Working Out & Wedding Planning—3 Tips to Fit it All In!

Christy Daly Matthews
by Christy Daly Matthews
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Working Out & Wedding Planning—3 Tips to Fit it All In!

As a wedding planner I’ve seen it all—from the bride who’s so gung-ho about her shoulders looking toned that she forgets to order flowers, to the bride who gets so bogged down with the color of the cocktail napkins that she quits going to her favorite Zumba class. Ladies, there is a middle ground, and it’s fabulous!

I promise it’s possible to buy the binders for your vendor contracts, endlessly pin inspiration, organize meetings with caterers, and still have time to take care of YOU! Here are my tips for fitting it all in, and staying happy and healthy while planning a big event.

1. Put yourself (and your health!) first No, this doesn’t make you a diva bride, it makes you a smart lady! Planning a wedding is exciting, thrilling, daunting, and overwhelming all at the same time. And it’s likely to cause you (at least a little) stress, which can lead to poor sleep and a depressed immune system. (The last thing you need is a bad head cold!) When you’re planning your wedding, especially in the last month leading up to the big day, make healthy sleep habits an absolute priority. Break up with your cell phone or tablet at least 30 minutes before you close your eyes, and aim for a solid 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Then, add in the exercise.

2. Plan ahead for fitness A wedding is a “hard deadline,” as we say in the industry, and you can use the impending date, no matter how far off, to your advantage when setting a big health goal. Still, it’s important to set realistic expectations for yourself. If you try to drop four dress sizes in three months, you could be setting yourself up for major disappointment. Instead of drastically changing your diet or exercise routine, make smaller more management goals. Something like, “I want to work out four times a week until the big day,” is totally doable.

Put those fitness appointments in your calendar right next to your bridal-to-dos and stick to them! Meetings with your florist, shopping for bridesmaid dresses, scouting venues with your fiancé, those dates go on the calendar in ink—and your health appointments should be given the same level of priority. Have trouble sticking to your schedule? Enlisting friends (hello, bridesmaids!) to help with fitness accountability is a great way to stay motivated—and they can help you get back on track if you jog off the trail a little. (Don’t forget about general health appointments. Now is a great time for your annual doctor visits—after all, you might need vaccines or mandatory shots if your honeymoon plans involve travel abroad. And who doesn’t want pearly whites in their wedding photos? Schedule that dental check up!)

3. Keep your eye on the prize When coordinating and putting together your special day, pick your battles, and give yourself a break. Delegate to willing loved ones, cut corners when you can, prioritize what’s most important (your health!), and have FUN! A wedding is essentially a party—a very important one, yes—but it’s just one day. It doesn’t matter if your tablescape isn’t exactly like the pictures you see in bridal magazines or popular blogs. What really matters is how much love you feel, and how much fun you have celebrating with your family and friends. You’re celebrating the beginning of your marriage, the first in a lifetime of even bigger days for your relationship—that’s the prize!

Above all, try to relax and enjoy the planning period. Focus on the big picture. And take care of yourself while you do! Big events are a lot of work, but they always end up being a magical experience. Congratulations, bride-to-be!

Hey all you June brides, do you have any fit-it-all-in tips to share? Tell us in the comments below! 


Photo: Abby Greenawalt

About the Author

Christy Daly Matthews
Christy Daly Matthews

Christy Daly Matthews is a certified wedding consultant and a busy mom of two boys (both under 5!) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Christy believes in marriage equality, to-do lists, and parties. She enjoys creating a seamless event that celebrates your love, you way. @ChristyDaly has a weakness for stinky cheese; she relies on classes at The Daily Method and a trusty jogging stroller to help her stay fit. (Photo Credit: Gavin Farrington) 


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