Step By Step (Ooh, Baby!) Accupedo Makes Counting ‘Em Easy

by MyFitnessPal
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myfitnesspal Accupedo_galleryNKOTB was onto something when they crooned, “Gonna get to you girl.” They knew the only way to reach her was to take it step by step. The same thinking holds true when it comes to your health goals, which is why MyFitnessPal is so excited to partner with the pedometer app, Accupedo.

myfitnesspal Accupedo screenshotDeveloped by some really smart technicians (robotics engineers—no less!), Accupedo uses 3-dimentional motion recognition algorithms to intelligently track each and every step you take on the home screen of your phone, no matter where you stash your cell. You can view the resulting data in daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly step charts, and monitor distance, calories, and walking time at the interval that makes the most sense for you. The best part: all of your activity and calorie-burn info now syncs with your MyFitnessPal account.

The Accupedo-MyFitnessPal integration is currently only available for Android devices, but iPhone support should be offered later this year.

“Step five…don’t you know that the time has arrived…” Download Accupedo, connect your accounts, and start tracking your steps today!

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