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What Personal Trainers Say About Personal Trainers

by MyFitnessPal
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Lacking workout motivation? Don’t know where to start your health and fitness journey? Enlisting the help of a certified personal trainer could be the difference between failing to reach your goal and finally lifting that weight, running that mile or seeing that number on the scale.

But what’s the deal with trainers? After all, they are just people like you and me, right? How do you know if this girl or that guy will be right for you? Do you need someone to be strict with you, or are you more of an easy-crier? Is personal training worth the (sometimes rather large) cost? 

We went right to the source to find out inside information on personal trainers from people who know them best — personal trainers. These experts provide insight into their own profession and even provide a little on-screen motivation for you to use immediately.

What do you want to know about working with a personal trainer? Have you ever hired one before? Do you currently work with one? We want to know about your experience. Share your questions and comments below!


  • Vienna Love

    I had a personal trainer that I traveled far for to have someone I felt comfortable with and was reasonably priced, but she would often cancel on me 15 minutes before our session, she cancelled a total of 4 times before I quit. It didn’t feel like she believed in me.

    I’ve lost 40lbs since then, and would love to have a trainer again when I’m able to exercise (I’ve just had knee surgery) because I still have a lot, a lot, a lot of weight to lose, and I love exercise but I felt so uncomfortable and judged the last time I had a trainer, and don’t want to go through that again.

    How do you make clients feel comfortable, and how do you approach weight loss with someone with so much weight (100+lbs) to lose?

    • AndE

      I feel your pain…not with the surgery but with the amount of weight and the bad experience with the gym. I would recommend that you don’t let that stop you from doing a good thing for yourself. My first trainer was terrible too but I just decided to try a new one since I wasn’t happy and it worked out much better. Someone will work for you, don’t get discouraged. And I have lost over 100lbs, it’s no easy task and support is never a bad thing to have. You can do it!

      • Vienna Love

        Thank you so much, it’s hard because I’m already an active person (albeit a fat one!) it’s just finding the right exercise to help me, but needing to take 2-3 months off should help everything start to shift again too when I get back to exercise. My determination is currently stronger than ever, so thank you for sharing, and congratulations on your loss! People like you keep me inspired.

      • What do you want to know about working with a personal trainer? Have you ever hired one before? Do you currently work with one? We want to know about your experience. Share your questions and comments below!

    • patricia hetherington

      I’ve been a trainer for over 30 years and have seen much come and go. My niche is pre/post rehab and corrective exercise. I firmly believe in total personal development which includes deep questioning (answers come through the body, not simply words). Between training and questioning, my goal is to move my clients along in life to where they don’t need me. When they are personally empowered we both win.

  • AndE

    I never really bought into trainers before…but I also never hit a fitness goal before. After I lost about 100lbs on my own by changing my diet I plateaued and knew I needed to hit the gym. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very comfortable in one, so I looked into a trainer. My first one was a flop, he didn’t really seem as invested as I was in helping me achieve my goals, but I chose a different one and had a much better experience with him. Not only am I comfortable with a lot of new workouts, they are feeling more effective and I’m gaining a lot of confidence, pushing myself further and hitting my fitness goals one month at a time. It’s probably the best choice I have made for my health ever and it’s a lot cheaper than the diet plans I have tried and failed on in the past. He helps me with everything from nutrition to proper form and I’m actually enjoying going to the gym each day even if I don’t have an appointment. I only have him for a year but I think the whole point of getting a trainer is so that in the future I won’t need one because I have spent a year learning how to stay healthy and at my desired fitness level – the right way!

  • Jeremy Kring

    Hello. Vienna,
    I was on logging my food and came across this article and discussion. I am a personal trainer, and like in any profession you have good, committed professionals and some that are not so committed.
    I would consider myself successful and while I have degrees and certifications, what my clients seem to care about most is how our personalities mesh, and how I am as committed to them as I am to living a fit lifestyle. So my advice to you is, find a qualified trainer (proper certification), one you jive with and one that will only cancel on you when there is literally no other choice. Things come up and being a single father I totally appreciate the challenges but in the last 5 years I think I only cancelled twice in total. So if you’re getting an excuse even once a month, it isn’t a lack of belief from the trainer as much as maybe that trainer lacks the necessary commitment to be your trainer and you should find someone who is.

    • Tatiana Calderon

      Hi Jeremy,
      Are you in New York? I need a trainer.

      • Jeremy Kring

        I am not located in New York. I do offer one-to-one training via Skype/FaceTime but that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re looking for an in person trainer in New York send me a message roughly where you’re located and I could point you in the right direction.

  • Ben

    I don’t think they’d be worth it if you’re diet is crap. You are what you eat. No exercise routine or trainer can fix that. Unless you fix your diet first, don’t bother

  • Robin

    I currently have a trainer (for the first time ever) and he is amazing. He checks in on my diet constantly, he motivates and pushes me every session, and even on the days I come in alone he comes up to check on me. He has been worth every penny. He really seems to care and want me to succeed in my journey. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

  • Jeremy Kring

    It’s been my experience that people think (90%) they are eating well, when in fact they’re eating either 1. Eating too much (even of a good thing) 2. They’re eating good foods but are missing other necessary foods 3. Are still deficient in either water, minerals or vitamins

    The reality is if what you’re doing isn’t working the longer you go down that path the harder it becomes to correct it, and the less likely you will reach your goals. So if someone needs help with their diet or their exercise the sooner they get it the sooner they can get on track. That means less time being unhealthy, less risk of chronic conditions and less time with a poor self image.

  • LiBrown

    I belong to a gym and wanted a trainer to make sure I kept on track. In the past 6 months I have had at least 6 different trainers. They have been young, between the ages of 19 and 23. They leave the gym because the pay is low, although the cost to me isn’t low, or they are returning to school. I’m retired and, except for one young man who was a very positive and knowledgeable trainer, I have not felt that the trainers were worth it. I signed a one year contract and can’t wait until it runs out.