What a Nighttime Snack With up to 19 Grams of Protein Looks Like

Danielle Omar, RD
by Danielle Omar, RD
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Many people are quick to cut out nighttime snacks when trying to lose weight. However, while eating large meals right before you go to sleep isn’t a great idea digestion-wise, a small, nutrient- and protein-rich snack can actually help you sleep more soundly — and possibly lose weight. In fact, research shows a pre-slumber snack has other health benefits such as boosting metabolism, aiding in muscle recovery and decreasing hunger levels in the morning.

The best strategy is to pair high-protein foods like cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, chia seeds and nut butters with foods that help you sleep better. For example, tart cherries and kiwis have both been shown to improve sleep quality. Similarly, bananas and passion fruit are good to eat before bed since they’re rich in magnesium, which helps your body produce melatonin.

These six bedtime snack ideas pack at least 10 grams (and up to 19 grams) of protein per serving and feature sleep-supporting ingredients:

About the Author

Danielle Omar, RD
Danielle Omar, RD

Danielle is an integrative dietitian, culinary nutritionist, author and consultant, frequently lending her love of creating to high-profile food and nutrition media outlets. She’s a regularly featured blogger and founder of foodconfidence.comwhere she inspires men and women on their journey to become their healthiest self. Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.


18 responses to “What a Nighttime Snack With up to 19 Grams of Protein Looks Like”

  1. Avatar Loyalpawn says:

    I’m pretty sure a Kiwi Mango Chia madness with 21 grams of sugar is not going to help you lose weight while you’re sleeping.

    • Avatar Peter Callomon says:

      you can lose 2 pounds in weight simply by sleeping. Yes, its probably water content but high carbs at night should not be a problem for a fairly active person.

  2. Avatar Heidi says:

    I wasn’t impressed with these sweet snacks and the amount of carbs they contain. How are you going to sleep by eating “quick acting energy”?

  3. Avatar Stephanie says:

    What!?! The carbs are crazy high in most of these. Can you find us high protein low carb and sugar snacks instead? I’d be much interested in seeing that than this which will not help you lose weight!

    • Avatar Susie Melkus says:

      I agree Stephanie! That’s my ‘gripe’ about these otherwise “healthy” snacks.

    • Avatar Peter Callomon says:

      Low carb is a fad. Most people do not understand the relationship between calories consumed as fat, carbs and protein. See my post above. The Keto diet is no different from other “fad” diets such as Atkins. You lose the weight and then put it back on and more if you come off the diet as you invariably will. Either way something will kill us!

  4. Avatar MR. XAN WIT DALEAN says:

    it’s 2019 and y’all still misinformed about how to lose weight?? Carbs(sugar) at night not gon make u fat as long as u in an energy balance deficit u will lose weight..

  5. Avatar Justin says:

    A few weeks ago, there was a post about periodic fasting. My takeaway was don’t eat for a 12 hour period overnight. How do you reconcile these two articles?

  6. Avatar Susie Melkus says:

    They’re very ‘carb laden’ however. Any KETO snack ideas? I try to keep my carb intake at 60g / day. So 28 and 33 carbs at night is too much. If I was very low for the day, perhaps, but I get to 60 rather quickly. Sometimes over. I do eat a ONE bar at night occasionally, that is low carb. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I am sipping 6 oz of tart cherry juice for the next 2 weeks as I heard of its helpful sleep benefits, but it’s a lot of carbs, too. Is there a sugar FREE tart cherry juice out there? I’ve not seen one yet. Thanks!

  7. Avatar David says:

    The link for the apples and peanut butter dip is missing. I’m interested in this one.

  8. Avatar Brandon says:

    Would be great if you could add in the fiber in these so called healthy snacks so that it doesn’t scare everyone off who is trying to lose weight. I track my carb intake everyday so at first glance I wouldn’t eat any of these

  9. Avatar ara says:

    28-33 catbs wont effect you if you are active or you workout

  10. Avatar Peter Callomon says:

    Danielle; your Math for the Oat bar does not make sense. Fat requires 9 cals per gram to be consumed; carbs 4cals per gram and Protein 4cal/g. If you use these calculations you end up with 12×9 = 108 plus 21×4 = 84 plus 14×4 = 56, totalling 264 cals and not 211? Is this correct? It also means that the fat content is 41% which isn’t too bad, although I would have preferred to see it around the 25% mark!

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