8 Fitness Videos You Can’t Get Enough Of

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8 Fitness Videos You Can’t Get Enough Of

Working out at home is more popular than ever! But even the most motivated cardio and strength trainers among us needs a little push from a virtual trainer now and then—that’s where DVDs, apps, and online videos can really help! When we asked you to share your favorite workout videos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ recently, you didn’t hold back. Here are 8 fitness DVDs that get your sweat going.

1. Anything from Jillian Michaels

  • “Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Every muscle is sore, so I’m getting an awesome workout!” —Marilyn C.
  • “Jillian Michaels Shred it With Weights. I love kettlebell workouts!” —Shannon A. H.
  • “Anything Jillian Michaels!!! I have a selection and work through them daily!” —Paula F.
  • “Jillian Michaels—no annoying chat, just motivational and works you hard.” —Hilary B.
  • “Anything Jillian Michaels. She’s a killer, but it works. I feel awesome when I’m done!” —Melanie A.

2. Focus T25 from Shaun T

  • “T25 speed 2.0. It works everything in 25 minutes. I’m a sweaty beast when I’m done. LOL” —Jennifer D.
  • “T25 because they are hard core and only 25 minutes. Everyone can make time for 25 minutes” —Alli S. M.
  • “Focus T25!!! I have a love-hate relationship with Shaun T! Love that it does the work in 25 minutes. Hate, well, I don’t like to exercise. LOL” —Frances D. E.
  • “I’ve been doing T25, I love them because it mixes it up everyday and its only 25 minutes. But… those 25 minutes kick my butt!” –Erica Beasley
  • “T25! 25 minutes and you’re done. Helped me lose 22 pounds and got me into coaching others to do the same.” —Kelcey W. E.

3. Insanity with Shaun T

  • “Insanity, because it makes me sweat!” —Tracy B.
  • “Insanity. No matter how many times I do it, the level of intensity is bananas!!!” —Dietra T. M.
  • Insanity!!! It’s an amazing workout with no weights—body weight only!” —Lori T. C.
  • “Insanity is the BOMB!”  —Donald M. R.

4. Tae Bo with Billy Blanks

  • “I keep it old school with Tae Bo. I lost 40 pounds for my wedding with the help of Billy Blanks! I love that man!” —Briana M.
  • “Billy Blanks Tae Bo! An excellent workout! Love it!!! —Emma H.
  • “Billy Blanks Tae Bo. Lets you release stress while exercising.” —Dee S.

5. Turbo Fire with Chalene Johnson

  • Turbo Fire—any of them! Because they are fun, fast and effective!” —Amy D. S.
  • “Turbo Fire—I am energized afterwards!” —Lisa R.
  • “I love the energy, music, and Chalene Johnson! She is upbeat and positive; and I find myself smiling through the workouts even when I am messing up.” —Denise M. M.

6. P90x with Tony Horton

  • “P90x3—I have gotten ripped from the 30-minute workouts. Love this program!” —Kim B.
  • “P90X3. Only 30 minutes, so I don’t have an excuse not to do it.” —Jason C.

7. The Original Step Reebok with Gin Miller

  • “Old school: Step Reebok with Gin Miller. I love the beat and the intensity of the video!” —Karrie I. J.
  • “I like Step Reebok. It is an older workout and the music is great!” —Sally K.

8. Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home

  • “Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home is great because I’m 57 with severe osteoporosis of the hip and can only do low impact.” —Cheryl K.
  • “Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home series of videos. I started at a beginner level, but it has a multitude of choices for ramping up my cardio. Love her!” —Christine M.

Did your top workout DVD, app, or online video make the list? Share your favorites in the comments below!


  • k8blujay

    Nope… because the videos bore me after doing them one or two times… I like to change things up and the videos don’t do that for me.

    • disqus_wkz0OeTEcR

      I have a wide variety of about 2 dozen videos – it keeps me from getting bored. I rotate through them so I only do the same one about every 3 weeks.

  • J

    Billy Blanks???

  • Jefsekingv

    How much money does this site get from promoting these videos

    • JoanneSchoturd

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  • Sknevins5

    Love anything Chalene Johnson – favorite is ChaLean Extreme. I love how slow and deliberate the weight work outs are. She is my favorite video instructor by far. T25 is very good but wish Chalene was the one talking!

  • Taryn

    Tracey Anderson is my fitness guru above all because she lifts and tones all those areas that don’t like to stay lifted. The Method and Metamorphosis
    is where it’s at!

  • Constinteen

    Kelly Coffey Meyer is my absolute favorite. Circuit Burn is probably my favorite video of hers so far. I’m drenched at the end but it is so fun! Jari Love is another of my faves.

  • Amber

    Love Love Turbo Fire, Turbo Jam, ChaLEAN Extreme, Insanity and T25. I have loved Jillian Michaels in past- but, I like to mix things up!

  • I love “Faithful Workouts!” Michele Spadafora combines total body moves and cardio along with inspiration from a Christian point of view. These workouts are challenging and effective and fun!

  • Marianne Albretsen

    Beachbody just released the home version of Piyo! I normally don’t do at home DVDs but I will get this one 🙂

  • disqus_wkz0OeTEcR

    My favorite is Ellen Barrett. Gentle, yet effective.

  • Poof

    I actually love Rush Fit!! It challenges me while allowing me to make modifications if I’m not physically ready for certain moves. And it changes so much that I’m not bored.

  • Allemande

    I like Gin Miller for Step, Leslie Sansone when I have fallen off the wagon for a while, but my all time fave is Ellen Barrett. I feel completely energized after any of her workouts

  • I love the TurboFire workout program as well at Focus T25. I’ve done Insanity, but wouldn’t do it again. I enjoyed the P90X too, but prefer the first two I mentioned.

  • Beck

    X-Train Fit for Women with Stephanie Oram is awesome, helped me lose 25 pounds in three and half months, and with eight DVDs offers a great variety!

  • Mike Gant

    Jillian Michaels body revolutions is awesome my wife and I do them and have lost 25 lbs in the first few weeks.

  • Deb129

    I love Shawn T’s Hip hop Abs videos. They are a few years old but they are fun and more like dancing than exercise!

  • miltenbt

    Love anything by The FIRM!

  • Colleen Faler

    Anything put out by Crunch Fitness, or the Yoga Booty Ballet series from Beach Body. Crunch’s instructors (Including Billy Blanks) have some really amazing workouts to offer and bring a great energy to the workout. YBB incorporates dance, toning and my beloved yoga.

  • Bob K

    For those seeking variety, buy a Roku box for about 100.00 They have about a dozen fitness channels with a variety of workouts lasting anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes designed for people working out at home. Most of them can be watched for free with commercials or for about 8.00 per month without commercials. I prefer for free with commercials as it gives me time for water or to practice a new move or add my own exercise to the routine.

  • Rezacat

    Huge fan of anything by The Firm! Thin in 30 is a series of 12 DVDs all 20 minutes, and they work everything! Also like Tight Buns and Killer Legs for my lower body.

  • Paula

    Cathe Friedrich

  • Tobi

    Cindy Crawford “Shape Your Body Workout” – from 2004. Has three workouts on one DVD, is low-impact, and kicks my butt.

  • Wzy

    Big Fan of Kelly Coffey Meyer here as well! No fluff, nonsense or body guilting in her workouts. And they make you stronger & stress-free! ‘Body Shop’ & ‘LIFT’ are my faves!