The Workout Stories You Loved in 2017

by MyFitnessPal
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The Workout Stories You Loved in 2017

From bodyweight exercises to underrated exercises to workouts with a kettlebell or in the pool, the many different ways to approach a workout means there’s definitely something for everyone. Looking back on the year, we sifted through the articles we published on the subject and selected the ones that resonated the most with you.

These 10 are worthy of a read — or a re-read.

1. 10 Essential Bodyweight Exercises

It’s impossible not to love the simplicity of using your own bodyweight to get a killer workout.

2. The 5 Most Underrated Exercises You Should Be Doing

Sometimes it’s those old, tried-and-true exercises that get the get-in-shape job done. Never underestimate the power of a jumping jack.

3. Can Micro Workouts Offer Macro Results?

Sure, small things add up, but nothing replaces a solid, dedicated workout.

4. Six Dumbbell Exercises for Your Core

We all know planks are great for your core, but there’s more to working out your core than the plank.

5. Can You Guess the Best Workout for Anti-Aging?

This science-backed workout combo offers the best of both worlds in terms of fitness and anti-aging, too.

6. Use Easy Workouts for Major Results

It’s about having a well-rounded workout plan — mixing easy with hard, rest days with intense days and simply discovering new challenges.

7. Torch Calories with this Simple 30-Minute Swim Workout

Swimming is an unsung fitness option, but it’s a great, no-impact, full-body workout.

8. 8 Kettlebell Exercises for Everyone

Kettlebells are having a moment and for good reason.

9. Master the Move: Burpee

Ah, the exercise everyone loves to hate.


From a 31-Day Squat, Lunge and Pushup Plan and The 14-Day Plank Plan to a 21-Day Pushup and Pullup Plan and The 30-Day Plan to Toned Arms, these multi-day workout plans are a good way to work on an exercise or body part alone, but feel like part of a group.

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