The New Healthier You Fitness Plan, Day 2: Total-Body Strength

by Jessica Smith
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The New Healthier You Fitness Plan, Day 2: Total-Body Strength

Welcome back to The New Healthier You Fitness Plan. On day 2 of each week, we’ll focus on developing total-body strength.

Workout 2 incorporates the use of a sturdy chair (you may also want a mat or a towel for the floor work), and utilizes some basic, but extremely effective, bodyweight strength moves.

Beginners, follow along using just your bodyweight. If you are a more experienced exerciser, feel free to do the moves with dumbbells. And be sure to listen for options during the workout to keep it more simple or to make the moves more advanced.

Beginners, try the following circuit once through. Once you feel ready to try more, work your way up to 3 rounds of the circuit in total—you can do them all at once or break them up throughout the day into 3 separate 10-minute sessions. Both options offer great benefits.



*Beginners, feel free to repeat round 1 moves again if round 2 moves are too tough today. Note: The interval durations above are an estimate.

Leave me a comment below and let me know if you did the workout. What was your favorite (or least favorite) move? Let’s keep checking in with each other for extra accountability and support.

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Prefer to do your own thing? Schedule in 10–60 minutes of your favorite resistance training exercises.


  • Wendy

    I like the video, however, there is no sound. Can’t hear you.

    • jessicasmithtv

      Hi Wendy! You may have the mute button pressed on the player. If you click on the icon to the right of the play button at the bottom of the video player you can adjust the volume accordingly. Hope that helps 🙂

  • Kegan

    Great 10min workout! I really liked the pushups and extensions. I did this on my lunch hour and it fit into my normal routine perfectly!

    • jessicasmithtv

      Thanks for trying it out with me Kegan! 🙂

      • Ashley

        Love the video! How many calories does this burn?

        • jessicasmithtv

          Thanks Ashley! We don’t offer calorie counts for our workouts as there are so many factors that vary by individual, but if you’d like to track it in the MFP app you can use “aerobics” for the cardio routines and “circuit training” for the strength focused ones (total body, core, etc). Hope that helps 🙂

  • Michelle

    Thank you for another great inspirational and motivating beginner work out! You are exactly what I need right now!!!

    • jessicasmithtv

      Thanks for working out with me Michelle! 🙂

  • lauragetty

    MyFitnessPal is such a great tracking tool for food intake and exercise. How about adding these workouts to your exercise database so we can add them quickly and easily? Thanks.

    • Rachel Lane

      Totally agree!! Would make the tracking of this so much easier

  • Jen

    Is there anywhere to find a daily task list of the whole for week plan for printable purposes rather than having to look up each individual day? I apologize in advance if anyone has already asked this question.

  • Tammy Cook

    Done! Pushups and planks are so hard for me! Need to build more upper strength. Thank you!

  • Heidi

    3 1/2 years ago I was running 5ks, contemplating a 10k. Today I couldn’t even get through the Day 2 exercises once, let alone 3 times!!!! 🙁 So here’s where I start, and I don’t think I can go anywhere but up.

  • Heather

    Done and done!

  • Amy

    OMG! That was a good workout. Sweat us dripping down my neck. I feel the same as Heidi. Used to be fit and now doing 2 rounds is difficult. It’s so easy to let yourself go and so difficult to get back to where you were. One exercise session at a time…One meal at a time… I love that I am slightly a little bit stronger than i was yesterday .

  • Intercessor

    Great way to end the day. Day three, I can’t wait.

  • Prathibha Jose

    grt work out day 2 for me
    I really want to complete the whole 4 weeks

  • Rachel Lane

    DONE! Did the Day 1 HIIT first and this one immediately after. Day 1 was easy, but Day 2? Not so much. Clearly need to work on strength training because I struggled with all of it! Sad how much I’ve let myself go, this should have been an easy workout. Onwards and upwards from here!

  • Maureen

    Did 3 rounds and feel great! Day 1 was great and am going to do day 3 now.

  • Prathibha Jose

    Hi Jessica,
    For day 5 i need to do only this 10 min work out, is that right?

  • anon

    I can’t seem to find the video, unfortunately.

  • Michele

    excellent workout

  • Azurechina

    Where can I find the video?

  • Vikki Lynde Tiffany

    I understood, and was able to do wall modification for pushup. However, I was lost with most of the other floor type moves. I have pain in the knees, and cannot stand to even kneel on them. Would you, at some time, add a demo of any modifications?

  • Brenda

    Hi Jessica, I am on day 2 of your program. Where do I find the Total Body Strength Workout on my FitnessPal.

  • Melanie Vincell Brown

    I did this workout today for day 2 and man! Who knew 10 minutes could work you so hard!

  • Tammy Cook

    day 2 – done!