Easy Yoga Moves to Ease Back Pain

Lori Patterson
by Lori Patterson
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Easy Yoga Moves to Ease Back Pain

Do you struggle with low back pain?

Does your back ever get tired when you sit all day?

Does your back feel weak when you are trying to exercise?

We know. Ours, too.

So we created this video with yoga exercises that will help stretch and strengthen your lower back.

Not only will these make you feel better, but they will also strengthen and stretch your entire core. And they will help prevent pain and injury.

We focus on the erector spinae, rectus abdominus (fancy words for your core), hamstrings and bum.

So click and then do it!

About the Author

Lori Patterson
Lori Patterson

Lori Patterson, BA, is the owner of Midwest Fitness Consulting, CEO of VicteliB and the creator of Boot Camp Challenge®. Lori is a master trainer/specialist for AFAA and an Ace faculty member. She holds additional certifications with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and Wellcoaches. Follow Lori on Twitter (@BCChallenge), on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Download the Boot Camp Challenge app.


24 responses to “Easy Yoga Moves to Ease Back Pain”

  1. Avatar Karol Hartwig says:

    Awesome video…. Will feel great I am sure on the lower back…

  2. Avatar Raja says:

    I’m definitely gonna try it! Looks good

  3. Avatar Virginia Cooke says:

    This is the most annoying yoga video I’ve ever seen. The grating voice making attempts at humour with the hair flicking detracted even further from the poor form, particularly with plank, which was barely demonstrated at all. Hardly the essence of yoga.

    • Avatar Moo says:

      Just crap!

    • Avatar Raymond Duke says:

      Don’t hate. At least she’s moving forward with something positive and healthy.

      • Avatar Julie Lynn Collins says:

        Since when is a valid opinion “hate” ? It IS the most annoying yoga video I have ever seen. Really corny and poorly done.

        • Avatar Brenda Henson says:

          Stop trying to bring people down. No one is making you do it or watch it…..And YES it does make people look bad when they say things so hateful. Have a little class

    • Avatar Houston says:

      I enjoyed the video. It was informative, entertaining and cleverly arranged. It sadden me to read the negative comment from another female. I would think that by now that women would be more supportive and encourage each other on their goals vs. making hash negative comments. If you’ve already achieved your success, you should encourage this girl and suggest some ideas that would make this video shine. Your negative comment only makes you look bad, not the video. You obviously know about this subject, so try sharing your knowledge and you will find how rewarding it can be for you and the people around you.

      • Avatar Julie Lynn Collins says:

        Wow. Because Virginia didn’t like the video (I thought it was obnoxious, too) you go after her and tells her that her opinion “makes her look bad?” That’s absurd. The video is NOT entertaining, and the “clever arranging” is corny and distracting. No one is obligated (by gender or anything else) to be supportive of someone’s work, if they find the work poorly done. Get off your sanctimonious pedestal.

        • Avatar Virginia Cooke says:

          Wow thanks Julie, you put that so well. I’ve just come back to this page some time later because I knew that my remarks would be contentious and ‘throw the cat among the pigeons’. It’s funny that the people who are so down on ‘haters’ as they call them are so vehement in the expression of their ideas too. Almost hateful even.

          I know this lady is trying to be helpful and I watched the video again but I do find the cutesy editing and animal sounds to be distracting. And if the viewer doesn’t find the material helpful, then that needs to be taken into consideration.

          However each to their own, and as long as some people did get something out of it, that’s fine by me.

    • Virginia, thanks for the feedback. I can’t change my voice but I can definitely stop flicking the hair. And, I will continue to practice so I can master proper form. Thanks again!

  4. Avatar Babazooleh Khan says:


  5. Avatar Julie Lynn Collins says:

    Worst yoga (or any exercise) video ever. Put your hair in a ponytail and stop trying so hard to be clever.

  6. Maxie, you are so welcome. Hope these exercises help!

  7. Avatar Sami Simpson says:

    Lori, you keep doing you! You’re beautiful and extremely accomplished! Keep working to help people, and listen only to voices who wish to encourage you.
    Your friend and supporter,

  8. Avatar Dawn McGee says:

    Low back pain: yes. Interested in trying yoga: yes. Don’t care to spend a lot of time watching slow, tedious, BORING videos: correct! But, honestly, I was only intrigued by the snarky comments, rather than turned away by them. What could be so bad about this woman’s video to spur such a thread? And her obviously-has-worked-in-retail (poor kindred soul!) responses only made me more curious…WHAT A GREAT LITTLE (thank you) VIDEO!! Now THIS is the kind of person I would want to coach my lazy bum back to it’s happy state of being! Her voice is, well, real. It sounds like the voice of a friend, not trying to sell me something or talk down to me like I’m stupid. It’s warm and vibrant and makes me want DO THAT. And I’ll bet if I tried it and got confused about “form” or struggles with the exercises, she would know just what to say (and SAY it) to keep me going. And, yeah, I forget my scrunchie sometimes, too! “Just keep swimming!” So, gotta go, yoga to try! Peace Babies!

  9. Avatar Lorna says:

    Love your enthusiasm and your video… Your routines are really working for me since I’ve committed to doing them regularly…thank you

  10. Avatar Adam Reeves says:

    Great easy to watch video! Thank you for sharing a helpful tutorial. If you have chronic back pain, it is important to first know the cause then seek treatment accordingly.

  11. Avatar Matt Kaymen says:

    Cool post thanks for sharing! Will try this if I have back pain!

  12. Avatar Matt Kaymen says:

    Great tips thanks for sharing! Will give these a try!

  13. Avatar Katy Jones says:

    Thanks for posting this video. Sometimes it’s easier to understand exercises when you can actually see them!

  14. You can also perform office yoga by sitting on a yoga chair. These yoga moves are effective when performed daily at work, especially for people who sit all day in front of their computer. Yoga does not only give benefits to the human body’s posture for back pain relief, but also for a refreshed mind and good health.

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