Why Starving for Your Big Day is a Big “No!”

Christy Daly Matthews
by Christy Daly Matthews
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Why Starving for Your Big Day is a Big “No!”

You probably spent a ton of money on a dress you’ll only wear once, and you might be hiring stylists to help you with your hair and makeup—you’ve invested!  To say that you want to look your very best on your wedding day is an understatement. But some brides go too far.

Losing weight for your wedding is a common goal. And when you give yourself enough time (at least 6 weeks before the date) and follow a sensible plan, you can successfully slim down and feel great on your big day. However, brides who think they can drop pounds simply by not eating (or not eating enough) in the days leading up to the wedding, have some serious problems ahead.

We’ve all heard stories about brides fainting during the ceremony—she was dehydrated, hadn’t eaten all day, locked her knees, and (boom!) on the floor. Those aren’t just rumors, it happens! (Not to any brides under my watch, but I’ve seen it first-hand and, believe me, it’s not pretty.)

Yes, you’re excited, and yes, you want to look amazing in your gown. But trying to drop another pound or two by starving yourself the week of, or the day of, the big event just isn’t smart. Having a healthy, protein-rich meal before walking down the aisle will set you up for success. Skip it (or the meals and snacks leading up to your wedding) and you risk:

Feeling woozy Not eating enough leads to low blood sugar, which in turn can leave you feeling faint. And passing out is probably the last thing you want to do when you’re standing up in front of all of your family and friends.

A major hangover One drink in, and you’ll already be feeling drunk. By the time the toasts are done, you’ll be, well, toast.

Your dress looking baggy Don’t forget about all the tailoring you paid for! If your gown was perfect at the final fitting, make sure it still fits like a glove the morning of by not doing anything extreme—just say no to crash diets!

Low energy You won’t exactly be singing, “I came to dance!” if you skimp on calories before your big day. And chances are your temper will flare more easily. (Watch out, Bridezilla is hangry!) Don’t experience the event of a lifetime in a slump or a crappy mood haze—eat!

Unhappy photos Smiling takes a lot of energy. And as I mentioned before, if you haven’t eaten in days you’re just not going to have the energy needed to pose for all those pictures. Why pay a photographer to capture every gory detail of your hunger?

I recommend that all my brides (and grooms!) get plenty of sleep the night before the wedding, eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, drink lots of water (at least two glasses for every alcoholic beverage consumed), and actually enjoy the meal during your reception. (It’s shocking how many couples don’t eat anything until the party is over!)  You planned a once-in-a lifetime event and you’re paying for a fantastic catered dinner—you deserve to enjoy all of your hard work!

Are you in the middle of wedding planning? Do you have a weight loss goal? (Or did have one you when it was your big day?) 

About the Author

Christy Daly Matthews
Christy Daly Matthews

Christy Daly Matthews is a certified wedding consultant and a busy mom of two boys (both under 5!) in the San Francisco Bay Area. Christy believes in marriage equality, to-do lists, and parties. She enjoys creating a seamless event that celebrates your love, you way. @ChristyDaly has a weakness for stinky cheese; she relies on classes at The Daily Method and a trusty jogging stroller to help her stay fit. (Photo Credit: Gavin Farrington) 


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