What is Cheap Food Doing to Our Bodies?

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What is Cheap Food Doing to Our Bodies?

self logoLet’s be honest: If there’s anything better than a delicious meal, it’s the feeling that you scored an awesome deal. But it turns out, the combination of those two factors could be contributing to our collective expanding waistlines.

A new research review in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians notes some surprising things about the obesity epidemic. First, while you might think this growing problem has to do with our busy schedules, the scarcity of fruits and veggies and our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, you’d be wrong. In reality, the review says, rising obesity rates have occurred alongside increases in leisure time, more fruit and vegetable availability, and an increase in exercise.

Wait up. How’s that make sense!?

The one factor that really seems to have contributed is an increase in the availability of cheap food, the researchers say. Americans have the cheapest food in history when you measure it as a fraction of their disposable income, and at the same time we have the most food availability. Translation: Each of your dollars can now buy way more calories.

We’re all for saving money, but when it comes to food, we say quality is way better than quantity. Invest in your health!

What do you think? Is saving a few bucks worth the possibility of gaining weight?


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