The Rock’s New Headphones Should Have a Permanent Place in Your Gym Routine

The Rock’s New Headphones Should Have a Permanent Place in Your Gym Routine

Dru Ryan
by Dru Ryan
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The Rock’s New Headphones Should Have a Permanent Place in Your Gym Routine

You should be prepared for disruptions during your first week wearing the Project Rock Edition UA Sport Wireless Train Headphones. These gym-ready headphones, with design input from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself, will truly impress. Everyone seemed to be curious.

“Where’d you get those?”

“What brand is that?”

For about two weeks, I put these durable, foldable headphones though the ringer. I put in 45 minutes of indoor cycling while learning choreography for my indoor cycling classes. I did core work on the stability ball, kettlebell swings and weightlifting on the bench. These headphones stood up to it all and proved they are made for the action and movement of gym-goers of all kinds.


There’s nothing worse than crushing your brand-new (or any) headphones in your gym bag, but that’s not a worry with these bad boys. The design of the box foreshadows the attention to detail that went into this product. The foldable unit fits neatly into the sturdy headphone case to protect them during transport. The one-year warranty covers any technical issues with the headphones, but it won’t cover you crushing them — luckily, you won’t have to worry about that.

Work all day. Work all night. Hard work is how it happens. Get your UA Project Rock Collection gear to push you through anything and everything. It’s built for the grind.


The snug fit blocks out everything, including any annoying grunts from others and makes the gym a more pleasurable experience. The earbud material — the same used in golf club grips — is surprisingly breathable. The earpads are even detachable and washable. Yep, you read that right: The earpads come off and the hours of sweat and grit are simply washed away.

What makes them gym ready? Personally, my head is at all types of angles in the gym. Even when doing crunches, while on the weightlifting bench, doing leg work on the sled or on the stairmaster, the felt-like, cushioned earpads keep the headphones in place.


Connecting the headphones to my phone was a breeze, and the first few sounds through the headphones (off Kamasi Washington’s new album) were simply blissful. These aren’t just loud, bass-heavy headphones, though. Sonically, each instrument is given audible space. The Rock himself even tweaked the audio setting to suit his preferences.

The sound on these headphones allowed me to zone out while pedaling on the indoor bike. As an indoor cycling instructor who constantly listens to music, the ability to hear the music as it may sound in class is a game-changer. The bass is booming, the hi-hats are crisp and the on-ear design dampens background noise.

Ever been working out and have someone want to talk? You have to pause the song, remove your headphones and ask them to repeat themselves. These headphones fix that problem with “TalkThru” technology. When connected via Bluetooth, pressing the side of the headphone lowers the volume and lets you talk like a normal human. No more screaming responses when someone talks to you. I found this to be really helpful when ordering a post-workout smoothie and early morning coffee.

JBL’s dedication to design with the consumer in mind, and more specifically your ears, comes through in the details. Right out of the box, they come fully charged with 15 hours of battery life. If that runs out before you have a chance to charge them, there’s also a wire to physically connect to your phone or media player. But don’t fret, just a five-minute charge yields one full hour of listening.

One of my favorite features is the ability to cue Siri or Google Now. While riding the indoor bike, I can use the noise-cancelling mics to dictate notes to map choreography to the music. No more writing the notes on a piece of paper. JBL and Under Armour thought of just about everything.

While the earpads soak up moisture well and remain funk-free in terms of smell, be mindful of how you store them. You want to give the earbuds a chance to air out before completely zipping the case closed. The case is ventilated, but your gym bag is typically not.


These headphones will keep you smiling and potentially prolong your workout as you answer questions about them. You even get a one-year premium membership to MapMyFitness so you can track your progress in the gym. Plus, how cool is it to say your headphones were designed by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

These headphones aren’t for those who wanna make music. They’re for listening to beats while building muscle. As the Rock says: “Blood, Sweat and Respect. First two you give, last one you earn.” These headphones will be with you for all three … so go grab a pair and LET’S GO!

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Dru Ryan
Dru Ryan

Dru teaches indoor cycling at Equinox in Washington, D.C. His History of Hip-Hop classes at George Mason University and brief deejay career in the Bronx are two big reasons why his playlists are unique. Ryan‘s cycling claim to fame is having the former road world champion, Peter Sagan, comment on an Instagram photo. Follow Dru (drucyles) on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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