3 Ab Workouts That Don’t Require Equipment

Tony Bonvechio
by Tony Bonvechio
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3 Ab Workouts That Don’t Require Equipment

No gym? No equipment? No problem. These three at-home abdominal workouts will challenge your core strength and endurance using only your body weight.

The exercises are grouped into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories so you can match the workout to your fitness level. As you get stronger, increase the number of reps or amount of time for each exercise. Once the routine becomes easy, progress to the next level for more of a challenge.

Technique tip: Brace your core throughout every exercise. Imagine someone is about to punch you in the stomach — that stiffening feeling is what your abs are meant to do. Also, inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth with pursed lips to use your abs to their fullest potential.





About the Author

Tony Bonvechio
Tony Bonvechio

Tony Bonvechio (@bonvecstrength) is the co-owner of The Strength House in Worcester, MA, where he trains primarily powerlifters and team sport athletes. A former college baseball player turned powerlifter, he earned his Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Adelphi University. You can read more from Tony at bonvecstrength.com.


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