Tavera, Alfredo Parker, Paola Argaez & Keeka Argaez, courtesy of Somos

Turn the heat up on Black Friday/Cyber Monday with plant-based, non-GMO salsas made with traditional Mexican recipes. I think the Jalapeno Pepper Salsa Verde sounds good. Or they also have something called “Salsa Macha” (no, not matcha) that looks like a twist on salsa and is made with avocado oil, chiles, nuts and seeds. Apparently it’s great on eggs, pizza, turkey sandwiches… and anything else you can cook up.

Deal: Get 20% off sitewide, including the Salsa Macha Spoon Gift Set, from 11/22–11/27.


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit: Supernatural

Supernatural makes “healthier baking ingredients for creative chefs.” Products include natural and dye-free sprinkles, plant-based food colors and frosting, vegan rainbow baking chips, plus some pretty insane baking kits. Honestly, I’m not a fan of baking (too much chemistry involved) but Supernatural just makes it look fun.

Deal: Get 20% off sitewide from 12:01 AM EST on 11/24 through 11:59 PM on 11/27.


Photo credit: Yes! Apples

If you can’t make it to an apple-picking orchard anytime soon, have fresh apples farm-to-doorstep delivered to you. Right now, Yes! Apples offers six varieties — Fuji, Gala, Honeycrisp, McIntosh, SnapDragon and SweeTango. Plus, a brand new farm-to-can Fuji Apple and Cardamom sparkling beverage is available, too.

Black Friday Deal: Get 50% off gift cards with code GIFT50.
Cyber Monday Deal: Get 50% off your entire order with code CYBER50.


Photo credit: FishWife

Tinned fish is having a moment. Thanks to TikTok, “tinned fish date nights” and “seacuterie boards” are all the rage. Honestly, I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet but maybe Black Friday/Cyber Monday is the time to start?

Deal: Get 20% off sitewide from 11/14-11/27 (excluding serving + utensil sets).


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit: Gainful

Struggling to hit your protein or fiber goals? Gainful’s got you. The personalized nutrition brand says it’s different because it “marries nutrition science with individual nutrition considerations by asking the same types of critical questions used by Dietitians when creating an individual nutrition plan.” So, basically, they pick each individual ingredient they put in your products based on, well, you. That even goes for their low-sugar hydration packs.

Deal: Get 30% off your total entire 11/23-11/27.


Photo credit: Kroma 

Kroma believes in the power of food as medicine, and by golly, we certainly do, too. Pick up lattes, superfood snacks, smoothies, broths, porridge, cookie butters, elixirs, and teas — all for a pretty hefty steal.

Deal: Get 25% off sitewide from 11/20-11/28.


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit: Lettuce Grow

Nothing quite like picking fresh vegetables and herbs from your own little garden, that is, if you have a green thumb. I don’t. If you don’t either, then a Lettuce Grow Plant Farmstand is the move. Plant Farmstands are self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic systems that make it way easier to grow the fuel you need — inside your home or out. Oh, and the company’s owned by Zooey Deschanel and Jacob Pechenik, which I think is pretty cool.

Deal: Get 20% off sitewide by using the GREENDFRIDAYVIP through 11/26.


Photo credit: Magic Mind

Touted as “the world’s first productivity shot”, Magic Mind is a matcha-based energy shot designed to be a coffee alternative (or additive). Also made with adaptogens (functional herbs, roots and plants), nootropics (cognitive enhancers), and immunity-boosting vitamins and minerals, more than 1,000 reviews suggest the “magic” in Magic Mind may just be true. For food logging purposes for all my MyFitnessPal users out there, one shot’s got 3g of carbs and 3g of sugar.

Deal: Get 25% off sitewide from 11/23-11/28


Food and Beverage Deals for Black Friday Cyber Monday 2023
Photo credit:

Repeat after me: Nuts are not bad. Yes, some varieties of nuts are higher in calories and fat, but they also boast a ton of nutritional benefits and make a healthy snack. Of course, the type of nuts you should reach for may vary based on your health goals. Not sure which ones are best? Use this guide, then stock up come Black Friday.

Deal: Get 15% off of brand new bundles (there are five!) between 11/25-11/26:

  • Nutty Bestsellers Bundle
  • Chocolate-Covered Snackadise Bundle
  • Fruity Flavor-ites Bundle
  • The Snackertunity Bundle
  • The Nut Crackin’ Bundle

17. Mid-Day Squares

I may or may not have a stack of Mid-Day Squares in my fridge right now. If you’re a fan of a certain peanut butter and chocolate candy brand, you’re going to love these. Designed with the “benefits of a protein bar, and the satisfaction of a chocolate bar“, the sweet (and functional) treat boasts 12g carbs, 11g fat, 6g protein, and a net of 1g sugar. (5g sugar and 4g fiber!) Plus, they’re made in a “real-life chocolate factory“, which is giving the most nostalgic Willy Wonka vibes.

Deal: Get 15% off any order made through the Mid-Day Squares website when you use the code MFP15. The offer’s only available for 48 hours, starting midnight on 11/24 and ending 11/26.

18. Pique

Pique tea | Black Friday/Cyber Monday Food and Beverage Deals 2023

Photo credit: Pique

Is it just me or have you been seeing this brand all over Instagram, too? Pique’s tea isn’t like any other tea. They’re a cool tea. (Name the movie reference.) Organic, vegan, and triple toxin screened, Pique is committed to providing only clean, sustainable products. And their tea comes powdered in easy to take on-the-go packets. The Pique team suggests trying the Sun Goddess Matcha or the Daily Radiance Vitamin C. I’ve got B-T Foundation Beauty Electrolytes and drink it daily. Good news: They’re offering their biggest deal ever for Black Friday, so you can swoop all three.

Deal: Claim an exclusive 6-piece holiday gift set, valued at $200 through 11/27. Also get 15% off and a free frother and glass cup from 11/24-11/27 when you shop on Pique’s site.

About the Author

Lauren Joskowitz
Lauren Joskowitz

Lauren Joskowitz is the Editorial Director at MyFitnessPal, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the producer and host of The Clean Body Podcast. For more, follower her on Instagram.


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