Slam Dunk Your Health Goals with TrackIt

by MyFitnessPal
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Slam Dunk Your Health Goals with TrackIt

upwaveYeah, yeah, college basketball season is over, but we’re still in awe of the awesomeness of March Madness. If you paid attention to the tournament (who could have missed it? Go UConn!), you might have noticed ads for  TrackIt, a new health charting tool from upwave. Although our brackets busted early, those promos made us smile, because TrackIt is our newest partner in helping you achieve your health goals.

TrackIt is a unique, personalized health tracking system that gathers information from lifestyle apps, social networking sites, and personal fitness devices, and aggregates the data into a single online dashboard, featuring easy-to-read charts and graphs.

TrackIt allows users to set and monitor their activities and behaviors to help achieve life goals, such as losing weight, decreasing stress, increasing happiness, and improving relationships. The best part: TrackIt syncs with the services you’re already using to reach those goals, including Fitbit, Facebook, Twitter, Runkeeper, and now… MyFitnessPal!

But what does that mean, exactly? The company motto sums it up: “When you track it, you can change it.” Let’s say you want to drop 15 pounds. Using TrackIt you can create a 360-degree look at everything you do—from sleeping, to working out, to tweeting about happy hour. The system pulls in your nutrition information from MyFitnessPal and data from other sources, and then turns all of it (yes, even your tweets!) into fun info graphics. You’re then able to easily see patterns, like that spike in calories from those bar snacks, and then make adjustments. And seeing it all in one spot improves your chances of achieving your slim-down goal—bring on the skinny jeans!

OK, who’s ready to slam-dunk some goals with TrackIt and MyFitnessPal?



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6 responses to “Slam Dunk Your Health Goals with TrackIt”

  1. Avatar Karen says:

    Is this an app that is available or just a website?

    • Avatar JofJLTNCB6 says:

      Just website, I’d assume as there are already two other apps called “trackit”. They probably should have went with a more unique name if they had hopes of expanding into the mobile arena.

  2. Avatar Nicki says:

    Just tried to sign up but you need a zip code, so not for Canadians.

  3. Avatar geebus says:

    Damn; just the sort of website I’ve been wanting for the last couple of years (and have been too busy to try and make myself). Unfortunate that I can’t even find what services it supports without signing up so far – a rather vacuous presentation that doesn’t inspire confidence I’m afraid.
    All buzz words for clicks and no useful content?

  4. I already use TicTrac, Is this not just a duplication of information? Or is there a difference? ….Edit: Just tried to join from the UK, and it doesn’t recognise the PostCode. Can’t use.

  5. Avatar Kate says:

    Won’t accept UK postcode so can’t use!

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