This Woman Danced Off 17lbs. to Win Our FitStar Challenge!

by MyFitnessPal
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This Woman Danced Off 17lbs. to Win Our FitStar Challenge!

Way back in February we asked you to submit a photo of yourself doing your favorite workout. There were SO many great responses that it took a while to choose just one winner… But here she is:  Cassandra Pacura!

Cassandra sent in a snapshot from her favorite Zumba instructor’s “4th Anniversary Party for Zumba.” (She’s the one with the big smile, second from the left in the photo.) “I have such blast getting together with my friends and doing Zumba,” says Cassandra.

On top of having fun, she’s blasting off the pounds, too. “I’ve lost seventeen pounds so far, and I’m getting more confident doing all the moves,” she says.  With help from her instructor, Cassandra plans to keep dancing and lose even more. “My instructor Michelle has helped me so much on this journey,” says Cassandra. “If  it wasn’t for her and Zumba, I’d still be 217 pounds and hiding out in the back row.”

Cassandra is aiming to hit her goal weight by the end of this year by tracking her nutrition and fitness. “I love MyFitnessPal because it reminds me that we can never give up on ourselves,” she says. “We can do it!”

Congratulations, Cassandra! For sharing her story and photo, FitStar partnered with MyFitnessPal to give Cassandra an iPhone, an AirPlay to wirelessly streams content from her Apple devices to her television, and a free year of the FitStar personal training app, which automatically synchs to MyFitnessPal!

Are you a Zumba lover, too? What’s your favorite dance track? Let’s share in the comments below! 

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