This Week in Health & Fitness: The Race Finish Everyone’s Talking About

Jonah Freedman
by Jonah Freedman
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This Week in Health & Fitness: The Race Finish Everyone’s Talking About

The world is changing fast, which means you might have missed the big stories that affect your health. That’s why we’re here with “This Week in Health & Fitness.” Every other week, the Under Armour Connected Fitness editorial team hand-curates the biggest stories, trends and goings-on around the world that will help you on your quest to live a healthy life. And that includes putting a smile on your face. Read on …

Putting the Brotherly Love in Philly

It’s the story that has the run community talking. Two pals were a football field’s length from finishing the Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon when they noticed a college student struggling big time and unable to stay on her feet. So they picked her up and helped her across the finish line, producing a Hallmark moment that was captured on video and has been viewed more than 22 million times. “It’s just good karma to be nice to people, and you feel better when you’re doing it,” said one of the men. Is it getting misty in here?

Are Your Kidneys at Risk?

We swear we’re not harshing on marathons this week. A new study suggests long-distance runners may be at increased risk of temporary kidney injury after a race. That said, at UACF we believe running a marathon (or even a half) is a life-changing experience. Here’s how to do it right.


Good Vibrations

Is sitting on a vibrating platform like a power plate just as good as regular exercise? A study out of Georgia’s Augusta University seems to think so. And they came to this conclusion using mice. You’ve gotta read this.

The Weight Loss Super Molecule

Talk about learning a lot from tiny creatures. Researchers in Korea experimented with fruit flies and discovered that the little buzzers have a built-in system to prevent them from overeating: Their fat cells sent a molecule to their brains when their energy stores were full. Replicating this for humans may not be far behind. While we wait, we suggest you just focus on portion control.

Is Your Neighborhood Healthy?

We’ve spotlighted loads of data projects in this space recently, from active cities to healthiest states and beyond. But this one takes the cake. The Centers for Disease Control’s “500 Cities” project calculates health across America by neighborhood. Get ready to disappear down a data rabbit hole.

Uber Your Way to Healthy Food

But wait, there’s more data! Ride app Uber compiled a list of the most frequently ordered healthy grub based on orders from its UberEATS service since Jan. 1. The results are fun to read and drive home what we at UACF already know: Everyone loves avocados.

But Does LBJ Enjoy PB&J?

LeBron James, that is. From ESPN the Magazine comes this fantastic take on the food craze that is the so-called “secret” of NBA players. Proof positive that there’s nothing wrong with a little peanut butter and jelly, regardless of your age, profession or, uh, paycheck.

Enlightenment in the Bike Lane

To cycling now. Here’s a heartwarming story of a reverend in Boston who commutes six miles to her job every day and found spiritual enlightenment along the way — enough so to write a book about it. We couldn’t agree more: Check out our fitness editor’s take on falling in love with commuting by bike.


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Around the World in 21 Days

Speaking of good causes, here’s the story of an Englishman who toured five countries in three continents in just three weeks to raise money for charity. And he did it on a three-speed “Boris Bike,” the nickname for the popular Santander Cycles bike-share service based in London.

The Power of Positivity

And finally, the next time someone tells you to cheer up, maybe you should take it to heart. Studies have shown a direct link between a positive attitude and loads of health benefits, from your weight to your blood pressure. So smile! And pass it on.

Photo Credit: CGI RACING/Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon

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Jonah Freedman
Jonah Freedman

Jonah has worked for multiple publications including Sports Illustrated, Fortune, Money, Rolling Stone and Details. In his spare time he enjoys running, working out, a nice glass of whiskey (neat) and far, far too much soccer on TV. Follow him on Twitter @jonahfreedman.


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