Kati Mora, MS, RDN

December 14, 2016

4 Signs You’re an Emotional Eater

Take a moment and think about the last time you ate something. Whether it was a full-on meal or a quick and easy snack, the decision to eat was probably impacted by a number of variables. Did you eat...
October 7, 2016

Is It OK To Eat My Kryptonite Food?

Though it works for Superman, completely avoiding kryptonite foods may not be the best approach for you. Everyone struggles with something. Even Superman has a weakness: kryptonite. Like Superman,...
August 31, 2016

How to Beat Boredom Eating

We’ve all been there. Fridge door open, aimlessly staring at the food choices in front of us. We’re not really hungry, but eating seems like a good way to pass the time.  Sound familiar? It...