Tag: "Snacks"

February 7, 2019

Instant Pot Hot Wings

3.83/5 (6)
Active time: 10 minutes Total time: 30 minutes Cooking wings in the Instant Pot yields fall-off-the-bone chicken in just 5 minutes and renders off some of the fat. Glazed with a sweet-spicy blend...
February 3, 2019

Better Roasted, Spiced Nuts

5/5 (2)
Nuts are some of the healthiest snacks around when enjoyed in moderation. Making a batch of these bad boys is easy, with a major flavor payoff. Just preheat the oven, mix together nuts and a few...
December 18, 2018

Dark Chocolate Almond Bark

3.39/5 (18)
Celebrate the holidays by nibbling on creamy dark chocolate bark from Dietitian Debbie Dishes. It's simply made by melting dark chocolate and adding your favorite nut and dried fruits. These...