5 Audiobooks to Read (Yes, Read) on Your Next Walk

Lonny Pugh
by Lonny Pugh
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Any lover of literature will tell you a good story can make you forget all about your life, which comes in handy if your life at the moment consists of spending 30 minutes on a treadmill.

While you might be a voracious reader of actual books, audiobooks are handy to pass the time, especially if you have to watch where you’re going like when you’re walking or running.

Here are five enticing, fictional audiobooks, perfect to tone your mind along with your body during your next cardio session.

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About the Author

Lonny Pugh
Lonny Pugh

Lonny is a writer and editor based in New York. He’s written for PaperLos AngelesVariety and others. If you see someone who looks like him wandering the streets with a mirrorless camera, or casing the new-fiction table at an indie bookstore, or squinting into a laptop at a cafe, that’s almost definitely him.


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