What Type of Spring-Break Athlete Are/Were You?

Kate Hughes
by Kate Hughes
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What Type of Spring-Break Athlete Are/Were You?

For eager athletes, the ultimate post-finals beach retreat equates to sun, sand – and, most importantly, ocean-view exercise. While each workout is customized to the warrior, there’s one thing that’s for certain: Each spring breaker has a style all their own — from where they get their sweat on to what they wear while doing it.

So whether you’re in Daytona Beach or just remembering those days fondly, read on to see which spring break athlete type fits you.


SS16_NUhling_151028_NatalieUhling-S01-0274A constant source of calm and relaxation, this spring breaker brings a yoga mat to every sunny destination. It can be found laid out on the balcony, the boardwalk and everywhere in-between.

If you’re a Sun Saluter, you’re known for your: upper arms and traps.

Made-for-You Gear: Loose-fit, wide-sleeve tanks like the Bender (for men) or Muscle (for women)


Lifeguard chairs, boardwalk benches – anything in your line of sight becomes a prop for strength training (and #planking pics). Walking planks. Lateral planks. Side planks. If it’s a core killer, you’re doing it.

If you’re a Plank-ton, you’re known for your: abdominals and obliques.

Made-for-You Gear: Wireless Headphones by JBL


You know you’re a Straight Shooter if … you can’t walk by a court without shooting an imaginary buzzer-beater, no matter where you are. That’s why it’s easy to know what this spring breaker is up to: They’re on the court.

If you’re a Straight Shooter, you’re known for your: upper arms and traps.

Made-for-You Gear: Cushioned footwear such as the MicroG® Torch (for women) or court-fresh Lockdown (for men)


SS16_RL_Jordan_6445_EXTEven though every Sandtrapper knows that beach sand can be finer than chunky golf-course sand, there’s nothing that can stop her or him from bringing a sand wedge to every private-access beach.

If you’re a Sandtrapper, you’re known for your: forearms and lats.

Made-for-You Gear: Shorts like the Match Play Tapered (for men) and 9” Links (for women)


This type of athlete combs the coastline for shells and vistas as they take on long runs. They’re always the first one awake after a long night so they can catch a prebrunch sprint.

If you’re a Beachcomber, you’re known for your: quads and calves.

Made-for-You Gear: CoolSwitch tanks (for women and men)

Embrace your spring break athlete. Use this knowledge to proudly represent your beach workout style and shop for Under Armour gear that encourages you to always keep pushing.

Didn’t see yours on the list? Shout it out in the comments or @MyFitnessPal!

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Kate Hughes
Kate Hughes

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