The 30-Day At-Home Challenge – Week 4

by MyFitnessPal
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The 30-Day At-Home Challenge – Week 4
Looking for a challenge?
We’ve teamed up with Season 1 Broken Skull Challenge winner Tommy Hackenbruck for a month-long fitness challenge! Every week for a month, we’ve been a special workout from Hackenbruck that doesn’t require a gym or any fancy equipment.
In the first three weeks, we tackled sit-ups and sprintspush-ups and dips, and a circuit of squats, rows, and weighted carries. For the fourth and final week, Hackenbruck has designed a simple but challenging total-body workout of squats and burpees! Watch the video below and follow along, and tune into CMT on Sundays at 8pm to watch Broken Skull Challenge and get inspired!

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8 responses to “The 30-Day At-Home Challenge – Week 4”

  1. Avatar luv says:

    I guess I’ll try it since I won’t make it to the gym due to the expected snow storm

  2. Avatar Layla says:

    Good idea !!

    • Avatar Cassie says:

      All the buddy posts are usually 2 years outdated. I’m not on Facebook for professional reasons. How does one get support from a group that, on the average, gets posts every 2 years. Some are 2011! Site should UPDATE! I joined for support. I wasn’t getting it, so I paid the PRO fee…not any better.

  3. Avatar Agathi Yap says:

    Hi, I cannot seem to watch any of the videos on my phone. Any ideas?

  4. Avatar Dee says:

    Wish someone would put up videos of how one can do a whole body workout with knee issues

  5. Avatar Bonnie says:

    I love this site!!!! Awesome !!!!

  6. Avatar Lee Maness says:

    I have L-5, S-1 damage in my back and have had two surgeries! I need a workout plan for me! Is there a work out that can be designed for folks like me? I have not been able to find a work out that will benefit folks like me with this type of spinal injury! Please help! I feel terrible not being able to get a decent workout.

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