5-Pose Yoga Fix for Desk Dwellers

Kelly DiNardo
by Kelly DiNardo
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5-Pose Yoga Fix for Desk Dwellers

Hey, desk dwellers, if you spend too much time hunched over that computer, your neck, shoulders, low back and hips are going to become super sore. Fend off tight muscles by taking two minutes every hour to sneak in at-your-desk stretches.


Side-bending postures stretch and lengthen your sides and back, release compression between the vertebrae, help open the diaphragm and increase range of motion in the spine, which can help relieve tension in the neck.

The Move: Sit at the edge of your chair with both feet flat on the floor. Inhale and sweep your arms overhead. Interlace your fingers, turn your palms up and keep your arms by your ears. As you exhale, bend toward the right. Hold here for 5 breaths, inhale to center and exhale bending to the left.



In this variation of Eagle, you’ll focus on the arms, which will help relieve tension in your neck and shoulders and stretch the upper back.

The Move: Loop the right arm under the left and try to bring the palms to touch. Lift the elbows toward shoulder height and take your hands away from your face. Hold for 5 breaths and switch sides.


The pose opens up the hips, groin, hip flexors and thighs, which is the perfect antidote to hours sitting at your desk.

The Move: Scoot to the edge of your chair and cross the right ankle over the left thigh. Flex the right foot and gently press the right thigh toward the floor. Sit tall and take 5 breaths in this hip opener before switching sides.


This pose is a panacea for the back. It stretches your chest, abdominals and low-back muscles, releases tension and toxins and just feels good.

The Move: Come to the edge of your chair and keep both feet flat on the floor. As you exhale, twist to the right, holding the arm or back of the chair. Hold here for 5 breaths and switch sides.



This modification of down dog stretches the arms, shoulders and back and creates length and space in the spine, which can get compressed with too much sitting.

The Move: Stand in front of your chair and hold onto the back of the chair. Without moving your hands, walk back until you make an L-shape with your body. Keep a small bend in the knees. As you lengthen the arms, think about pulling your hips away from the desk, stretching the shoulders, chest, low back and hamstrings.

About the Author

Kelly DiNardo
Kelly DiNardo

Kelly is a journalist, author, runner, yogi, skier, globetrotter and dog-lover. She has been teaching yoga since 2002 and is the owner of Past Tense, a Washington, D.C. yoga studio where her team reminds her how much fun it is to be a little twisted and encourages an upside-down approach to life. She is the author of “Gilded Lili: Lili St. Cyr and the Striptease Mystique” and “Living the Sutras: A Guide to Yoga Wisdom beyond the Mat.”


10 responses to “5-Pose Yoga Fix for Desk Dwellers”

  1. Avatar Linda Crawford says:

    Is there some way to print out these yoga poses so I can put them on the wall in front of my computer?

    • Avatar Isabel Cortez-Arvizu says:

      You can click on the picture then save it on your phone or computer then print as image, one by one. Also, after saving these images you can transfer them onto a word document and print them all at once. Another way
      is to screen shot the picture and Print.

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    • Avatar Renee Maeweather-Reed says:

      Hi Linda, that’s a great idea. I think I’ll follow suit.

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  5. Avatar Silvia Estela Garcia says:

    Hi, Linda, I was asking the same question. I will look into & see if there is a way to print these “yoga” desk exercises.

    • Avatar Nataya Cendecka says:

      The entire article can be saved as a PDF and subsequently printed as desired: just the pictures, or the entire thing. You can email the PDF to yourself, so I’ll be available on all your electronic devices.

  6. Avatar Donna Suleski says:

    how can I modify these if I don’t have the flexibility to do the Seated Eagle and Seated Pigeon? Also, it would be nice to put a print icon on your page. takes too long to copy and paste, which I did

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