7 Ways to Burn Calories Now That Spring Has Sprung

Macaela Mackenzie
by Macaela Mackenzie
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7 Ways to Burn Calories Now That Spring Has Sprung

At long last, spring is in the air! The return of warmer temperatures means you can finally think about outdoor runs again, but it does complicate things a little if you prefer to get your sweat on at a gym or yoga studio. That shouldn’t stop you from mixing it up: Spring is filled with plenty of calorie-burning opportunities that won’t prevent you from stopping to smell the freshly budding flowers. Bring on swimsuit season.

*Calorie burn calculated for a 150-pound person doing 1 hour of activity.

Warmer weekend weather practically begs for a bike ride. Forget spin class and saddle up outdoors to kill some calories.
Calories burned: 140
Food equivalent: 5 Peeps

Spring cleaning isn’t all bad — getting to those end-of-winter household tasks is an unexpectedly big calorie burner.
Calories burned: 360
Food equivalent: 1 serving of strawberry shortcake

Check out Mother Nature’s new threads, get some fresh air and a good sweat session by hitting the trails.
Calories burned: 405
Food equivalent: 6 deviled eggs

Earn your Easter treats by joining the kids. All that running around and stooping to spot eggs racks up a solid calorie burn.
Calories burned: 215
Food equivalent: 1 solid milk chocolate bunny

Getting your hands dirty in the garden can be as effective as working up a sweat in the gym. Plus you’ll be left with some solid landscaping.
Calories burned: 370
Food equivalent: 3 helpings of honey-glazed ham

Warmer weather means afternoons spent on the greens. Toting your clubs over nine holes torches major calories.
Calories burned: 300
Food equivalent: 3 marshmallow eggs

Sometimes it’s enough just to be outside after a long winter. Tossing a ball or a Frisbee around the yard is a great way to enjoy the weather while sneaking in a little workout.
Calories burned: 180
Food equivalent: 1 small slice of sweet potato pie


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Macaela Mackenzie

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