The No Gym, No Problem Workout

Joe DiBernardo
by Joe DiBernardo
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The No Gym, No Problem Workout

With our busy, on-the-go lifestyles, making it to the gym can be difficult. Gym memberships can be pricey and sitting in traffic worrying if you’re going to make it to your class on time can compound the stress. Making exercise convenient on a consistent basis leads to success.  

Although many workouts I design outside the gym require no equipment, I wanted to use a suspension training piece of equipment (TRX) to add an extra dimension to this outdoor workout. Suspension training lets you use your bodyweight for resistance, it’s core-intensive and universally scalable for all body types.

Find a sturdy tree in your backyard or use monkey bars at the park and attach your suspension trainer to it. This full-body suspension training series consists of:


The move: Lift one foot off the ground and place all of your weight on the foot on the ground keeping your weight toward your heel. Holding the handles and maintaining good posture, inhale and lower your body. Exhale and extend your leg to a full upright position without locking your knee. You may use your arms as needed to assist in proper technique. Perform the same number of repetitions on each leg.


The move: Place both feet in the nylon handles roughly 1 foot off the ground. Then hold a plank position: Place your hands shoulder-width apart, keep a tight midsection and hold your hips at shoulder height, inhale and lower your chest to the ground. Keeping your spine in a neutral position, exhale and raise your body back to its starting position.


The move: Clasp the handles with both hands, lean back to angle your body toward the ground and place your feet in a challenging position for you (the further from the straps, the harder it is). Keeping your spine in a neutral position, inhale and lower your body by fully extending both arms. Exhale and pull your body back to its starting position.


The move: Clasp the handles with both hands and palms facing forward. Keeping your spine in a neutral position, inhale and lower your body toward the ground, with your elbows tucked in. Lower your body until your head is between your hands. Exhale and extend your arms, keeping your elbows in, to the fully extended starting position.



Warmup: 10 minute walk, jog or jump rope

Workout: 10–20 repetitions of each exercise and perform a total of 3–4 sets of each movement continuously.

Cooldown: 10 minute walk, jog or jump rope.

Rest between exercises and rounds and break up the repetitions as needed. Focus on proper technique, while breathing in fresh air in a natural, outdoor setting.

About the Author

Joe DiBernardo
Joe DiBernardo

Joe DiBernardo is a former NFL linebacker for the San Diego Chargers turned Primal Health Coach, personal trainer and creator of With more than 18 years experience, Joe worked with hundreds of clients to achieve their health and fitness goals. He is based at Fisher Island Club in Miami. To learn more about Joe’s story of healing through real food and healthy lifestyle go to Follow Joe on Facebook and Instagram.


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