Susan’s Keeping The Weight Off!

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Susan’s Keeping The Weight Off!

Susan Miller had been overweight her entire adult life. She worked out, but she was getting heavier and heavier. She developed health issues, and started to lose her ability to exercise. That’s when she finally decided to take control of the situation. Susan signed up for a program called Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) and set an ambitious goal to lose 50 pounds. She not only hit that goal, she exceeded it–and lost a total of 85 pounds! (Talk about amazing!)

After her initial weight loss success, Susan turned to MyFitnessPal as a tool to maintain her new weight. She wanted to be able to log and track her daily food intake and exercise, and that’s exactly what MyFitnessPal did for her. “I appreciate the ease of MFP–the food database is extensive, and I can usually find the foods I’m looking for or enter them easily if they’re not in the database.” She added, “MyFitnessPal is fabulous! The calorie tracking allows me to spot trends early on.  When I see my weight creeping up, I can easily see what the cause of that is and quickly correct it! That has been huge for my success!”

Susan’s main obstacle has been the self-discipline of actually tracking everything she eats. “It can be tough to make it a habit, but it is essential if you’re going to be successful at this,” she said. “You just have to wake up each day with your intention and the discipline to follow through. When you miss a day or you make a bad food choice, you have to not let it get you down.” Susan has those days, but she also has the support of her husband. He encourages her new habits and is always there to remind her that he’ll still love her even if she gains the weight back.

She’s dedicated to this new lifestyle! Susan hasn’t gained the weight back, and says that she feels better than she has in years. Her health has improved, and she’s been taken aback by all the compliments her new, healthy body receives on a day-to-day basis.

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