The Current State of Fitness Trends [HEAT MAP]

by Brittany Risher
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The Current State of Fitness Trends [HEAT MAP]

This year, HIIT came on strong. Now it seems impossible to walk into a gym and not see people doing HIIT. Whether it’s because they’re short on time, they want to be pushed, they want fast results or all of the above, everyone seems to be doing high-intensity interval training. That’s why we’re declaring HIIT the hottest fitness trend of 2016.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve seen recovery become not just something we say but something we actually seek out. “This is due in part to the need to balance high-intensity training with active recovery,” says Stephen Tharrett, co-founder of ClubIntel, a brand insights company. “And it’s also due to the understanding by fitness professionals that using myofascial release, stretching and other active recovery tools will enhance overall performance.”

In the last year, our community data saw dance classes cool off, as well as ClassPass. “ClassPass is experiencing a flattening of growth due to market saturation and changes in their approach to pricing and packaging, especially in larger urban markets,” Tharrett says.

We took the liberty of mapping out the rising and falling fitness trends of 2016 in this handy heat map.




  • High intensity interval training is definitely hot. Caters to those who have limited time who want quick results.

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    That is the lamest heat map I’ve ever seen

    • gremlin