8 Free Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners

Sabrina Tillman
by Sabrina Tillman
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8 Free Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners

What’s better than low-impact cardio workouts you can do at home whenever it’s convenient without the worry of getting all of the moves right on the first (or even 20th) try? Free low-impact cardio workout videos that you can watch and perform as often as you’d like.

We like the following eight videos for the variety they provide: Whether it’s motivation from a familiar face (picture Jane Fonda), a super-condensed workout for the time-crunched or a heart-pumping Tabata and strength combo, this list offers something for every low-impact cardio lover.

Low-Impact Smorgasbord

Who: Fitness Blender

The folks at Fitness Blender offer a generous library of free workout videos for all levels; it’s their format that makes it so easy for beginners to follow. Not only does each video offer a short, but necessary overview of the coming workout, but they also provide a preview of the coming exercise in the top left corner (with a T-minus seconds countdown to when you can expect the next move to start) so you don’t lose focus on the move you’re currently doing in the scramble to remember the move to come.

For a sample, try their calorie-burning low-impact cardio workout for beginners.

25-Minute Cardio

Who: HASFit

HASFit’s philosophy is “no games, no gimmicks, just results,” so if you’re ready to work for what you want, this is a good place to go for more than 1,000 free full-length workouts. This doesn’t mean all of the workouts are for a hardcore audience; the 25-Minute Beginner Cardio Workout will make you sweat with only a light pair of dumbbells.

Joint-Friendly Cardio

Who: Denise Austin

If you’re looking for low-intensity cardio that’s easy on the joints delivered with a sunny disposition, Denise Austin’s your gal. If you’re an early riser who likes to work out before the rest of the household wakes up, you’ll appreciate the extra dose of motivation Denise’s can-do attitude provides. The easy-to-follow, repetitive choreography will have even the most uncoordinated exerciser in sync with the girls in no time.

Try Denise’s cardio walking workout if you’re just starting your fitness journey or are coming back from an injury or layoff. She packs plenty of low-impact cardio stimulus into 15 minutes.

12-Minute Circuit

Who: Paige Waehner

If you only have 15 minutes to spare, try one round of this 12-minute low-impact circuit to get your heart rate up fast. Trainer Paige demonstrates the workout with light hand weights and a medicine ball, but you can complete the moves without any equipment at all. Heads up: This video features higher intensity moves that might not be ideal for those with knee pain or those who are brand new to working out.

Tabata + Lower Body Strength Combo

Who: Fitness Type

Want to try a Tabata cardio and strength-training workout in the privacy of your own home? This 20-minute workout highlights two sets of lower body strengthening moves and low-impact cardio to get the blood flowing. Users get a few seconds of rest between sets, and the repetitive nature of the same two exercise sets makes it easy to learn the workout quickly.

Walking Cardio

Who: Jane Fonda

If you want to switch up your walking routine or the weather outside isn’t playing nice, aerobics icon Jane Fonda will have you moving and grooving in your living room in this 26-minute video. Jane’s easy-to-follow, expertly styled video will loosen up your joints and get you moving with good form. Is it just us or does Jane still move as well as she did decades ago?

Yes, You Have 9 Minutes to Work Out

Who: Jessica Smith

Jessica proves that high intensity interval training can be both fast and low impact in this challenging yet achievable video. Before you realize you’re tired, the workout is over! While easy to follow, this workout moves fast, and uses big, total-body moves to get the job done.

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About the Author

Sabrina Tillman
Sabrina Tillman

Sabrina Tillman is the managing editor for MyFitnessPal. She’s a dedicated runner, Pilates enthusiast and homecook whose knack for creating dishes on the fly (as well as food her son will actually eat) with whatever ingredients are in the house earned her the nickname “Kitchen MacGyver” by her husband. If she can find any spare time, she enjoys chasing her son, reading, attempting to bake, and napping.

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10 responses to “8 Free Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners”

  1. Avatar Jon says:

    Looks a nice steady buildup,it,s good to start slow.

  2. Avatar Sarah says:

    I just did the Jane Fonda one and it made me break a sweat, which I wasn’t expecting! My mom used “do Jane” when I was a kid, and she looks incredible still, now that I’m nearly 40. Go Jane!

  3. Avatar Phillylou says:

    Where can I find gentle workout info for people with double knee replacements? Lunges, lying on the floor etc is impossible for me , I can’t get off the floor( cos I can’t kneel on my joints) and they aren’t designed for exess bending at silly angles .

    • Avatar Vickiti says:

      I am in the same boat Phillylou – can’t kneel, can’t lunge. I can manage to get up off the floor, but not with an audience as its not very dignified! 🙂

    • Avatar Rica Gilmore says:

      If you have completed the physical therapy and have doctor approval for a workout, I would suggest finding a NASM certified personal trainer in your area that holds a specialized certificate in Corrective Exercise Training. They will do assessments to determine areas that need lengthened, make sure each exercise is being completed correctly, and adjust where needed. Fees vary, but it is the best way to ensure a proper workout you can stick too without a injury to set you back. (I have had two serious injuries working out requiring surgeries – one from a uncertified trainer throwing my legs with out warning during a standing sit up – hernia -. Another injury was to my heart – too much cardio at one time (cortisol issues and had to have my heart fixed). Having a trained professional is worth it!

  4. Avatar Shane says:

    Me too, Phillylou and Vickiti, 4 knee surgeries with #5 soon. My knees only bend at 95 degrees and I can’t kneel. I would love a low impact fat burning workout for women like us!

  5. Avatar gr8p says:

    I highly recommend FitnessBlender workouts. They are great!

  6. Avatar sivispacempara says:

    Jane Fonda will give you a nice cardio workout on your march to a Vietnamese death camp #hanoi jane

  7. Avatar Marlo Mytty says:

    I watched the Denise Austin low impact cardio workout as I’m a new instructor putting together a low impact routine for seniors and looking for ideas. Good routines (not all appropriate for seniors), but I find her constant focus on working out for looks and calorie burning a bit off-putting, even though I am thin and fit. It made me wonder how old this video is (I forgot to look). Fitness instructor 101 is to focus on feeling good and health, not looks. I could hardly stomach it honestly. I hope she doesn’t teach public classes in that vain; this attitude is a bit dated and should be.

  8. Avatar RaeRae says:

    My biggest question is..how do we log any of this in our diary? There doesn’t seem to be a database entry for HIIT, so aerobics? I have no idea…

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