Why You’re Never Too Old to Start Running

by MyFitnessPal
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Why You’re Never Too Old to Start Running

Spring is in the air, and, along with the warmer weather, more and more of you are lacing up your running shoes and hitting the road. It’s the perfect time for us to take a look at the habits and attitudes of runners across the Under Armour family of apps. Check out these two infographics for a comprehensive look at everything from when people run to how many injuries they report.

run report infographic


heat map infographic

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13 responses to “Why You’re Never Too Old to Start Running”

  1. Jaclyn Chamblee says:

    Running is one of the basic exercises we are doing through our life time. By running we can burn our body fat and calories. So there’s no particular age to start running to stay fit. Thank you.

  2. susan says:

    I love these articles, but I’ve found that I’m not all that excited about running. I can never get the proper form, and it feels more like torture to me even when working with a coach. I much prefer to beat my body up with cycling, weight training, HIIT (including short sprints), and walking. Whatever gets us moving, right?

  3. Jeanette Q says:

    Great article, thanks for sharing. This is great motivation to get running and run when my gut tells me it’s the best time, in the evening. I’ve already read that AM is the best time, but it’s best to do what seems right for your own body.

  4. Dwight Von Heeder says:

    Hi, I like exercising however I have been restricted from it due to an eye problem. I am still interested in continuing to lose weight. I take meds that prevent me from eating Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.

    • JP says:

      What are these meds that keep you from eating? Would that keep me from nibbling while watching TV in the evening? That’s the only thing that keeps me from losing weight! Do you think I could start running at the age of 79?

  5. Tony DeRosa says:

    Name of the article: “Why You’re Never Too Old to Start Running”
    Answer: Still don’t know. Nothing is every mentioned as to why you’re never too old to start running. Does some monkey in a back room reach into a jar and pull out a piece of paper with headlines? Is that how they choose titles for the articles?

  6. Neva Hdbabe Smith says:

    It’s NOT about how OLD to run! It’s whether your healthy enough.. I’m a 66 year old active woman.. Played many sports for 30 years but had two major injuries that slowed me down even after surgery! So I hung up my cleats & stopped running.. The pain is too much.. But I walk almost everyday my 10,000 goal steps or more, ride a bicycle & do a 7 minute fast pace exercise program. So…. It’s not all about being just a ” Runner”!

  7. Donna Dubert says:

    I am 71 and have been running every day except for a few for a year. I run 3-4 miles every morning at the crack of dawn. At my age I feel good to be be running every morning.

  8. Cindy says:

    Last year at age 59, after losing some weight and finding a chiro that could free me from pain, I started walking more, then walking faster. I decided to walk a 5K in the small city we live in. In spite of just power walking, I finished in the top 10. I did 2 more local ones, the last in Oct. with the busyness of life in the fall & winter as well as the weather, I just do Zumba indoors. Decided this spring to try running. I ran my first 5k this past week at age 60. Again, not a highly competitive race but finished 1st of 8 in my age group. You are never too old to start. I would have loved to run cross country in high school but it, as well as many other sports, we’re not offered to girls!

  9. Cathy Meyer says:

    Pseudo-science. This doesn’t fit the title – it’s not about age and starting running, it’s about how old runners are and how much they run. The figures cited are correlations, not causations. Many of the lower mileage runners probably can’t put in more miles for various reasons. Higher mileage doesn’t necessarily mean those folks are benefiting from the running. Note the higher mileage runners have more injuries and 69% had injuries in the past year.

    • Daniel Black says:

      Yep. I appreciate the figures but they only go so far. An apparently equally probable hypothesis is that the older runners tend to be long-time runners. The title and that figure together want to imply that many runners _start_ when they’re older, but the data don’t support (nor subvert) that implication.

  10. Mark Du Ree says:

    I hated running when I was younger. In HS I could barely do a mile, and then only did it when I had to. I started running 8 years ago, under threat of death from my doc, at 46. Now I regularly place 2nd or 3rd in my age division at 5k races. I run half marathons, not too fast but improving. And I’m taking my running more seriously now than I ever have. My goal for the year is 1300 miles in my running program, and as of today 5/9, I’m at 462 miles. When I started 8 years ago, it was a struggle and I hurt all the time, for a year. Finally, between perseverance and a better shoe fitting, I enjoy every run, pain free.

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