We believe nutrient-rich, unprocessed ingredients are the foundation of good health and good cooking. We hope you find the recipes featured on Hello Healthy to be as delicious as they are good for you. Below you will find more details about our recipes.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts for all published recipes are first reviewed by a nutrition expert. The nutrition information published is similar to what is included on the Nutrition Facts panels of packaged foods.

The following information is included:

We do our best to also provide monounsaturated fat and potassium content when possible.

Doing the Math

When calculating nutrition information, numbers less than 0.5 are rounded down to 0; 0.5 to 0.9 are rounded up to 1. We do not publish trans fat content because we do not use any ingredients containing these types of fats.

Serving Sizes

Our recipe contributors do their best to provide specific serving sizes. Occasionally we will share recipes in which specific measurements are not available however we will always provide the number of servings so the recipe can be weighed and divided accordingly.

Measurement & Ingredient Specifics

Recipe Designations

Gluten-free: A nutrition expert has verified that the recipes marked as gluten-free do not contain wheat, rye or barley.

A note about gluten and processed foods:
Many processed foods, such as oats, broths, soy sauce and other condiments may contain hidden sources of gluten. Oats are considered gluten-free however due to growing and processing practices some brands may be contaminated with gluten, thus oats should be labeled “gluten-free” if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance. If a recipe calls for a packaged (i.e. jarred or canned) ingredient, we recommend that you carefully read the label to make sure you pick a brand that does not contain a hidden source of gluten. Also, please note that while a recipe may be marked as “gluten-free,” some serving suggestions, optional ingredients and garnishes may contain gluten.

Dairy-free: Contain no milk, cheese, yogurt or other types of animal milk products

Low Carbohydrate (Low Carb):

High Protein

High Fiber

Low Sodium