Yoga for Athletes: Post-Workout Practice (Video!)

by MyFitnessPal
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Yoga for Athletes: Post-Workout Practice (Video!)

This calculated practice is designed to ease your muscles into cool-down mode immediately following your workout routine. Learn to stretch and open the body to optimize the benefits of your athletic practice, and encourage muscles to begin tissue reparation.

Allow Grokker Yoga Expert Ashleigh Sergeant to aid in grounding your energy to calm the nervous system and realign the body. Stretch out, unwind, and realign the body. All levels welcome!

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6 responses to “Yoga for Athletes: Post-Workout Practice (Video!)”

  1. Please post more Yoga blogs! This is fantastic, and the local flair of Tahoe was a beautiful touch!

  2. jenniferjtai says:

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  3. Karli Anderson says:

    Ashleigh where do did you get those pants??!!!! I love them!

  4. Debbie Morgan says:

    I am going to do this tomorrow after my workout

  5. cmac2020 says:

    Very grounding and powerful stretching; ideal after a session in the gym.
    Great,and helpful post.

  6. English do have dentists says:

    Absolutely mesmerising and not in a Pervy way either, thank you Ashleigh, you have just converted this 40 year old into wearing colourful leggings and becoming a fully fledged yogi (yogi?)… Cracking stuff Ashleigh, cracking stuff indeed. X

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