5-Move Action Core Workout

by Hot5
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5-Move Action Core Workout

Have you ever seen a tree with branches stronger than its trunk? We haven’t either. Having a strong core allows you to be stronger from every angle and gives you the physical stability you need to do just about anything in your life. From getting in and out of a car to downhill skiing, your core is your powerhouse. Strengthen it. You’ll be happy you did!

This Hot5 Action Core Workout combines moves that give you mobility, challenge your stability, and take you on a multi-directional tour of your trunk.

For best results, do each exercise for 1 minute, and do the circuit 3 to 5 times.

1. Revolving Warrior

Get in a plank position: keep your core engaged and your hands directly under your shoulders. Lower your chest to the floor, and press back up to plank. Then bring your right foot forward to a runner’s stretch position and your right arm up to the ceiling. Bring your arm back down, step back to a plank position and repeat on the other side.

2. Bullfrog

Stand with your feet out wider than your hips. Take your palms to the floor, jump both feet back, and take your hips back towards your heels. Then transfer your weight forward over your hands, take your hips back again towards your feet, and jump your feet back to a wide stance. Come up to a standing position.

3. Rotating Side Plank A

From a side plank position, on your left forearm with your left leg bent and your right leg straight, extend your right arm up to the ceiling. Squeeze under your left arm and engage your core for stability. From here, take your right arm and reach underneath your left arm in a rotation. Extend your right arm back up towards the ceiling. Repeat.

4. Rotating Side Plank B

Find your side plank position on the right side with your forearm on the floor. Bend your right leg and keep your left leg straight. Extend your left arm up towards the ceiling. Squeeze under your right arm and engage your core for stability. From here take your left arm and reach underneath your right arm in a rotation. Extend your arm back up towards the ceiling. Repeat.

5. Hot5 Get Up

From a standing position, take your right hand to the floor and your right leg back behind you, lowering your hips to the floor. Roll your core and upper body onto the floor. Reverse this movement by curling your core and upper body back up, placing your right hand on the floor and pressing into the floor with your right foot to come back up to standing. Change sides and repeat.

Work Your Core

This 5-minute core workout will push you further than any set of crunches you have ever done. It’s active and challenges you to move from your middle while moving your entire body. Remember to breathe all the way in and all the way out as you complete the exercises. The oxygenated blood flow will help your muscles move through their entire range of motion.

To follow along with the workout on your phone, download the Hot5 Fitness App for your iPhone.

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