UA 411: How Has Health Changed From 20 Years Ago?

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UA 411: How Has Health Changed From 20 Years Ago?

Under Armour believes in making all athletes better. That’s why we’ve assembled experts in the four key areas that affect HOW YOU FEEL: Sleep, Fitness, Activity and Nutrition.

Meet the experts, and ask them anything. Twice a month, they will answer your questions with one complete point of view.*

*Not intended as medical advice.


Liz Arch: Yoga Teacher, Martial Artist, Wellness Expert

The new landscape of health is more than just working out. It is about nourishing all parts of ourselves — from what we eat to what we put on our skin to how we move, sleep, connect to others, and how we relate to our own thoughts and beliefs. Holistic practices like acupuncture, naturopathy and yoga used to live on the periphery, but now these mind-body practices are being embraced by the mainstream.

Learn more about Liz.

Paul Winsper: Elite Performance Trainer, Fitness Expert

Sport, at all levels, demands that athletes get stronger, faster and train harder than ever before. Twenty years ago, athletes put almost all their focus into strength and conditioning. But if athletes don’t have a foundation of healthy living, they will likely not succeed in reaching their pinnacle. Today, sleep experts, full-time nutritionists and life coaches are a common sight in locker rooms around the globe, employed by teams to educate and guide toward a healthy way of life. Even high school athletics are embracing this approach to establish that foundation early.

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Dr. Alan Schwartz, MD: Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center

We know more about our “in-the-moment” health than ever before. Mobile health is rolling out to medicine and medical practice with almost the same vengeance that it is coming to the consumer world. This transformation has caused us to reshape our understanding and ideas of what is normal. Now, we can trap lots of data from the billions of people across the planet. As we hold a mirror up to ourselves, we can discover how sleep, activity, nutrition and fitness all intersect and get a holistic view of our wellness.

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Trinh Le: Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist

One of the greatest achievements of modern medicine is an increase in life expectancy. We are living on average 3.2 years longer than 20 years ago and concentrating our efforts to sustain the best quality of life possible. The millenia-old mantra “Let food be thy medicine” is still true today. Many have taken that mantra to mean that a nutritional magic bullet exists (here’s looking at you, juice cleanse), but luckily, more of us are starting to recognize that for food to be a solution, you need to build good eating habits.

Learn more about Trinh.

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