Bad Back? Try This 7-Minute Core Workout (Video)

Jessica Smith
by Jessica Smith
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A strong core, which includes the abdominal muscles, can be a helpful tool in the fight against back pain—but only if you’re careful! Traditional abs moves, like floor crunches, can sometimes stress the spine. If you have or have had back issues, they may not be the most effective way to develop strong and supportive abs.

In this short workout video, I’ll show you some of my favorite exercises that use a stability ball to help you build core strength without aggravating your back. These moves can also be modified and done without a ball, which I’ll explain during the workout.

Oh, and be sure to keep an eye out for my “workout” partner, my puppy Peanut, in this vid! (Do you work out with your pets at home, too?)

Did you try the moves? Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below!

Looking for more back friendly, ab-strengthening workout options? Be sure to check out our professionally produced “Walk On” DVD series, which includes our super effective “Flat Abs Walk,” available on Amazon (with FREE U.S. shipping!) here.

Please note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. If you are working with a specific back injury, be sure to get your doctor and/or physical therapist’s approval before attempting this workout. If you suffer from back pain regularly, be sure to consult a professional for an expert diagnosis.

About the Author

Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith

As someone who struggled to lose weight for years, Jessica found that the key to her own 40-pound weight loss was making small, healthy lifestyle changes that led to big, lasting results. Now, as a certified wellcoach, fitness instructor and personal trainer, she has spent the last 15 years helping students and clients reach their goals in New York City, Los Angeles and Miami. She now reaches millions online through her YouTube Channel and home exercise DVD series. Please visit to learn more about her fun, results-driven programs for all levels of exercisers.


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