Erik Taylor

March 4, 2017

Your 14-Day Plan to Walk More Steps

For the next 14 days, it’s time to ratchet up your fitness level. Wherever you are on the fitness spectrum — an off-the-couch beginner, beginner/intermediate or intermediate — it’s time to...
November 1, 2016

The Secret to Making Resolutions That Stick

The New Year is quickly coming, so let the resolution setting begin! Lose weight, get to the gym twice a week, find a better job or relationship, save money, and watch less Netflix are just some of...
September 10, 2015

5-Step Plan to Start Your Weight-Loss Journey

When it comes to weight loss, we get bombarded with a lot of BS: pills, quick fixes, fitness DVDs and podcasts, juice fasts … and the list gets longer and longer. Guarantees are promised, and hopes...