Withings Pulse Syncs With MyFitnessPal!

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Withings Pulse Syncs With MyFitnessPal!

Withings Pulse Moves With You – And Syncs With Your MyFitnessPal Account.

We’re excited to announce that the Withings Pulse now syncs seamlessly with your MyFitnessPal account. The Pulse is one of the newest smart activity trackers to hit the market, tracking your activity 24/7 via the built-in pulse monitor that measures your heart rate, along with the altitude tracker (for those times you choose to take the stairs). The device features an elegant, slim design that won’t add bulk to your pocket and an external clip that you can wear on your waistband.

Exclusive offer for MFP users! Get 15% off + free shipping on ONE (1) Withings Pulse until 12/31 with code: MYFITNESSPAL.

The Pulse not only tracks the distance you travel but also the steps you take, the calories you burn, and the hills you’ve climbed. With the addition of the Pulse to the MyFitnessPal App Gallery, every time you track your activity, your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary automatically updates. This makes sure your activity is accurately and instantly recorded.


Another great feature of the Pulse is that it enables you to track your sleep cycle. The next morning you can review a graph of your different sleep cycles, allowing you to precisely assess your sleep and enjoy  more restorative nights.

Keep track of your health around the clock and stay motivated to reach your fitness goals faster! It’s just one more way we are helping to make your fitness tracking as easy as possible.

To connect your accounts, visit the MyFitnessPal App Gallery and get started! Don’t forget, MyFitnessPal users can get 15% off + free shipping on ONE (1) Withings Pulse until 12/31 with code: MYFITNESSPAL.


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