Stay active with Pacer!

by MyFitnessPal
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Stay active with Pacer!

We’re happy to say that Pacer is the latest partner in MyFitnessPal’s growing ecosystem of fitness app and device partners. Pacer is a mobile fitness application that quantifies your personal fitness in real-time and helps you take control of your health. It offers automatic, comprehensive activity tracking; it also records your weight and blood pressure and correlates these vitals with your daily activity. Pacer enables you to track your metrics against standards provided by the World Health Organization, American Heart Association and President’s Fitness Council.

Through this partnership with MyFitnessPal, body weight logs, cardio exercises (including exercise type, calories burned, and exercise duration), and daily expenditure of calories tracked with Pacer will automatically sync to your diary! The combination of MyFitnessPal and Pacer gives you the tools to lead a long, healthy life.

The Pacer app is iOS-compatible and requires iOS 6.0 or later, so it’s easy to track your data and analyze it whenever, wherever. Go to the MyFitnessPal App Gallery now to download and connect the Pacer app to your MyFitnessPal account!

UPDATE: June 12, 2014— Pacer integration is now available for Android users, too! Click here to find the app in the Google Play store.

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