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by MyFitnessPal
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As of October 1, 2022, the MyFitnessPal app’s Barcode Scan feature will only be available with a Premium subscription. Barcode Scan allows members to log store-bought foods quickly by scanning the package barcode.

Moving a feature from free to Premium is never an easy decision. We know we’re going to disappoint some members (and we don’t take that lightly — we really like you!). But we also know that making this change will open doors for building even better features down the road, and allow us to continue to offer and maintain a free version of the app.

Free app users can still log any food!

Want to stick with the free app? You’ll still be able to log over 14 million foods from MyFitnessPal’s database — one of the world’s largest.

Simply tap the search box at the bottom of your home screen Dashboard. You can also create and save your own meals, recipes, and foods for easy logging later.

The free version of the MyFitnessPal app remains one of the most comprehensive nutrition and food tracking apps on the market. In addition to food logging, you’ll continue to have access to many useful features to help with your success. You’ll still be able to log weight, hydration, and exercise and have the option to connect to more than 35 fitness partners.

Plus, we’re actively working on new and improved features to ensure all our members have the tools for a successful health and fitness journey.

When does Barcode Scan become a Premium-only feature?

That depends on when you joined MyFitnessPal.

Members who join before September 1, 2022: You’ll continue to have free access to Barcode Scan until October 1.

Members who sign up for a new MyFitnessPal account on or after September 1: You’ll need a Premium subscription to access Barcode Scan.

Have more questions or need assistance? Visit the MyFitnessPal Help Center.

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