5 Move Bodyweight Glute Workout That’s Actually Fun

by AcaciaTV
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5 Move Bodyweight Glute Workout That’s Actually Fun

As kids, we used to spend large parts of our days just itching to get outside and run around. Recess was our workout and the playground was our gym.

So what the heck happened?

Somewhere between the mortgage, the commute, and the PTA meetings, fitness became cumbersome–yet another item on our already-overloaded to-do lists. Now we find ourselves longing to lie down for an hour. Sometimes, there isn’t enough money in the world to convince us to get up and move.

Well, DING DING DING … I’m ringing the recess bell again my friends!

Gather up the whole family and go play outside. Fight that urge to retreat into the house. Instead, head to the playground for my 5-move lower body blast that requires just 2 swings and a willingness to leave all those boring workouts in the dust.

By the way, if you start now you’ll be sporting leaner legs and a bootylicious backside just in time for leggings season. So keep it simple, keep it fun and earn yourself a rockin’ lower half to boot.

Single Leg Swing Split Squats: Get those quads, hammies, and glutes firing on all cylinders with this strength-building powerhouse. Keep your chest up and be sure that the knee of your standing leg always tracks over your second and third toes as you lower into the movement.

Single Leg Swing Squats: Nothing like being on one leg to supercharge your stability. Use your arms as little as possible and again, be sure to keep your knee tracking over your second and third toes.

Swing Leg Curls: Your whole backside will light up with this one but it’s also an awesome stabilization move for your core. Keep your hips lifted through the entire move and press into your heels to bring your feet into your butt.

Swing Mountain Climbers: This one will get your heart rate soaring. Move quickly but maintain control of the movement—minimize any twisting by engaging your core and hips.

Swing Hip Ups: This suspended straight leg version of a classic (yet underappreciated) exercise will shape your tush like nothing else can. Remember that the hips rise when you press into your heels so stop when you have to press with your toes or bend your knees–that’s working other muscles and often acts more as a stretch than a strength move.

One quick note before beginning each move—always set up your body positioning at the peak position of each move then return to the start position. This way, you’ll be less likely to make adjustments mid-move.

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Got better ideas for making your workouts child’s play? Give ‘em up on Twitter or Facebook.

—By Alison Heilig for AcaciaTV.

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