Turn up the workout heat with our new partner, Hot5!

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Turn up the workout heat with our new partner, Hot5!

Hot5, a free iOS app features expert trainers in short video workouts designed for busy lifestyles, & it syncs to MyFitnessPal!

Life moves fast, and your fitness needs to move with it. Even if you’re committed to a healthy lifestyle it can be difficult to work in exercise every day.

The free Hot5 app can help by giving you over 50 five-minute video workouts designed specifically for on-the-go people. Hot5 Fitness is about effective workouts in a short period of time.

Short, high-intensity workouts rev up your metabolism so you keep burning calories even after the activity is complete. Hot5 automatically calculates calories burned from the workout, as well as post-calorie burn, and syncs it all to your MyFitnessPal account.

Workouts in the app are led by professional trainers with specialty areas such as abs & core, butt & legs, cardio & agility, muscle & strength, yoga & flexibility and more. The high-quality videos are shot from multiple angles to give you a full-circle overview of the exercises, which helps you understand and perfect them.

Hot5 trainers are experts in their respective fitness areas, and they’ve designed the workouts for all fitness levels. They’ve also tailored them specifically for the mobile experience, so it isn’t just a previously used workout ported over for a small screen.

You can add Hot5 videos to supplement your existing workouts with a few highly-targeted 5-minute routines, or you can build a full front-to-back workout by combining videos into a playlist. The workouts are categorized so you can easily search and organize lists of your favorites, which is perfect for quickly transitioning focus from a run or a class to your mobile device.

Check out the free iOS Hot5 app out in our app gallery or at the iTunes store.


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