This 1-Minute Routine Can Help You Get More Quality Sleep

This 1-Minute Routine Can Help You Get More Quality Sleep

by AcaciaTV
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This 1-Minute Routine Can Help You Get More Quality Sleep

Sleep like a baby panda with this nighttime jammy yoga routine!

I know how tempting it is to want to wring as much out of each evening as you can — it’s truly your own time, away from work, away from kids (if they’re young enough to go to sleep before you do). You can certainly find me up past the time when I’m tired, sometimes working, sometimes goofing off on Facebook, sometimes watching Amazon Prime (and sometimes all three).

And then at some point you look at the clock, calculate how many hours of sleep you aren’t going to be getting, and feel like you have to get in bed as soon as possible to maximize your hours of rest.

But if you go straight from doing mentally stimulating activities to lying in bed with the lights out, odds are you’re going to have a harder time drifting off to sleep. Just like toddlers, grown-ups need some sort of bedtime routine to get us ready to conk out — and I’m not just talking about brushing your teeth.

This is the routine I do before going to sleep. I do it in my jammies, so that when I’m done I can just pour myself into bed. It wrings tension out of your back, releases the neck and shoulders, and turns down the volume of your thoughts. You could do just one of these moves, or string them together into a five-minute sequence. No matter how much or how little time you give it, you are going to be making it easier for yourself to slip off into sleep. And that’s a beautiful thing!

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  • Wanting to sleep well

    Bummer. My beliefs won’t allow me to hook up with a spirit besides my God, which is what yoga is.

    • Wanting to sleep well

      Meaning, yoga is hooking up with a spirit.

      • Keep an open mind

        No, meaning yoga is an exercise geared toward improving your connection to the God in your heart. Pray to the God you believe in through every class. God is love.

      • auntbitsy

        Even if that were true, this isn’t truly yoga. This is stretching. Your body will thank you. And your God can be happy that you’re treating your body like a temple.

      • merty77

        First of all, I’ve done yoga for many many years and taken many yoga classes and no one has EVER mentioned any sort of god or spirituality in any of those classes. After years and years of practice it MAY inspire you to be a better person–more caring, mindful, and conscious of all life– it may inspire you to eat healthier, or even try to be vegetarian. It’s all about your mindset. If you’re not open to any of it, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. What it will do is make you less stressed out.
        Second, why not just pretend that your god invented yoga? If you’re monotheistic and believe in an all-powerful being, it’s not far off.
        Third, why are you scared of spirits, don’t you believe in one anyway? What’s it going to do you that’s so evil? Aren’t your beliefs and faith strong enough to withstand it?
        I don’t get it.

    • Saralley

      Yoga has nothing to do with other spirits, but all to do with finding to yourself. Just like praying you come to rest and can think about you and your God. No other being involved.

    • Steven Hulse

      Well, you’ve already created one reason to not rest well at night. Take religion out of it seriously. I really don’t think the Christian God will smite you for doing something to take care of yourself, relax, be happy and healthy. Live a longer life so you can devote to your god longer. I’m Buddhist and I “attempt” (I’m not very good) yoga purely for the health benefits.

    • vice86

      I hope Wanting To Sleep Well is joking. Its stretching. Deal with it and stop making everything about you and your religion…Christ.

      • Well-sleeping God’s man

        It is a stretch, but they call it Yoga. The spirit is behind that wanting to get people away from God – The same Christ you mention ;).Let me give you a counter example. If I tell you (or somebody not christian) ” We’ll go take a bad in the sea/river – just refreshing water, but we will call it Baptizing” Would you do it? I personally would make the stretch, but never go to Yoga classes to do it or acknowledge it is yoga. it’s the state of the mind while doing it. Some say, yoga is worshiping body positions to other gods. I would rather stay away as well.

        And to “wanting to sleep well’ – Well, ask for it to YOU-KNOW-WHOM 🙂

        • jed

          Wow. You brought an entire does of “Yikes” to this discussion, didn’t ya.

    • Wife Of Bath

      So? Then don’t do this activity. I’m sure there are other things that will improve your sleep. Go find them. Do you expect us to bow down to your sanctimoniousness?

    • Yuppers

      What the hell are you talking about? This is stretching. And there is nothing about yoga that is mentioned in the bible. Yoga is a form of meditation to calm your nerves and anxiety. There’s nothing about spirits or whatever the heck you’re envisioning…

    • Pinkdaisy

      You clearly have no idea what yoga is about. And btw, that wasn’t yoga.

    • ManhattanMango


    • Georgia Coleman

      I am also a Christian, and you are confusing yoga with transendental meditation. Yoga is just exercise and stretching that’s all.

  • bubbles

    It mesmerizes me how many people are still so close minded, and ignorant of the meaning of meeting their own inner selves “One body one Mind, one soul”, YOURS! and the disconnection of their conscious to their sub-consciousness, humanity is running on an automate mode. To busy to pay attention to their own bodies. Yoga means unity with your inner self, if you do believe as you say in “your GOD”, just answer this question – is your God Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Islamic or any other demonization? – NO! GOD is GOD there is only one GOD. The rest is organized Religion. He has nothing to do with what you do or do not with your body. He said “God will help those who help themselves”. I know we tent to blame anything we don’t like (i.e. illness) on him.

    So if Yoga can help anyone becoming a more compassionate and meaningful and healthy part of humanity why not practice that. It all starts with a good night sleep, and wake up saying “JUST FOR TODAY,… I’ll take care of my body and every living thing around me”.

    I have been practicing, and teaching yoga for over 30 years and not once it has come between my belief in my GOD.

    • suziequzie61

      I hate to break this to you, but God NEVER said He will help those who help themselves! That’s just ignorant. As a matter of fact, God can work better in those who realize that they CAN’T help themselves!

  • guliegirl

    My god! Can evryone just shut up lmao

  • Sillysally

    Ok, I don’t understand. What was the ending? You put a pillow between your legs and put your head on a book for how long? Is that the end? Weird ending.

  • Saravom

    Just call it stretching instead of yoga! Now, the situation is solved. No more excuses for extreme religious people.

  • Juan Vega

    Liberals, calm down. Can someone have an opinion without all of your hell breaking loose? If wtsw has a problem with yoga, let it be. That’s not being sanctimonious, that’s simply having principles to live by. Some of the rest of you might want to try that!